Forza Horizon 2: XBO Version Is ‘Next-Gen’, Uses Forza 5 Engine; X360 Port By Separate Studio

If you were getting worried over Froza Horizon 2 being cross-gen game, you shouldn’t. IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey confirms that the Xbox 360 version of the game is being developed by a completely separate studio and Playground Games are focused on creating a ‘next-gen’ racer on the Xbox One. He also confirmed that the game will use Forza 5 engine.

The announcement of Forza Horizon 2 happened just a few hours ago but it being a cross-gen game worried the fans, who were hoping for a true ‘next-gen’ racer on the Xbox One. IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey took it to twitter to assure that this is not the case.

I’ve woken up to worries over Forza Horizon 2 also being on 360. FWIW another studio is doing 360; Playground is bldg XB1 ver off FM5 engine

We were only shown FH2 on XB1. Didn’t see single 360 devkit at Playground. It’s plenty “next-gen,” I assure you. More in tmw’s big preview!

Or, to put it another way, Forza Horizon 2 is every bit as “next-gen” as Forza Motorsport 5. No need to worry, folks. Be happy! : – )

Forza Horizon 2 is confirmed for a release this Fall on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Are you excited for Forza Horizon 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • marc berry

    Fanboys have to downplay this game as the PS4 can’t make a game = too.
    It will look better and run at 1080p/60fps with all the upgrades of a next-gen game.
    Anyone that says it’s not, has not played FMS 5 a launch game that only used 90% of the GPU at the time.

    • GodGamerDerp

      LOL no. It’s running 30 fps and/or sub-1080p.

      Marc berry you regularly scribble random gobbledegook on tech slides, you’re clearly nuts just like misterxmedia.

      Factual PS4 Hardware Advantages: +6 CUs, +560 GFlops (44% greater), +16 ROPs, +6 ACEs/CQs, better GPGPU support, better performing CPU, and faster unified memory. PS4 OS may also have less overhead or reserves.

  • MrSec84 .

    Every bit as next gen as Forza 5?

    Forza 5 doesn’t look next gen at all, at best it looks like a slightly polished, 1080p version of Forza 4 with less cars & tracks.
    If FH2 is 1080p 60FPS on Xbox One then it won’t be the visual showcase that many fans have been expecting.

    • bigshynepo

      We’ll see if it can stand up to Driveclub and Project Cars…

      • Guest

        DriveClub doesn’t look interesting at all. Not enough content to warrant a purchase, not even from the free PSN+ version.

        • bigshynepo

          And why would a nameless guest, who upvotes himself, have anything positive to say about a Playstation brand?
          I think we should reserve our judgement for a few more days before writing anything off, it did just have a year long delay, it wasn’t for nothing.

        • MrSec84 .

          Actually Driveclub looks like a very compelling & gorgeous racing experience.
          It’s the best looking racer on consoles shown too date.

          The social aspects look very interesting IMO.

          We all have our own opinions, but don’t act like an opinion is fact, when it’s not.

      • MrSec84 .

        I doubt it can, especially since FH2 is an open world game.
        Hell Evolution’s pushed for graphical fidelity, on a more powerful platform, with faster RAM.

        Unless MS really has been holding back Xbox One, with a huge amount of API overhead the graphics won’t be close to Driveclub & Project Cars is a clear indicator of frame rate over visual polish.

    • Reality check

      Just stop Forza 5 looks great and plays great in 1080p/60fps in fact its the best looking racing game to date and by the time FH comes out I am sure it will look even better than Forza 5.

      • bigshynepo

        I would hope it does.

      • MrSec84 .

        Best looking racing game? LMAO, not even close.
        Forza 5 barely looks any better than Forza 4, it was a huge step back in content, the only things that were a step ahead really were resolution & some extra graphical polish.
        As far as stuff like aliasing, that looked worse on Forza 5.

        FYI Forza 4 was 60FPS, so frame rate wasn’t a step ahead in F5.

        Playground Games have to make this game open world, so that will eat any optimization or hardware tricks that have been gained in the months since Forza 5 released.

        • peterfile

          Driveclub is a Linear dull boring Racing title that has been done 100 times in the past. Games like Test drive unlimited 1 had more to it and that was 2006. Go check that fact out. Online crews (already been done) Day and night racing (already been done).. The 2 things twats like you brag about. Tell me Petal, what is it that driveclub does so great huh? If it wasn’t for it’s pretty graphics or it’s PS4 exclusivity it’d be another POS driving game to you.

          Forza horizon, already wins. Simulation physics in a sandbox environment – CHECK
          Weather effects, night and day – CHECK
          Hundreds of cars + real tuning options, body mods, storefront, custom designs. 4 things which Gayclub has not.
          An already proven and successful franchise (Twatclub is not)
          A massive fanbase made up of millions upon and millions (Can’t say the same for cuntclub)

          Face it son, Drivewank doesn’t stand a chance. Horizon 2 will wipe the floor with it. For fuck sake, the first Horizon beats driveclub in terms of actual content and gameplay.

          • MrSec84 .

            Driveclub has the next gen features of a truly connected racer, with new challenges added all of the time, it will have seamless online connectivity that doesn’t get in the way of the gameplay, just adds to it (hence why the game was delayed & for extra polish).
            If you’re knocking track based racing & calling it’s more linear approach dull, then you have knock Forza 5 even more so, because doesn’t have the same next gen approach to connecting all players online together or change the gameplay based on every inch of each course you race on.

