God of War 3 PS3 vs. PS4 Direct-Feed Screenshot Comparison: No Visible Difference Beside Resolution

God of War 3 Remastered will be officially released on the PS4 on July 14th. It is being termed as a HD Remaster to the original God of War 3, which ran at a sub-HD resolution and with an unlocked frame rate on the PS3. Considering the fact that the game is a few years old now, it is interesting to see how Sony Santa Monica has handled this remaster for the PS4.

Right from the get go, it is rather disappointing to see that the most noticeable difference is the resolution and the smooth frame rate. While this might be good for those who are playing God of War 3 for the first time around, it doesn’t really give any incentive to those who had already played the game on their PS3. Putting this aside, is there any substantial graphics difference between both versions of the game? The gallery below compares screenshots from both versions of the game, and it is easy to say that the difference isn’t any significant here.

[twentytwenty]gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (6) gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (6-2)[/twentytwenty] [twentytwenty]gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (5) gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (5-2)[/twentytwenty] [twentytwenty]gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (4) gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (4-2)[/twentytwenty] [twentytwenty]gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (1) gow-3-comp-ps3-vs-ps4 (1-2)[/twentytwenty]

Click on each image in the gallery below and open in a new window to view them in full HD resolution.

The first thing that we see here that despite being quite a few years old, the game still holds well for today’s standards. There are some low-resolution textures that still stand out, but generally it holds up really well. The PS4 version has also received a texture boost for some of the in-game textures but it is hard to spot the difference even when both versions are compared side by side, which generally speaks for the quality of the PS3 version, and how well it still holds today.

There is also a missing opportunity here where some of the lower quality special effects have remained intact e.g fire. They could have received a visual overhaul for the remaster, since they look dated now. The game also utilizes the same quality motion blur for both versions of the game, with the PS4 version looking slightly better due to its resolution.

In conclusion, and judging from the screenshot comparison, it is clear that there hasn’t been much work done for the Remaster. Perhaps majority of the work was done on porting the engine from the Cell Processor of PS3 to the x86 architecture of the PS4, which could explain the lack of noticeable improvements. While the game runs well and the port looks like a pretty good job, the lack of graphical upgrades give next to no incentive for those who had already played the game, to buy it again on the PS4, especially since it costs $40 for a new copy.

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  • Jerry

    lol I’ve been trying tell lunatics this all te time. This games looks damn good but SM and Sony are too lazy to actually REMASTER it. They can’t even add in extra skins like Hercules, Zeus, Athena, or Leoonidas?! And yall gonna charge 40 bucks for this?! you can keep that shit. I’ll wait for GOW4 if SM is even still around long enough

  • Eddie B

    If u wanna talk about graphics, just wait till u see God of war 4 on ps4 in 2017. I never had PS3 so getting God of war 3 on ps4 was very cool. The Greek mythology in it and the gameplay is awesome.

  • The PC Master Race

    LOL. Not even improving the spotty MLAA with a better AA method like SMAA and poor anisoptric filtering.

    Rehashstation 4 more like. At least on PC there would be mods and injectors. And you wouldn’t have to pay for the same game again.

  • Too Coup

    Never been here before, but you can always tell the quality of a website by its userbase…
    Almost on a level with GameFAQS (where Im sure most of you all ply your trade)

  • Kickstarter4

    Ponys how is ps4 gonna get better if all you do is praise Sony for rubbish common ponys grow a pair.

    • Mark

      Lol! Funny stuff

  • Kickstarter4

    The ponys on n4g say better textures, better sharpness, are ponys on crack or what?

  • Although sharper textures, 60 fps and higher resolution additions are nice, I don’t think they warrant 40 dollars. First and foremost textures are created at extremely high resolutions. They are then exported into w/e image format the engine uses and down scaled appropriately. So to uprez textures all they have to do is go into the source files and export each texture at higher resolutions. Takes little to no effort. I can’t speak on FPS however, since I am not familiar with that process.

    Would have been nice if they took advantage of the ps4’s horsepower and added more polygons to models, more assets to the environments and messed around with GI lighting. The lighting looks exactly the same – the only differences are the sharper textures, the FPS and the higher res. This is a fucking port not a remaster.

