Gravity Rush Director Gives Update On Their New Game

Gravity Rush is the critically acclaimed PlayStation Vita exclusive from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. Its sequel was revealed in a concept teaser during TGS last year, but has been missing in action for quite a while now.

Gravity Rush director Keiichiro Toyama had the following to say earlier this year regarding the development of the game.

“The team is preparing and the systems are being put in place for the next title, and things are going smoothly. 2014 seems to be a year that will be dedicated to production in earnest, but I’ll work hard to meet everyone’s expectations.”

It seems like the game was in development for this year and it is confirmed in the latest update from the director, in which he reveals that the game is now in earnest development.

If the game has been in development for more than a year now, there is a chance that we might be able to finally see it at the upcoming Jump Festa this year.

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  • Alyx Spacer

    Im going to go ahead and call it, its going on both ps4 and vita.

  • Jerry Flowers

    I need to fix my dyslexia fixed; I thought it said “Game director gives up on their new game.” Can’t wait for more, Gravity Rush was amazing and I loved the attention to science, if that’s a thing. Definitely potential for some more cool story points.

    • Alyx Spacer

      Yeah, i heard its going on ps4 and vita.

  • ocelot boss

    Good news

    • Red Aloia


  • miyamoto

    Thanks for the update guys. GR2 is high on my dragon radar like Uncharted 4.