Gran Turismo Sport Confirmed To Support 4K, HDR And Supersampling On PS4 Pro

Gran Turismo Sport was originally set to launch this year but it has been now delayed to 2017. The game is also going to get PS4 Pro support at launch including 4K rendering and HDR. There will be support for PS VR as well as Supersampling for those who will play the game on a standard HDTV.

Sony is holding an event titled ‘Future of Play’ aimed at the games and details regarding PlayStation Pro. This event is currently in progress but some of the announcements have been confirmed by the people attending the event.


You can grab a glimpse of Gran Turismo Sports running on the PS4 Pro in the off-screen image below.


Gran Turismo Sports is now set to launch next year although a specific release date still hasn’t been given for it yet. This will be the first Gran Turismo game for the PS4.

Let us know what do you think about the enhancements offered by the PS4 Pro hardware in the comments below.

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  • Bobby Griffin

    I’ve played 4 Forza games since the last GT released and all were better than what I seen from gt sport. Sony needs to clean house with this developer.

  • Propranolol50mgonceadayforever

    Supports 4K, HDR And Supersampling on PS4Pro. Also includes great features, such as:

    Sterile tracks and slightly better vaccum cleaner sounds for engines!
    Rolling roadblock chase the rabbit single player races!
    Physics from 2002! Feel your 3 tonne vehicles bounce like a ball off of micro thin plastic rally barriers!
    Less gameplay and single player options than ever before!
    10% Racing Focused and 90% taking photos of NOT REAL cars Focused !
    Release Date: “Soon…” ! EDIT – sorry, delayed until Holiday Season 2018!

  • Ucouldntbemorewrong

    Yes I shall view the screen shot with someones phone recording a moving game on a 4K screen then uploaded to a website where it was compressed even further, while I view it on my LCD monitor at work…yes!!

  • thwip71

    Only 4K ?? Considering the developer, by the time this game actually releases, 8K will be the industry standard.

    • ShowanW

      lol… polyphony does take forever to develop their games…

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