GRID: Autosport Dev: PS4/XBO Are Not “Simply PCs;” Games Need To Be “Built For” Both For Next-Gen

There is a on-going misconception ever since current generation started that PS4 and Xbox One are similar to a PC. Codemasters, who are currently working on GRID: Autosport for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, have refuted this claim. They also explain why they decided to go with PS3 and Xbox 360 instead of PS4 and Xbox One.

In an interview with VG247, GRID: Autosport’s lead designer James Nicholls talks about the PS4 and Xbox One and explains how they differentiate from the PC for development.

I think there’s a common misconception that PS4 and Xbox One are simply PCs that you can cross-compile to,” he states. “Both of those platforms come with their own suite of platform libraries and their own set of unique features which need to be built for if you’re going to actually make a ‘next generation’ game and not a ported current generation game.

This needs new software to be written, but also needs you to design and implement your game differently if you’re going to take advantage of all the awesome new things that next-generation consoles can do.


Nicholls then talks about the main reason why they went for PS3 and Xbox 360 instead of PS4 and Xbox One.

We’re working on our next-generation technology already and our future games will take advantage of it, but right now we feel there’s a great opportunity to use the existing EGO engine to make a GRID game that responds to our community and makes and awesome motorsports themed racing game.

GRID: Autosport is set for a release on June 27th for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Hugo Stiglitz

    This is retarded. If this is the case, THEN WHY EVEN BOTHER? Why release a game so soon after Grid 2? Why not delay it to make it into something RELEVANT????

    This game will sell extremely poorly, even worse than Grid 2. At least if they put it on PS4, they would’ve had a chance since PS4 has ZERO racing games on it until Octoboer. They had a massive opportunity, and they blew it because they were too lazy to port the PC version to PS4.

    And Grid 2 on PC look plenty good enough to put on PS4. It looks better than Forza 5 (not the cars obviously, but everything else does) for christ sake.

  • madbads

    If they only add some car customization and options , i couldn’t care less about “next-gen” potatoes.

  • DarthDiggler

    This is nonsense. Sure the PS4 and XBONE are different, but they all use x86 processors so the code isn’t that much different. With PS4 and XBONE you are basically coding for single spec PCs.

    The honest truth is, Codemasters is no EA and they don’t have the resources to invest into Next Gen at the moment.

    • doom guy

      Why would they lie to us? What could they possibly gain by it. They went for PS3 and X360 because right now, they have a much bigger install base. Also I would take the words of a developer over anyone’s else’s anyday.

      • Reddz Foxx

        Yes they are making games for the larger audience which requires less work for more potential profit.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        A larger install base that has NO NEED FOR ANOTHER GRID GAME. Their last few games have sold extremely poorly. Guaranteed, this game would’ve sold double on PS4 than it did on last gen because PS4 players are dying for a racing game right now.

        And the whole “install base” bullshit is the most retarded defense you could use. If install base was relevant, they’d still be making games for PS2. Hell, they’d never move past PS2

    • Reddz Foxx

      Code is code correct. I am pretty sure he didn’t make himself as clear as he wanted to but I am pretty sure hes referring to the engines in which the games work on. Code can be ported but engine modification and implementing the lighting features and other features that their engine isnt designed to do yet. once you have the engine mods in place then you still have to modify code to make it work and your essentially working backwards trying to make the game work which is essentially a port. Porting is what 3rd party developers do by making a game for one system them porting over the majority of the coding and using duct tape and plaster to make it work on another system.

      Its like installing a Ford engine in a Chevy car it needs alot of modifications and its not even a guarantee you can make it happen as the rest of the car was designed around the original engine.

      But your half way there on being right they simply want to sell to the larger audience and get further use out of their engines for PS3 and Xbox 360 that they have already invested money into which likely another part of the team is working on next gen engines. The question is when will companies other then first party studios have engines in place to do things the right way on the newer consoles. PS4 kept a simple more horsepower design that is beneficial for now while XB1 is attempting to go for a more efficient in the long run design that only first party developers have the ability and tools and experience to get the same games ps4 has in terms of resolution and graphics. I say more efficient because the GPU is scaled back for power efficiency. The XB1 as a whole eats up that power efficiency difference with always on standby mode.

    • ps4lol

      Not true.

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