Grand Theft Auto V PC comes in a massive 7 DVD box

Grand Theft Auto V is close to release on PC and most gamers will be downloading the game from Steam. However there is still demand, albeit small, of PC games on physical media. So Rockstar will be shipping Grand Theft Auto V on PC physically as well in a 7 DVD package.

Unlike the latest generation consoles which come with big storage Blu-ray drives, most PCs which still use optical media tend to have DVD drives only. So Rockstar is forced to release the game on DVDs instead of Blu-rays which would’ve saved a lot of physical storage space. Check out an image of the retail PC packaging of Grand Theft Auto V below:


Grand Theft Auto V is already available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The much awaited PC release is set for April 14.

  • Josh Claypool

    Wow…really? You can pick up a new Blu-Ray drive for your computer for half the price of the game itself. What a waste to have to make 7 DVDs for each physical copy of the game.