Games With Gold For April 2016 To Include The Wolf Among Us – Report

Games With Gold

Microsoft has recently teased that the upcoming Games with Gold for the month of April 2016 will consist of “blockbusters”. While we haven’t seen the official list of games for the upcoming month, we might have an idea of one of the included game thanks to a leak on the Xbox One dashboard.

This leak lists The Wolf Among Us as one of the upcoming game for Games with Gold along the likes of Lords of the Fallen and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. Both of these games are a part of the Games with Gold lineup for March 2016.


The Wolf Among Us is a TellTale Games production that is based on the popular Fables comic book series by Bill Willingham. It was an episode game that was initially released in October 2013. This will be the first time for the game to be offered as free on either PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold.

Microsoft usually announces their official lineup for Games With Gold at the end of each month so expect to get a confirmation sometime this week. Although these types of leaks are not a confirmation, this is the third time since we have seen such a leaked listing of Games with Gold and the past two times, it has been proven to be true as Hands of Fate and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment were leaked this way before official announcement.

Let us know what you think about this game being a part of the Games with Gold lineup for the next month in the comments below.

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  • Danielle Nicole

    It’s Wolf Among Us and Sunset Overdrive for Xbox one, and Dead Space and Saints Row IV for 360

  • Shamus McGangsta

    Pool nation and minecraft


    Loved Wolf among us, own it for 360 and been waiting for a sale on if for xbox one that’s never happened so this makes me very happy…. but maybe the other xbo title in April will be the true “blockbuster” as they call it (fingers crossed for DR3).

  • Ryan Merrill

    not coming back to the website

    • Albert

      Nobody really cares.


      this made me laugh 😀

    • Shamus McGangsta

      Wow, maybe you’ll start a revolution..oh wait A) you’ll be back and B) nobody gives a flying fuck

  • IrnBruGuru

    That’s a blockbuster, like the shop, not something im excited about.

    A blockbuster to me is a game that’s sold millions of copies and is a triple A game, not a glorified indie game.

    Not been ungrateful, I love my free games I technically pay for, but don’t tease us all saying “blockbusters”.

    Dont piss in my pocket and tell me it’s raining Microsoft!!

    • Albert

      Except it is a blockbuster. And the company is considered AAA. You’re just greedy.

      • IrnBruGuru

        Telltale games are good,I’ve bought a few but they’re not blockbuster games they are glorified indie games.

        They are supposed to look comic book-esque but that’s not my issue, the games are very short.

        Not a triple A blockbuster, but a triple A indie developer.

        Oh and not thinking a game is a blockbuster doesn’t make me greedy, it makes me ungrateful if anything.

        Ign gave a bad review.. They’re so greedy… See? Doesn’t make sense does it?

  • Barrie Wilson

    Would like to see Dead rising 3 on the list.

    • IrnBruGuru

      And id like to see a midget on acid thinking it’s a giant.

      Not gonna happen.

  • Dan Challis

    Not what I’d call a blockbuster.

    • WitWolfy

      Better than a shitty Indie nobody asked for, thats for sure.

      • IrnBruGuru

        Isn’t Wolf among us a high end indie game?

        Low end been a bunch of pixels doing stuff my eyes don’t like.

        Kind of like an even worse version of minecraft, but the in 2d 16bit style.

        Id be offended if that’s what we got again.

        • bobinsky

          Telltale has more money than you will get in your entire life its supposed to look like a comic

          • IrnBruGuru

            Well obviously a company has more money than me you retard.

        • WitWolfy

          TTG is high profile dont know what youre trying to say.

          • IrnBruGuru

            Yeah?… It’s not high end, high end… It’s indie high end… That’s what I’m saying….

  • Da Player 1

    Okay, that’s a pretty good game, but I think we will get Dead Rising 3 or Ryse Son of Rome along with it.

    • WitWolfy

      Thats a bit ambitious… Im betting on something multiplat, possibly remastered.

      • Kentucky Texan

        Probably more accurate I’d say

      • IrnBruGuru

        We will get lococycle or something in that blockbuster bargain bin kind of blockbuster.

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