God of War Collection PS Vita: See How It Compares To The PS3 HD Remaster

Khurram Imtiaz

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  • Beasta25

    My PS2 emulator trolls both! Look nice when my PC is turned off and playing on a actual PS2 or even better 3! My PC suck ass like all PC elitist, who Slap Every Peasant!

  • madbads

    my ps2 emulator rapes both

    • Jeremy Filth


    • Good for you?

    • Greg Smith

      You’re such a tool.

      • madbads

        lmao suck my dick , what are you going to do about it? play big boy online? dickface

    • Beasta25

      Good morning peasant!?

  • LightningBoltAction

    Not bad at 5 inches screen at all. I hope you can make a comparison video to the PS2 version.

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