    Having said that, God of war is the shit. Hoping for a GOW 4 reveal soon!

  • sublimetalmsg

    So really its not worth buying if you own a ps3 copy……..

  • lawgone

    I don’t think this should be called a remaster. The differences, if any, are too small to see. It looks identical in the pictures.

  • drd7of14

    Guys, it sad, but quite true. It’s a great game, truly it is, but it’s hard to call this a remaster. It’s about as much work as what went into porting Final Fantasy VII to the PC, or from PC to PS4. The upgrade is quite minimal. If you haven’t played it, and don’t own a PS3, I’m not saying it’s not worth it, I just expected more. SONY 1st party remasters are typically quite good.

    If you have or are willing to get a PS3, I’d recommend just getting the Saga collection. Definitely worth it to play a few more excellent titles in the series, and at a lower cost as well. The framerate jump and improved textures here and there, just aren’t worth the cost. I don’t see the value, sorry guys. At least a discount of GOW3, PS3 owners, or something.

    This comes off more to me like a AAA crossbuy title, or a free PLUS game down the line, due to a limited effort on the game. I’m sure porting it was a pain in the ass, cause this game was clearly optimized for the cell-architecture, but that is not enough to serve new or loyal consumers. It almost feels more like a PS3 classic release, but with a few added PS4 console features, like photo mode (becoming a standard it seems: Would be nice to see full-on integration with the console for every game down the line). This could have been the first of many PS3 classics they started supporting, much like they had done with PS2, but instead, they want to make more money by charging $40, instead of a much more reasonable $20, or to put your disc in the console, download a patch, and have PS4 support for the game.

    Again, I wouldn’t have cared so much, if it looked more like other remasters that have already been released. GOW3 is a gorgeous game on the PS3, but there could always be improvements. Water/Fire are two big elements that could be largely improved, always. Textures on environments, and some slightly updated(just look altered to me, not necessarily improved), character models, is not enough work to sell at $40.

    Just so everyone is aware, Ratchet and Clank for PS4, a gigantic improvement, and at every right it’s own game made from scratch, is also $40. Keeping that in mind, I see the problem.

  • XbotMK1

    Does anyone else notice the complete hypocrisy from these Xbox fanboys like, JerkDaNerd7 and Jeremiah Locanas in the comments?

    These are the same fanboys who praised the Gears of War remaster which is nothing but the PC version ported to the Xbox One. Many people are saying the Gears remaster looks WORSE than the 360 version.

    These are the same fanboys who stated GOW3 is a rip off because it is only one game but they gave Gears remaster a pass.

    Where are these angry comments calling Gears a tip off on articles about the Gears remaster? These Xbox fanboys spend more time on PS4 articles bashing PS4 games. If they actually spent their time on Xbox One articles they would know how hypocritical and dumb their comments are.

    • Wow, really, lol. Get a life bro – oh wait, you don’t have one…

      • Slipknot8312

        Even he dont have a life “bro”, he has some games on PS4, you dont have games on xbone, so this is the reason why you trolling more, than gaming. Dont come now with some game for the Holiday Season, its 10 Months in favour for the PS4, against 2 Months for the shitty Xbone.

        • It’s people like you that make the internet a place full of idiots. Read my other comments in this article. I have both consoles, moron. And there are a ton of people all over criticizing this ‘remaster’ for having nothing but an upres and fps increase – I don’t see them being called out.

      • Jay Arsenault

        Your reply is meaningless. Him not having a life is the only reason the “get a life bro” holds any water as an insult. Why would him not having a life negate your telling him to “get a life”?

        FTFY: Get a life, oh wait, you don’t have one…so like i said, get a life.

        • lawgone


          • Mark


      • XbotMK1


        • The PC Master Race

          Uh oh. Xtreme Derp found the copy paste function again.

    • Kickstarter4

      You sound salty pal.

      • XbotMK1

        Thanks for letting me know. Cool story my friend.

    • Tachyonic Cargo

      Man, I don’t even know you – I don’t even come to this site, other than to check out this article and determine if it worth picking up God of War 3 for my PS4.

      Like I said, I don’t even know you, but I feel terribly sorry for you, if you have delusion-ed yourself so bad, that you honestly think the Gears of War Ultimate, is just a port of the PC version.

