GTA V First Person Mode Car Crash GIF Is Truly Horrifying; Info About Radio Stations And More Leaked

GTA V retail version seems to be out in the wild thanks to a few stores breaking their street date and selling the game early. Since then, we have seen plenty of videos and leaked gameplay streaming of the PS4 version of the game. These new videos have confirmed a lot of things as well as shown some new one.

Take for example a car crash in first person mode. If we crash our car in first person mode, we can actually see the whole flying through the windshield moment in first person. It definitely looks like a scary moment, more so in first person mode. Check it out below.

In addition to this, check out the stuff that has been leaked so far regarding this new remaster (Source).

  1. Neon Kits. You can attach neon underglowers to your car.
  2. New B/O button cinematics.
  3. Kenny Loggin’s infamous Danger Zone has been added to the radio station that he already host, Los Santos Rock Radio.
  4. The vehicles that came out with the DLCs are back and spawn regularly parked or driven by NPCs.
  5. The game menu (where the map and settings are) has a completely different font. (Personally, not fond of)
  6. Wearing tinted sunglasses in FP changes the color of vision to the color of the tint. (Helmet visors too)
  7. [THIS ONE’S BIG] New character spawn actions/incidents. I played GTA V almost everyday since it came out and never saw the one in the livestream.
  8. Here’s a list containing some of the new songs.
  9. Protagonists now have Personal Vehicle Icon on the minimap just like GTA Online.
  10. The game map has a different look in the menu. As if it’s morphing with GTA IV’s map. The minimap edges has been cut to add some minimalistic translucency to it.
  11. Until now, the only new textures I noticed are for : Sand, Grass (Obviously) Rock, Asphalt, Cars (If classic or metallic, a bit reflective now), Guns (Also, obviously). These are the ones I noticed. {FYI, TEXTURES AREN’T THE SAME AS GRAPHICS}.
  12. It’s official that getting projectile-d out of your car through the windshield in FP is breathtaking.

Grand Theft Auto V will be officially released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18th, 2014.

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  • Jake Hayward

    Saying “textures aren’t the same as graphics” is like saying “buses aren’t traffic.” No they aren’t, but they’re the apart of the final graphical aggregate.

  • Cody Jaasko

    Can’t wait for the PC release……if only they could pair the super-realistic COD/BF4 textures with GTA 5…….it would be even more terrifying…..

  • readersin

    Music still sucks, what happened to the guy who did the music for the ps2 GTA games?

    • Azrael

      Finally, someone else who agrees. The music selections for IV and V have been absolute shite. No modern rock, no metal. Some shitty classic rock with a few good tunes, some annoying hardcore punk, and then a bunch of rap and pop and latin music. At least give us custom stations.

      • Ken

        dude, metal blows. I’m glad there’s not that much of it. Classic rock is great, although the CR in GTA V and IV was subpar.

        • Azrael

          You’re entitled to your opinion, even if it does suck. My point is there is something for just about everyone except modern rock and metal.


    I knew they had all these updates waiting for the next gen and pc builds and people wouldn’t listen to me when I told them that too uhh whatever.

  • Gobshite

    “FYI textures aren’t the same as graphics”

    What?! Of course they’re the fucking same. Textures are part of the game’s visuals. Seriously, mate, if you’re going to write an article or pretend to be a gaming journalist, then get a bit of a clue about what you are talking about first. Also, the reflections on cars do not count as textures. It’s a brand new shader based on a screen space post process cube map that updates dynamically.

    • Marlo Stanfield

      Well they’re not the same, textures are a part of the graphics pipeline and therefore not the same.

      • Azrael

        Marlo, what exactly do you think graphics are?

        It’s a combination of polygons shaped to make 3D models, with textures, mip maps, shaders, etc applied on top of them to bring them to life. Textures are a part of graphics. Saying “FYI textures aren’t the same as graphics” is like saying “FYI car bodies aren’t the same as cars.”

        • Marlo Stanfield

          “FYI car bodies aren’t the same as cars.” —-> My point exactly, the body of a car is not a car. Just like how textures are not all of graphics – its a part of it .

          When you say something is the same, logically you are saying they are equal. I think thats where the ambiguity is coming from.

          • Could it be that you people are arguing over something as pointless as a misunderstanding or definition of the term “graphics”? I believe Gobshite meant that textures are a part of graphics, a part of the pipeline you describe Marlo. Gobshite used “graphics” as collateral word, a group of words that have something to do with the end result, which would be what what I assume you meant Marlo.

  • andy

    I want Bully 2 before another GTA that I’m not buying… again.
    That crash…..truly horrifyin….. oh he got up in 2 seconds flat. So realistic.

    • Roll Caskett

      *facepalm* it a video game not real life. You want your character to stay on the ground for 1 min ? Does that count fun to you huh ?

    • Doug

      You can’t be that stupid to think GTA is based on reality…
      Enjoy waiting for Bully 2.

      • Guest

        Yeah, he can. He’s a Sony fanboy.

        • Guest

          No with stupidity like that, resembles more of a Xbox fanboy. Stupidity and Xbox go hand in hand.

  • Semyon

    Maybe we’ll see next “read dead” and next “vice city” after it 🙂 Because of trying new engine with less anticipated title. Imho. I would be absolutely happy 🙂


    I want VICE CITY 2 so bad…

    • Semyon

      Maybe we’ll see next “read dead” and next “vice city” after it 🙂 Because of trying new engine with less anticipated title. Imho. I would be absolutely happy ))

      • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

        red not “read”, just FYI.

    • Christopher Jack Martin

      Episodes from Vice City.