Gears of War 4’s SLI Support, PC Errors And Troubleshooting Guide

Gears of War 4 is available in early access for those who have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of the game. It will officially launch on October 11th but while the early access is available to select users, The Coalition is already working on fixing issues with the PC port as well as a known campaign glitch.

In a detailed post on the official forum, Gears of War 4 community manager has listed the known issues and potential fixes for them.


CAMPAIGN – ACT 3, CHAPTER 5 – Infinite Loading
An issue has been discovered that can prevent further progress in this Chapter through a specific issue that can happen when the Checkpoint reloads at a specific point in the level (either through dying or selecting Reload Checkpoint from the pause menu).

Workaround: During this chapter, do not build the player-mounted Turret fortification.
If Already Impacted: Restart the Chapter, and do not build the player-mounted Turret fortification.

We are working on rectifying this issue with a small Title Update as soon as possible.


Store: Download Errors and Download Restarts
We are actively working with the Windows Store team to investigate some instances where users are unable to initiate or finish their download. Solutions or information provided from the Store team on specific error codes have been listed below.

Before continuing, please ensure you have followed the instructions found in this thread.

Additionally some users have reported workarounds that have fixed their issues which we’ve shared below. These are user submitted workarounds that may or may not help if you are encountering issues, and are not officially endorsed as solutions.

Bchaps – Try Again Later

iAntique – Try Again Later

Killer331 – Try Again Later, Something Happened On Our End

Store Error 80070490
If you are encountering this error, the Windows Store team have provided a workaround solution:

  1. Windows+R and type regedit
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx\PackageVolumes
  3. Right click and Modify DefaultVolumeKey to 1
  4. Restart your download

Store Error 803f8007
This indicates your Gears 4 digital license entitlement has been revoked. We detected some Gears 4 Windows 10 keys were obtained illegitimately via our NVIDIA promotion, and these keys have been revoked. If you believe your key was incorrectly revoked, we highly recommend you contact NVIDIA support with proof of purchase to help out with this.

If the listed methods above do not fix your downloads, we would ask you follow the steps below to pass along to the Windows Store team for investigation:

  1. In the Cortana search bar, run wscollect
  2. Upload the .cab file to a download destination, such as OneDrive
  3. PM this account (TC Octus) with a link to your .cab download, and details of the issue encountered. Please include any associated error codes.

(Note: For downloads restarting with OS Build 14392.222, please follow the feedback steps found HERE rather than the ones above)

Minimum Spec – Textures do not appear to stream properly
When running the game on a minimum spec 2GB VRAM video card for the first time, textures may not appear to stream properly.
Solution: Restart the game to resolve the issue.

Co-Op: Non-Host player appears to freeze after a Checkpoint Restart for Host player
If hosting a co-op game with another PC user that has a slow computer, the other user may appear to freeze for a few seconds when restarting checkpoints if the host has vsync disabled.
Workaround: The host can pause the game to avoid this becoming a detriment (reloading into combat, for example).

Potential performance impact if SLI is enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel
Gears of War currently does not support explicit multi-GPU. However, we have found an issue where single-GPU performance will drop if SLI is enabled in the NVIDIA Control Panel. As a result, please disable SLI prior to playing Gears of War 4 if you have multiple-GPUs. NVIDIA and The Coalition are working on the issue and will inform the community as soon as we have the issue resolved.

Gears of War 4 is developed by The Coalition and will be published by Microsoft. It will be released on October 11th for the Xbox One and Windows 10.

  • Gabriel Fields


    Calls off from work

    Starts to Download GOW4

    Big download, runs to store

    Buys sammich materials

    Buys Heineken

    Tells employees to run the office

    Comes back, yay! It’s done

    Starts it

    Stares at COG member in 4K detail


    Calls off work for next day

    Loads game

    Sees options and UI


    Turns everything up to ULTRA

    (Gets Hard on)

    Looks at avail GPU ram….puzzled….

    Wonders where the other 8GB of GPU ram went…1080 GTX in SLI….

    Exits game

    Goes to NVIDEA panel.

    SLI enabled

    Checks HB Bridge…CHECK!

    Goes back into G4

    Only 8GB avail.

    Sandwich gets eaten by dog


    Launches GTA 4….Sees 16GB avail

    Searches forums for help…


    Throws Keyboard….

    Eats sammich…..

  • emkei

    I was hoping MS would utilize dx 12 to maximum potential but, they are far inferior compare to dx 11 as of now…they are only focusing on marketing not real world useage…..

  • mbze430

    Agreed! If MS is truly “passionate” about PC gamers, they need to add mGPU support in their OWN exclusive DX12 titles. It’s missing from Forza Horizon 3 (Microsoft Studio title)

    I will not buy until there is mGPU support.

  • Wookie Groomer

    Once SLI multi gpu support is in place and working I will inform The Coalition of my purchase. Till then, it’s a pass.