      I owned Gears on PC, and can tell you, that even compared to the PC version, Gears Ultimate is a complete night and day difference – superior to the PC version in every way. Even the artistic style of the game, has been completely remade (from a texture, muddy grunge, to a more pristine destroyed beauty) from the ground up. Fact of the matter is, Microsoft took the time and investment to remake Gears Ultimate from the ground up – throwing every line of code out from the original game, and only keeping the voice actor performances.

      Seems to me, your anger over yet another poor PS3/PS4 remaster, should be turned against Sony. After all, it is their decision not to invest any money in these poor man ports they keep doing to the PS4. And to have the nerve to charge you $40 for a poor man’s port. Ouch. Microsoft completely overhaul Gears Ultimate from the ground up, and only charged $40 for it. Sony is clearly not giving gamer’s our monies worth on these $10 rush job ports.

      But to lie to yourself and falsely claim before the world, that Gears Ultimate is just a port of the PC game . . . like I said, I feel really sad for you. Your angst is clearly misplaced here. And I suspect the existence of your angst extends from you having a tough time reconciling the reality, that once again, the Xbox One has trumped the PS4 at something the PS4 was supposed to be supreme at.

      You see, in a rose-tinted mindset where the PS4 is all powerful, all perfect, all the time, and “the greatest console on the market” (which is an unreasonable expectation of any game console – ever), to see the system consistently getting its ass kicked over and over again, at all the things that really matter to the end consumer (AAA exclusives, features, and next generation online network), it can be a serious shock to the system having to except all that, AFTER you spent $400 buying one yourself, based on the promise that it would excel at all these things, better than any of its competitors.

      Well, reality can be a bitch. And that is why we call hyperbole, hype.

      HYPERBOLE = the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device. It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression, but is not meant to be taken literally.

      It’s common for gamers to take hyperbole literally. You shouldn’t, but you do. And then ultimately, you get let down when reality begins to challenge the hype you have built up in your own mind. And when you emotionally fight back against realities challenge, you get angst. And then you start making up, and saying ANYTHING, no matter how untrue it is, to keep reality from bursting your bubble. You know, telling yourself things like Gears Ultimate is a PC port.

      But all is not lost. There is a twelve step process for eliminating the effects of hyperbole from your heart, and bringing your mind back around to a state of equilibrium with reality. Right now, you are in the denial phase of the twelve steps. But denial is healthy, so long as you remember that it is only one of the twelve steps, and that you need to progress through them all to affect any real healing.

      My suggestion to you is buy BOTH consoles, try to appreciate the pros that each consoles bring to the table, and generally live a happy life after that. And that will get you off the hype sooner, and through all twelve steps faster – for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

    • The PC Master Race

      Literally “Its OK When Sony does it” the post

      And Sony remasters can’t even hold 60FPS either

      Console peasants, everyone.

  • gordo100

    I’m kinda dissapointed in this which suprises me as I would expect more from a game that set graphical benchmarks in it’s day

  • Enkoder Novi

    Those PS4 screenshots are low quality. Image compression artifacts are evident. (macroblocking in the background) Low quality jpg image(145kb for 1080p PS4 screenshot, and 700kb for 720p PS3 screenshot) . For proper comparsion you need lossless .png screenshots.

    So yeah this is not valid.

  • Walter

    As good as it looked on the PS3, the best we could expect is pretty much higher rez everything. I don’t know how much effort it would have been but to me more dynamic lighting would’ve been a nice addition .
    With that said, I’m not planning on getting the re-master. It was good enough on the PS3. In fact, my mind was pretty much blown when I saw it on the PS3 the first time.

  • Visitor

    Not much of a difference

  • Gaikai

    I like Sony but they really make the worst remasters…

  • Jason Mounce

    Really, it could be argued that God of War 3 was PS4 Launch-quality in the visual department, that game was nuts in how beautiful it looked on the PS3. Not much more you CAN do expect 1080p/60FPS, crisper textures of Kratos’ body, some AA and draw distance. (Since GoW3 used similar techniques Naughty Dog did on making the visual detail of models below the neck to be ‘Lesser quality’ but everything from the neck to head being superb-quality. With PS4, it should make it so there is no rendering-downgrade on the body of the model no matter where the camera is panned.