            I never actually knocked Forza Horizon’s gameplay, my comment was entirely about the visuals of Forza 5, as Ryan McCaffrey claimed that they were next gen, but you had to use a red herring in order to try & deflect from the points I raised.

            Seriously childish insults, LMAO grow up kid.

            As for the content side of things, yes Forza Horizon has more cars, but you have no clue about the amount of content coming to Forza Horizon 2.
            Forza 5 was actually far more limited than Forza 4, for seemingly no apparent reason, given that the level of detail in the cars isn’t that much greater than Forza 4, it makes no sense.

        • marc berry

          It did not have the polygon detail or the complex simulation of 5,

          • MrSec84 .

            Actually it does, way more in all areas, not just the cars, but also the sheer level of extra detail added to the tracks.
            Volumetric clouds that haven’t been in a racer before, not on that level.

            It’s not just about polys, but textures are much better, the level of Anti-Aliasing & Anastropic Filtering is far more accomplished.
            Materials are realistic, whereas in Forza 5 they look very plastic.

            In Forza 5 the spectators & trees are all flat 2D boards, in Driveclub they’re all detailed, 3D models, that stuff is definitely noticeable when racing at speed.
            The amount of geometry added to the environments in Driveclub is staggering compared to Forza 5, which looks very flat & textures are nowhere near as sharp.

            There’s also the changing, but accurate movement of time, which Forza 5 lacks, now I expect FH2 to have passage of time as the 1st did, but I doubt things will look anywhere near as good as Driveclub does, but we’ll see I guess.

            FH2 should have a bit of understanding when it comes to visuals as it is an open world racer.
            I expect FH2 on XB1 to look a bit better than Need For Speed Rivals if it’s running at 30FPS, 1080p, but if it’s aiming for a locked 60FPS then the level of visuals will probably be around Forza 5.

            We’ll see what happens when the game gets shown, assuming Playground games uses XB1 gameplay & not CG as they did with Forza 5 when it was 1st shown.

          • N2K12

            Shut up. You are wrong and blind. Moron.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      You haven’t played and enjoyed the game yet. Also, AI is “next-gen”.

      • MrSec84 .

        Yes I have played Forza 5, played Forza 4, as I said Forza 5 is slightly polished.
        The AI isn’t much different either, I certainly didn’t get that next gen vibe from the AI.

        • Mitro Nzongo

          ahhhh lol raise the difficulty, trust me the more you raise the more human they get

          • MrSec84 .

            Had it set high, from what I understand it’s meant to adapt, didn’t see all tha different to past racers in the series.
            I’ve had them all besides horizon, but I’ve played that one round my brother’s flat.

            Maybe the next Forza, possibly this one will improve things, but I stand by my opinion.

            You Xbox fans can think what you like.

          • JerkDaNERD7

            You don’t own the game. I can already tell. Fanyboy here? You are.

          • MrSec84 .

            I never claimed to own the game, it’s besides the point, I’ve played it.
            Fanboy? Hardly, but pot calling kettle black, seeing as you’re on virtually every Playstation article & constantly hating.

            I just gave my honest opinion, I’m allowed to make a comment saying what I think, that’s the point of a forum.

            I don’t think Forza 5 is much of a step up from Forza 4, you apparently do, we can agree to disagree, unless you have to be so immature towards someone disagreeing with a gaming journalists opinion.

        • JerkDaNERD7

          It scales to your skills….might be you just suck, lol. Just saying. Again, next gen AI.

          • MrSec84 .

            Whatever, I’m actually a very skilled racer in racing games, played every Forza from 1-4 on past XBox consoles, I’m just giving my honest experience with Forza 5, I just seemed run of the mill.
            Maybe things change with extended play sessions, but from my experience it wasn’t all that you Xbox fans make it out too be.

          • JerkDaNERD7

            seemed run of the mill?

            Yup, probably past Forzas but you obviously don’t own Forza 5 or an XOne. People who have played it enjoyed it, it’s very addicting especially for race gamers so your full of crap. Also, I’m a game fan most of all a PC gamer.

            Aside from microtransactions, Forza 5 is a fantastic game with it’s gameplay and visuals compared to last gen.

          • MrSec84 .

            I don’t need to own a console or a game on said system to have tried it out & give criticism where I feel it’s justified.
            I’m not lying, nor am I saying this because I’m against Xbox as a brand or XB1 as a console.
            I loved the original XBox & 360, because they were great consoles.

            What you’ve just written is the definition of a fanboy comment, when someone can’t stand the fact they don’t agree with them about their precious game or piece of plastic.

            You can’t accept that I don’t feel Forza 5 is a big step up from Forza 4, I don’t, deal with it!
            I accept you don’t agree & have your own view.
            An opinion isn’t fact, yours is no less fact than mine is.

    • Meche334

      I can tell u the same engine can make a big diffrence because look at cod its been using the same engine for 8 to 10 years and continues to improve. also look at gta 4 it uses the same engine as gta v and gta v looks miles better and forza 5 is one of the best looking games out idk what u are thinking. u might want to get an eye exam

      • MrSec84 .

        I’m well aware that optimization can improve, that has nothing to do with what I was talking about.My eyes work perfectly, god you Xbox Fans are touchy about a person’s opinion.

        Honest observations are hard for people to hear, but it’s the truth, Forza 5 isn’t much a step up visually compared to Forza 4.
        If Forza Horizon 2 looks on par with Forza 5 then that is what it is, you guys makes me laugh, blowing the visuals of a sub par release up to be more than they are.

        I stand by my views.