Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Pre-Load Now Live, Day 1 Patch Size And Changelog Revealed

If you have pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V on the PlayStation 4, you can now start downloading it ahead of its November 18th launch on the PSN. Users are now able to download the pre-load and the day 1 patch of the game, which weights in at about 1.14 GB.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most anticipated release of this year. It is essentially a new game on its own as Rockstar has updated the graphics, lighting, added new missions and tons of new features to this re-release. The online player count has also been increased to 30 players on the PS4 and Xbox One.


If you have Grand Theft Auto V pre-ordered on the PSN, you can expect to download about 44.87 GB of data for the game along with a 1.14 GB day 1 patch. Sadly the changelog for the patch doesn’t provide any details and just lists it as “various bug fixes and improvements”.

Are you excited for Grand Theft Auto V? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Vanderson Silva

    I started downloading it yesterday night, I let it downloading through the night, and it’s listing as installed already, but my internet connection is not that good, I was hoping it would get me three or four days to finish it, this may be some kind of bug?

  • Username

    Anyone know why it only let’s me preload like 2gb of it? It downloaded the patch for far cry and gta 5 and the 3.5gb game download for far cry and like 2gb for gta, so now I’m left with a 48gb download on launch day or what? I have done the math, its going to take 3.28 days to download it for me, I would like to at least get a start on it? And since this peice of s*** console cant pause downloads, I have to download 80gb of data unless I want to delete the progress I have made download the far cry pre load? This went from the ps3 which ‘only did everything’, to now a ps4, which does nothing but games.

    • BobDuder

      Same here, so I checked in the System section, to check how much hd space it was using. There it was confirmed to be 55+ gigs, plus there is a download counter that showed it going up from the initial 2G … now my console is in rest mode and I am hoping it just keeps downloading over the next 24hrs …

  • TraderJoe

    lol 35 hours. Poor guy.

  • Tric_Poa

    Can’t download either.

  • curly.nige

    Try going on ps4 , playstation store ,library, games ,click on grand theft auto 5, then click on download,

    • Cole Gallant

      Still is not working no button is showing up

      • Dillon Cote

        Try competently shuting down your ps4. it worked for me

    • Sur La Route

      Totally worked with this how to. Downloading now. 😉

  • wowgivemeabreak

    No option to download it yet for me. Good job Sony. Useless cunts.

    I have had zero issues with other digitals so far yet this is the first one I have pre-ordered. Of course it would be jacked up because of that and because I REALLY want to play it Tuesday.

    • Guest

      Calm the f down kid, its just a game. People are such entitle dbags.

    • demderp

      Rockstar has fixed all issues reported yesterday regarding GTA Online character transfers along with the “CE-32937-4″ day one patch bug on PS4.

      It is a Rockstar problem that they had to patch, Not Sony or PSN. It also affected some Xbox customers.

  • DLS4688

    FUCK!! I’ve purchased digital on PSN USA to play early since I live in Brazil (here will be released day 21) an stilo doesn’t start downloading!! I hope it’s not like what happened with EVOLVE BETA, where it was cancelled on PS4 due to the update to 2.00…..

  • Kobi

    Can’t download it from a us account. Fuck sony. I’m an idiot.

    • Chad Reed

      I thought the same, I’m a dumbass for purchasing digital

      • Guest

        PSN, SSDD.

        • demderp

          Rockstar has fixed all issues reported yesterday regarding GTA Online character transfers along with the “CE-32937-4″ day one patch bug on PS4.

          It is a Rockstar problem that they had to patch, Not Sony or PSN. It also affected some Xbox customers.

          Both PSN and Xbox Live have similar amounts of unscheduled downtime or issues with friends lists, etc. PSN has been running fine through Destiny and CoD launches.

          PSN is running fine aside from a few hours of unscheduled downtime a month. That’s unacceptable and unfortunate and Sony needs to improve, but some people blow it out of proportion.

          PS+ subs doubled in September with the Destiny launch. Sony is upgrading servers to handle the increased load.

          Stop spreading fanboy lies, ignorance, trolling, and blind hate. All of your lies and blind hatred only make you look deranged and sick to normal, sane people. You are sick and need help.

  • Chad Reed

    Pre load is not working for me says pre load will start on 11- 16 yet It does not work. I knew I should have just got the disc I have had nothing but problems with digitial downloads on ps4

    • Jeffhardy194

      Just wait man it unlocks at 12 pm for different regions USA will be available at 12pm so try then

  • Ahmad

    i can’t download it for now help me please .

    • Dillon Cote

      I just shut my PlayStation completely off and when i turned it back on the download button was under the time

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