  • kma99

    This just confirms how good the PS3 was.

    • SaberEdge

      How? It hasn’t really improved aside from resolution and framerate. It was a nice looking game last generation, but now it looks dated. Lots of low res textures and angular low-poly geometry. The lighting is still baked too.

      It still looks decent, but they could have done so much more.

      • kma99

        regardless its still impressive. I know they only up’ed the pixel count but it looks good

    • Jason

      Was? More like “still is”.

  • JerkDaNERD7

    So what is remastered exactly?! 0.o

    • AngelsandDemons1

      up res the graphics and increase the frame rate……maybe even include the DLC to give an added sense of value like in a GOTY edition

  • Hope they don’t take this route for the Uncharted Collection. Hopefully they do it right, like the Anniversary treatments on MS/XB…

    • Johannna_L

      Uncharted Collection wont even have multiplayer on PS4.

      • E.J457

        Yes it will. It will have the Uncharted 4 beta and the Uncharted games have huge single player campaigns bigger than Halo.

        • Johannna_L

          Uncharted 4 will have multiplayer NOT theUncharted Collection (Part 1-3) Also whats up with Uncharted 4 singleplayer only running in 30 fps, th<ats unacceptable.

    • rudero

      So you do not want it to work correctly for months and screen tears and pop ins with weird transportation glitches with coop? No thank you.

      • E.J457

        He’s an Xbox fanboy. The Halo 3/4 remaster was nothing but an upres and increased framerate, just like GOW 3.

        • I happen to own both consoles since PS2 and the original XB. And all the games in MCC had more than an upres/increased fps – special fx were increased as well as textures and sound…

        • Deadred

          He never mentioned halo 3/4, he mentioned the anniversary remasters which where halo 1/2. However you feel about the halo series, you have to be real blind to say they were just resolution increases!

      • You don’t even own an XB, the only problems with MCC was the multiplayer. Everything else was beautiful.

        • rudero

          I would believe you do not by that statement.
          Yes I do. Got it for my son. Mcc bundle. It was sad to see my sons disappointment having to wait till the next day to play due to the ridiculous download and install time.
          You can read the eurogamer article. If you consider clipping, screan tearing, inconsistent fps and resolution changes with glitches a beautiful game, you should really buy a ps4 and play god of war. You will think that is divine.

          • I’ve owned both consoles since PS2 and the original xbox. And I’ve played through all the Halo campaigns in MCC – everything looked, sounded and played beautifully except multiplayer. If you actually played the campaign you’d realize all that stuff is garbage.

            Why would I pay for a GoW remaster just to get an increase to 1080p? The PS3 version of God of War looked beautiful already. No need to buy it again for only an increase in resolution.

          • Zarbor

            Don’t waste your time with these Sony clowns. Another clown who knows not what they are talking about. Never seen a group of gamers always trying to justify their purchase by talking down the competition. I have both consoles and like you MCC looks, sound and plays great in single player. The only issue is the multiplayer and that’s a big mistake and a problem for many. Not sure if they could have ever get that right with 4-5 games in one package. Too ambitious??

            As for God of War, well when there is no BC on the PS4, Sony can get away with this especially during a time when there is little to no AAA exclusives for the console until 2016. They will say stuff like, oh there are many people who did not play it on the PS3 and now get to play it on the PS4. What bunk.

            Then we have those saying, oh look how great it looks so there was little room for them to add to it to make it better. Then why did you buy a PS4? The truth is, they know there are enough resolution idiots that will convince themselves that there is a significant difference in the PS4 version to warrant a purchase at full price.

            Why not put the PS3 version on PSNow?…lol, we know why.

          • Leeboyopm

            I sold my ps3 coz i hated it, i never played uncharted 2 n 3 or last of us, or god of war 3, so far these remasteres have been sweet as a nut for,and you justifying purchase are youmad, 25 million sales can’t be wrong and still going, i like my xbox one but ps4 def better gaming console

          • Zarbor

            Thanks for providing a real example to my point. Unbelievable. You can’t make this stuff up.

  • shinningserpent

    This is a shitty remaster.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Either that, or the comparison is fake. It seems that way to me.

    • LuckyChamCham

      YOU are the shitty remaster.

