You Are Going To Love This Neat Little Easter Egg In The Order 1886

The Order 1886 is the hotly anticipated PlayStation exclusive from Ready at Dawn, who are venturing into console development with their first project. It is a really ambitious project that has taken them years to develop and we are now finally getting closer to playing it.

While the official release of The Order 1886 is still a few days away, the game is already out in the hands of some lucky users who have also uploaded plenty of their videos showing direct-feed gameplay of The Order 1886. In one of these videos, we are able to see a little easter egg from a popular Sony IP. You can check it out below.

Yes, this is a little plushie of Sack Boy from the famous LittleBigPlanet series. The main hero Galahad can pick it up and examine it. The attention to detail that is given to this plushie is really impressive and the textures work and lighting makes it look like photo realistic.

Let us know what you think about this easter egg in the comments below.

  • datdude

    I wonder if you can feed sackboy to a lycan……oh my…..

  • Counterproductive

    Awesome. When he moves the doll, you can see its head lolling around, showing that R@D even gave it ragdoll physics. That’s some impressive attention to detail. Kudos.


    Man this looks amazing and it’s just him holding sack boy…..

    Looking forward to this one and thank you RAD and SM………..


    Ha! Glorious !!! Lol.