God of War Collection PS Vita: See How It Compares To The PS3 HD Remaster

God of War Collection is finally released on the PS Vita. This collection contains the original two God of War games and since it was already released as an HD Remaster on the PS3, it is interesting to see how well it compares to the PS Vita re-release.

These original God of War games are critically acclaimed and considered the best in the series, the only thing that is going to complete this trilogy is God of War 3 on the PS Vita, which probably isn’t possible until we get PS Now and God of War 3 as the title available on offer for PS Now.

This PS Vita port was handled by Sanzaru Games, the developers of Sly 4 on PS3 and Vita, and with the recently released screenshots showing the controller layout, it looks fairly decent.

So how well does this port compares to the PS3 remaster, which ran at 60 fps and 1080p on the PS3? You can check out the comparison below and be the judge yourself. Keep in mind that the PS3 snaps are captured from video, and are not exactly direct feed so they might appear compressed. Still, they are a good enough indication of how well the textures, character models and effects match to the Vita version of the game.

As a PS Vita port of a set of classic games, God of War Collection is definitely worth getting for sure. After this release, the Vita will have a total of 4 God of War games playable on it sans God of War: Ascension and God of War 3.

What do you think about this screenshot comparison? Let us know in the comments below.

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