      • JerkDaNERD7

        he is right…

        • E.J457

          It really is quite disqusting watching you make such hypocritical comments. You were praising the crappy Gears and Halo 3/4 remaster which offered nothing but better resolution and framerates. Now you’re crapping on this because it’s a PS4 exclusive.

          • AngelsandDemons1

            ….let your hate flow and turn you to the dark siiiide

          • Lol, he’s done that all over this article

          • XbotMK1

            LOL Done what? Type the truth?

            The only haters I see here are the people who took the time out of their day to leave comments hating on this game.

          • Leeboyopm

            Come on boys now now, just buy both and enjoy all, i reckon if no man sky wasn’t coming out this year id probably start playing my xbox one again, what with forza 6 coming, to be fair i only use my xbox for exclusives obviously and we finally got a couple coming, but no man sky is worth morth more than every other game out there in my opinion

          • XbotMK1


          • Leeboyopm

            Lol at what speaking truth, no man sky will be better than all ps4 x1 and pc exclusives out there, or was you lol ing fact like 99% of people wwith both buy multy plats on pc or ps4, and why wouldnt they, extra resolution makes game look cleaner and crisper,

          • JerkDaNERD7

            No man sky, …..LMAO! Try harder.

          • XbotMK1

            So, he’s not the one being a hypocrite and bashing a game for being a PlayStation exclusive and yet he is the hater? I don’t see how that makes any logical sense.

          • JerkDaNERD7

            You and logic don’t make sense lol! ;D

          • Mark

            Lol! Too funny. I almost cried dude

          • JerkDaNERD7

            Don’t be deluded. You know very well the Gears and Halo MCC is more than a mere up res and frame rates. So your comment is “disgusting” to first even consider an HD remaster is better then a remake and second to call me a hypocrite when it’s facts.

    • ZappyKins

      Seems more like a port than a remaster. Remaster make new renders, such as textures and graphics. This seems like it runs on the new PS4 system.

      • Kickstarter4

        Yes that’s songs way port port just like that last of us crap

    • Human@Play

      The fact that low resolution textures have not been replaced is enough for me to not consider this as a remaster. I find myself more impressed by the Gears of War remaster. Seriously if you love video games, you should build a PC to compliment your awesome console of choice. This will protect your wallet from nonsensical cash grabbing practices like this. You should never have to pay money for a bump to resolution alone. You deserve better because this is something you love and support with your money. This kind of half baked work is disrespectful to gamers.

      • E.J457

        You’re a fanboy. The Gears of War remaster was nothing but an upres and increased framerate.

        • Zarbor

          You’re a clown. The Gears of War remaster isn’t even out yet. Not to mention, you don’t know what you are talking about and dead wrong about that remaster.

          • XbotMK1

            No, he is right. GOW3 features improved high res textures. You can’t bash GOW 3 and turn around and give Gears a pass. That is called being a fanboy.

          • The PC Master Race

            There is no texture improvement other than an anisotropic filtering pass, moron.

            Good ol’ John Derp. Pretends to know about tech. Doesn’t know squat. I bet he buys apple products since he’s dumb enough to buy Sony products

    • DarthDiggler


      Did you play it?

    • Dynasty2021

      It isn’t a remaster.

      It’s a cash-in. PS4 has no games (literally, OFFICIALLY the smallest library compared to 360, PS3, One and PC), so this will be lapped up by moron PS4 fans.

      Same with Uncharted collection coming soon. What a joke.

      • Leeboyopm

        And halo MCC and gears remaster, and ill think youll find if you google it ps4 has more exclusives planed, plus in the 1st 3 years of there lifes up to end of 2016 sony wll have alot more, and where were you last 8 months x1 hasn’t had an exclusive

      • The PC Master Race

        B-B-B-BUH SHENMUE 3 (In 2017 also on PC)
        A-A-AND FF VII REMAKE (In 2018 also on PC)
        A-A-AND THE LAST GUARDIAN (Downgraded from its appearance on PS3 and framerate drops)
        A-A-AND UNCHARTED (Downgraded, 30FPS, lol)
        A-A-AND HORIZON (Late 2016 Western Monster Hunter clone with framerate dives)


    • Kickstarter4

      Dat remaster lol poor pony fags