GAME UK Address PS4 Cancellation Issues, Assures That Everyone’s PS4 Pre-Order “Is Safe”

Recently it was reported that GAME UK was cancelling PlayStation 4 pre-orders of customers without any explanation. This issue was first raised on the PlayStation Forums and was then revealed that the issue was not isolated but was indeed widespread with several customers receiving the mail which stated that their PlayStation 4 pre-order was cancelled.

This move infuriated a lot of customers who were waiting for the delivery to be on the launch day. GAME UK later tweeted that those who are having issues with the PS4 Launch orders should dispatch them an email as the issue can be fixed.

Today, GAME UK tweeted that anyone who is having issues with the PS4 launch orders shouldn’t worry and that their console is safe, even those who got the cancellation email from GAME UK.

So rest assured, your pre-order is safe and will be with you on launch day. If you are still having issues, you can email or tweet GAME UK about the issue or any inquiries regarding it.

Did you pre-order your PlayStation 4 from GAME UK? Were you one of the ones who received a cancellation email from GAME UK? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • paul goodwin

    I got a phone call from game saying I had until Saturday to get up 229pounds owing or they would sell it on even though they have had 200pounds of mine since September on pre order deal so rang my son and had to borrow money then rang them told them ide be in Friday to pay left it at that got another call afternoon same question explained we had rang them also said that it was unfair to sell someones pre order that way staff member replied if they dont like it then so what and put fone down . Anyway wifes just picked it up thank god but I feel sorry for anyone who happens to be a week off payday and cant get money up its very poor customer relations by game uk .paul

  • Alex

    Ordered it for my little brother! Promised to be delivered in time for Launch Date!!! Its the 4th of December and my order is still unshipped!!!!!

  • Mo

    I ordered on the 21st Feb 2013 at 4pm, found out this week that its been cancelled, repeated attempts to contact them but to no avail. Avoid at all costs

  • John Dibble

    Why would you pre-order from GAME? Amazon guarantee release day delivery (they came through with my X1), they are cheaper (GAME prices are never competitive), and they offered me the chance to upgrade to the Shadowfall pack (which worked seamlessley). Oh, and they never cancelled my pre-order…I stopped using them because they ceased to be about gamers and more about ripping people off and giving false/misleading advice in store. Anyway, hope this is indeed all a mistake on GAME’s part and their customers get their PS4s. Can’t wait for Friday.

    • KuchikiSentou

      GAME is absolute garbage; this is not their first time randomly cancelling preorders. My Prestige Edition was as well

  • Revvin

    If you’ve not checked your pre-order with your local store I suggest you contact them. I received an email from Game a month ago saying I was in the 1st phase of the release and would get my console on the day of release from my localk store in Barry, South Wales and that GAME would contact me shortly to discuss the bundle I wanted. As I had not heard from them I went into the store yesterday and after several searches through their list for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th phases they could not find my name. Despite the fact that they obviously had an email contact to send me the first email. The staff in store were great and assured me I would be able to get my PS4 on Thursday /Friday and contacted head office and apparently this has happened across a few stores nationwide so please do check your pre-order is on their list if you’re picking it up from a local GAME store.