Gran Turismo 7 Tech Demo Seen By Industry Insider, Could Come As Early As Next Year

Gran Turismo, the iconic and ideal real-sim driving game, might see its very newest addition, Gran Turismo 7, as early as next year says the creator of the series Kazunori Yamauchi. Gran Turismo 6 will be releasing soon on the PlayStation 3 but Kazunori says that they don’t want to take too long with Gran Turismo 7.


In an interview with Top Gear, Kazunori told them that Gran Turismo 7 might land as early as 2014.

We don’t want to take too long on Gran Turismo 7,

Best-case scenario? Next year. In GT6 we really had to tune the software 100 per cent to maximise the PS3’s architecture, but of course the PS4’s hardware is much better, so I think the overall quality of the game across the board will be boosted when you come to play it.

This also falls in line with what the famous industry insider, thuway, stated on twitter as he saw the tech demo for Gran Turismo 7 and was completely blown away by it. Thuway has proven himself correct on numerous occasions and has been spot on with his insider news.

It is, however unclear that if Gran Turismo 7 will come exclusively on the PlayStation 4 or will it also debut on its predecessor, the PlayStation 3. However, the chances of landing exclusively on the PlayStation 4 is more likely.

Are you picking up Gran Turismo 6 for the PlayStation 3? Are you excited about Gran Turismo 7? Let us know in the comments below

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  • Mark

    GT6 isn’t out until Dec.6th.

    I do have the Anniversary Edition pre-ordered though.

  • Jack Slater

    With the ps4 power, we can easily expect:
    -All gt6 cars in premium, with millions polygons
    -100-200 extra cars
    -full day-night cycle, with smooth transitions
    – rain,fog,snow,sand,dust
    full track editor(a la modnation racers, where we can populate tracks with houses,trees,objects,etc, on different settings(mountains,rivers,fields,campaign,city,etc). We will even be able to edit, for example, a building, applying different colors, textures, stickers, flags,etc. Hundreds of objects, tires, trees,bridges,etc. Unlike mod nation, on gt7, there would be dozens thousands of talented people building wonderful tracks, with rivers, bridges, different sections, like a mountain, than campaign, than a village, than a rally section,etc. Thousands of new amazing tracks.
    -total freedom on weather/time. We can choose to drive at 7pm, with a mix of rain, than it stars snowing, roads become all white, than, rain, etc.
    – great easy user interface
    – easy online multiplayer
    – many modes, like NASCAR, Daytona,rally,karting,even motorbikes.
    – great damage ,deformation, etc, on cars, affecting or not the engine.
    -ultra improved AI that will analyse how we drive, and adapt the AI , the more we finish races, the more the AI cars become intelligent
    – ultra advanced tuning, we can personalise the whole car, colors, painting, etc, and optimize the engine, tires,etc, much more deeply than gt5-6, with many more different parts, turbos, etc, that will really make a difference.
    – a drivatar-like feature, where we can even set races while at McDonald, via the smartphone, with a car based on our style, and see the results in real time.the races would take place on the server side only.
    -realistic public
    -advanced photo mode
    – advanced video editor
    – full remote play support
    – photo realistic graphics
    – etc etc etc

    I’m sure there are tons of features they always wanted to put in the games, but never had the power to do it. Now, with the ps4, all those ideas will finally be possible, let’s hope.

    Gt5 replays were already amazing, many people at stores could be easily fooled, and think it was a real race.
    Can’t even imagine how replays will look. Raytracing?

    Anyway, can’t wait to see the first pics of gt7.

  • RandomUser2yr29387

    No one’s picked up GT6 yet. It doesn’t come out for another couple of weeks….

  • JReca

    Remember that Sony said no first-party cross-generation games. So PS4 all the way.