Forza Motorsport 7 Download Size Will Make You Regret 4K Gaming

Forza Motorsports 7

Forza Motorsport 7 is the first game in the series that has been built from the groud up for 4K resolution featuring 4K textures. The game runs at native 4K on the Xbox One X with 60 fps proving it to be the most ambitious and technical advanced racer on any platform.

While Forza Motorsport 7 hasn’t been released yet and it won’t be out until October 3rd, the official Microsoft Windows store has listed the download size for the game and it is a gigantic 100 GB. This file size is pretty much in line with other first party Microsoft games that have continued to receive updates on the Xbox One. Halo 5: Guardians was already reaching 80 GB while Gears of War 4 with all updates and DLC is more than 100 GB.

Forza Motorsport 7 will be a Xbox Play Anywhere initiative allowing the user to purchase the game on wither Windows 10 or Xbox One and get the benefit of enjoying it on both platforms without any restriction. The game is now available for pre-orders on the Windows 10 store and Xbox Live. While there is no size listed for the game on Xbox Live, there is no reason to expect the file size to be the same on Xbox One X since it also runs the game at 4K.

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  • Quantity of Quality

    Like what I said before, this is why the PS4 PRO made a lot of sense in this dispensation. Mark Cerny has considered the economics of gaming very well.

  • Gamez Rule

    It might even be more than 100GB in size.

  • omarcominyo

    This is the price of 4k

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      no its not… i’ve got 4k games on my PS4 and they aren’t 100GB…

      • omarcominyo

        Well… it is! Soooo…..

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          im not saying they aren’t bigger files… im saying theres mroe attribute than just saying oh it’s because of the 4k! I have Fifa and NBA 2k17 which are both native 4k 60fps and they aren’t 100GB… I have Horizon zero dawn that’s CB 4k and that games not 100GB! Heck Halo 5 on Xbox One isn’t in 4k and that games 80GB! so once again, no these 100GB files aren’t ONLY a result of 4k im sorry but no…

          • omarcominyo

            Using a football game and a basketball game to try prove your point! NAH!!

        • Hairy Man

          For games higher bandwidth for the main storage only means faster load times. A game being rendered at 4k doesn’t take any more space on the hard drive than one that is at 1080p or 720p. If you meant bandwidth as in the memory bandwidth then yes, 4k does need faster memory because it has to rasterize 30-60 3840×2160 frames along with rendering the game, all if the AI, physics, effects, textures, and background system processes, instead if all of the stuff before, but with 1920×1080 frames.

          • omarcominyo

            Yeah I know what I meant, no need to explain my point to me

      • Hairy Man

        PS4 doesn’t support 4k, and in reality it can barely support native 1080p.

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          oh… so you’re just stupid then…? loool good to know… you can leave now 🙂

          • Hairy Man

            How am I stupid by stating a fact?

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            because you KNOW im talking about the PS4 Pro… but you wanna be acting stupid… so ok enjoy yourself ¬_¬

          • Hairy Man

            Well, you stated just that you had a PS4, not a PS4 Pro, and even then the PS4 Pro can’t even handle 4k with checkerboarding.

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            you mean besides the native 4K games… you can leave too because you seem to be getting dumber and dumber.

      • Sirus Monk

        PS4 Pro CANNOT use 4K Textures.

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          mate just shut up… because you’re actually just stupid.

          k thanks.

  • Maxwell Joseph Edward Smith

    I mean… maybe buy an external hard drive? You’ll thank yourself. If you plan on upgrading your Xbox… you my thus well, that way you wont have to redownload all of your games :).

  • Alan Fitzpatrick

    Grand so, a month to download before the X releases. Monstrous though!

  • Felipe


    That’s why i dont give a fuck for 4K.
    I want better physics, better animations, better effects, and better(mutch better) framerates, fuck the textures, 1920x1080p is very very very beautiful.

    PS: And be serious, you have a 4K monitor? 4k TV?

    • Gildo Osss

      This has nothing to do with being 4k. PC games have supported 4k for a while now and none come to mind that’s even come close to 100gbs. There’s no reason for a racing game to be that big.

    • Flying Turd

      I always play on gaming monitors and no mine’s not, it upscales res but thats it. Until I can find an affordable native 4k monitor I honestly don’t give a damn about 4k. Also, since I play close to the monitor 60fps at higher res, gives me the vertigo effect and nausea. Like Battlefield 1 for example, when I get on a bike, the frames are so steady that it always makes my eyes to roll, imagine that in 4k res, I’m def fainting lol. 4k gaming is good if you always play in a big true 4k TV, for me, it’s irrelevant until I can find a cheaper option to buy a 4k monitor and I’m even thinking about avoiding 4k overall due to vertigo etc, I’m on a budget and cant waste money on entertainment purposes that are secondary priorities.

    • Hairy Man

      Microsoft said that even if you don’t have a 4k tv you still can get benefits from the higher render resolution on the XBOX ONE-X in the form of SSAA (Super Sampling Anti-Aliasing, rendering a game at a higher resolution and downscaling it to the native monitor resolution for a sharper image.)

  • heavenshitman1

    This will be the next confounding problem of these high end consoles. With a double increase in mem bandwidth n CPU speeds, load times for these game will be huge. With (Australia at least, despite a 10 billion dollar network upgrade) still having slow ass internet, downloading these games won’t be feesable.

    Faster SSDs won’t be an option granted the required storage sizes. And so it goes…