First PS4 Pro SSD Footage Shows Extremely Impressive Load Times With Bloodborne And More

PS4 Pro has been confirmed to utilize Sata 3.0, which means it can benefit with faster access to the hard disk drive. This in turn means that SSD can have an actual benefit if we install them on the PS4 Pro.

A new video has been shared on YouTube which showcases the user utilizing an SSD on his PS4. He tests different games using this SSD and the first one that is used for the test is Bloodborne.

If you haven’t played Bloodborne at launch, you might have no idea of its load times, which were almost double in length to their current state. They could take more than half minute at worst. These load times were reduced further in the subsequent patches but they were still annoying, sometimes taking upwards of 10 secs after death.

witcher-3-blood-and-wine-screens (7)

Now that it is possible to utilize a fast hard disk on the PS4 Pro, the load times for Bloodborne are a thing of the past as they now barely take 5 seconds. You can see this in action in the video below.

The user has has also tested Witcher 3 which, as expected, loads much faster on the PS4 Pro with SSD installed than a regular PS4.

Meanwhile Final Fantasy XIV appears to have received some noticeable improvement in load times on the PS4 Pro, as shared by a user on the official Final Fantasy XIV forums. The difference here appears to be huge and completely transforms the experience of the game.

Model: Initial type PS 4 → PS 4 Pro
SSD: Initial HDD → SanDisk 960 G Ultra II

★ early type PS4 → ★ change after PS4 PRO
Launcher start 26s (sec) → 20s
20s to 15s until the start → 15s
Until login 33s → 14s
FC House → rim support Mansion 11s → 5s
FC House → Idiru Shire 45s → 7s
FC House → Guridania 21s → 5s
FC House → Rominsa 33s → 5s
FC House → Urudaha 20s → 5s
FC House → Moduna 25s → 5s
FC House → Ishugarudo 13s → 5s

PlayStation Pro is available today and can be bought for $399. It comes equipped with a 1 TB hard disk which can be easily taken out and upgraded to either SSD or a higher capacity hard disk.

  • Mikek

    I can confirm this. I immediately put 1TB SSD to my PRO and loading times are really impressive, unlike on my old PS4 with the same SSD.

  • Adam Bruback

    i put bloodborne on 4k it looks almost 3d i know its only checker board upscale.

    • Matthew MacGregor

      Bloodborne hasn’t had a PS4 Pro patch yet, it will look exactly as it always has on the standard PS4 and play in 1080p. Nothing will change about the game on the PS4 Pro until they patch it.

      • DEVILTAZ35 .

        You can get it to look a bit better if you upscale it yourself through a home cinema amp to 4k . I use a Yamaha A3060 and even upscale the PS3 to 4k.

        • Icebergg

          upscaling is just used to make sure it fits the screen correctly. no additional detail is generated. instead of one digital pixel being sent to the screen and taking up one real pixel, it now takes up 4 true pixels. 4k amplifiers use a guessing algorithm to make it more natural, less blocky, but its guessing and cause artifacting instead of a smooth image if it guesses wrong.

          • DEVILTAZ35 .

            Yeah i have noticed if i get aggressive on it it looks worse 🙂 .
            Mostly with the Pro i just use it in through mode. PS3 i upscale to 4k and it does look noticably better on some games.
            Overall it is a great amp though, i love the sound quality with my Dali speakers. Much better than running the THX Onkyo amp i was using before it.
            Plus the Yamaha i can operate from an iphone with an app which is handy.

    • Bloodborne isn’t patched it looks excactly the same, what the hell is this comment lol

    • Derrick Wingler

      Did you guys stop half way through the comment or something? He straight up says he knows that it is upscaled to 4k and not actual 4k. Point being that the “Checkerboard upscaling” technique that the PS4 Pro utilizes is phenominal and even makes games that dont get a PS4 pro update look spectacular on a 4k display.

      • Icebergg

        it doesn’t use checkerboard for normal upscaling. thats completely different and requires a patch to use.