Former Sony Dev Comments On Outlast’s Missing Platinum Trophy, Explains How Trophy Allocation Works

Outlast trophy list has been made available online and unfortunately, the game lacks a platinum trophy. This came as a surprise to a lot of users since it has been shown that games that are much shorter in scope can get platinum trophy like Resogun and Hotline Miami. A former Sony developer has clarified how trophies are allocated for a game, explaining that it all depends on a specific set of rules.

Kenny Linder, who previously worked for Sony’s Bigbig Studio and did work on a number of PSP and VITA titles explains the concept behind how trophies are allocated to games. “It doesn’t work like that, it’s dependent on game size, you can’t give any game a full Trophy set. The game must be quite short/small, hence the base set.” said Linder, in response to a user demanding a Platinum for Outlast.

“As a developer myself I can say it’s not down to the developer, the game has to fit into the criteria set by Sony. I’ve not played Outlast so I don’t know how big the game is, but Hotline Miami has a fair amount to it. Reasonably decent sized main game, lots of different weapons, different ways to play the game, in-depth ranking system etc. Outlast might be a much simpler game, perhaps more like Limbo or Thomas Was Alone in complexity.

And by size, I didn’t mean download size! :)”


In response to a user, who explained that Outlast really doesn’t have all that much and has a relatively small scope compared games like Resogun and Hotline Miami, Linder said: “That sounds like it falls into “Small Scope Game” by Sony, so will would have the smaller Trophy set.”

He added: “Sony do not have input on what developers put in their games (besides a few no brainers), but there are rules regarding Large and Small scope games. There is also basic maths that you use to work out how many Trophies you can have in a game, and limits to how many of a certain Trophy type you can have (linked to the maths part). I would go into it further, but nobody seems to be listening anyway.”

So while Outlast might seem like a game that should have a Platinum trophy, it doesn’t really meet the criteria.

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  • Ricky Bobby

    Until Dawn has like 9 gold trophies and a platinum I got them all the same day. Ether One was a pretty easy game too and has ten gold trophies and a platinum. I seriously don’t understand these “rules” for trophies but I’m starting to think the more pay, the more people play. Everyone sees ten gold trophies and a platinum they flock. Any even remote trophy hunter or not goes for it. Trophies obviously increase play value. It is more than likely a royalty thing the higher the percentage, the greater the leniency for trophies. If you pay sony big bucks they’ll let you put all the damn trophies you want on a game.

  • Axe99

    There’s deffo been some inconsistencies (Don’t Starve, for example, is a game you can play for tens of hours and still be learning new things, and there’s no plat, while Trine and Trine 2 are both fairly short), but at the end of the day, it’s just a meta-game. I wouldn’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy the game underneath, whether it has a full trophy set, the ‘small game’ allocation or none at all :).

  • André Rocha

    I got platinum trophy with Trine 2 with a help of a friend (co-op) in 1 hour, yes you read it right, one hour. That game shouldn’t have a platinum trophy and there’s way more examples.

    Sony should make all games have platinum trophy or abolish trophies.

    • T Dot M Dot

      I know thats a stupid excuse it took me longer then a hour to get trine 2 but that was a easy platinum very very easy

  • JJ

    Well that’s a lie since Terminator Salvation has 11 gold trophies and a platinum. That’s a short game. No collectibles, nothing.