GTA V Old Gen vs. New Gen 720p vs. 1080p Direct-Feed Image Comparison Shows A Worthy Remaster

Khurram Imtiaz

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  • Melissa Rossetti

    old gen wins

  • phoenix

    Proof that new gen is only slighty better then old gen

  • Zarbor

    Like the TLoU, the graphical upgrade isn’t that significant. Yeah, it looks better but not that much better for another purchase. Still don’t understand how first person mode doesn’t work as well on the driving. You would think that would be the one area it works to be the best. Funny.

    Out of all these rehashed upgrades, Halo has made the biggest improvement in the graphics and given the most value for the price. Nevertheless, I will wait for all these rehashes in a few weeks to drop to to $30-20 bucks. Or just pick it up used. No way I’m paying sixty bucks for touches and tweaks.

  • No Sir, I didn’t like it.
    I remember a time when new hardware got new games.. psx wouldn’t have sold millions if it brought jaguar or snes games in a better quality to the audience.
    sorry.. this marginal update doesn’t get anything from me, not even a second hand dime.
    and that is what this complete entertainment business became at the moment… second hand enjoyment.
    poor.. after 35 years continously going forward.
    really poor from rockstar games after making millions with V last year.

    shame on you.

  • PachterStation

    There’s hardly anything in it. For slightly deeper colours, adjust the colour on your TV.

  • Jan Compaf

    going after those screens last gen looks better

  • Fay_Z

    the difference will be better in person, roll on tuesday!

  • bugart19

    What’s the deal with the PS4 and XB1, I can hardly see a difference graphically comparing last gen to current gen gaming consoles. They say both consoles are at least 10 times more powerful than last gen but I can’t see it, am I alone in this opinion??

  • bugart19

    It all looks the same to me, so that means not enough power is present to show visibly better looking graphics on either console. We as consumers were all hoping to be impressed this generation but instead it looks like we got just an improved version of last gen. Now I see why Nintendo made the decisions it did on choosing it’s hardware, they knew that PS4 and Xb1 was not going to much different from last gen visually. If PS4 is about ten times more powerful than PS3 than PS4 should have been 20 or 30 times more powerful this generation.

  • Itachi

    I really hope some of these are labeled wrong bc some of the Old Gen looks a lot better

    • Kim Marius Falch

      are you that blind………

  • WhyWai

    i can’t tell the difference…

  • PixelOmen

    The foliage looks better… and that’s about it. In some shots the lighting actually looks worse imo.


    What a waste of money… no where near a worth paying for it all over again…

  • Bookshelf

    thank you for posting FULL RES screenshots and not just the 600×300 useless slider pics

  • corvusmd

    I loved this game, but I honestly just don’t have the strength in me to start it again…esp with sooooooo many other games that I need to play. If there was a game drought or something I might pick it up, but I just don’t see when I’d ever be able to give this game any time. Does look like they did a good job with it though, so if anyone hasn’t played it….it’s a must buy.


    every slider comparison clip except for the second from the bottom in my opinion shows a better looking GTA V, the washed out look can easily be remedied by a quick touch of your TV remote or gamepad

    • Route18billy

      No, you can’t change the washed out look at all on your tv or game console (I’ve been messing with every setting for hours). The game kinda has a dreamy haze look to it (I hate it). They only way to improve this (on XB1) is to go in the settings and change the display to PC instead of TV, but this ruins other things. Wish I didn’t trade my Xbox 360 with GTA5 for the Xbox One and GTA5. Wasn’t worth it.

  • JoeGamer

    Did 60 hours on Xbox and 80 on PS3; in all honestly, when shit is whizzing by, you’ll probably won’t see much of a difference. Just image what GTAVI will look like 5 years from now. Save you cash and buy something truly next gen.

  • WEL

    old gen actually looks better even with the jaggies. The much brighter colors of new gen make the image lose a lot of detail and look kinda washed out.

    • Kim Marius Falch

      the details is better, it looks washed out because the textures is at a higher resoluition. giving it a more realistic view. If it bothers you? change the settings on your tv. but i am telling you that the new version is more realistic with the light and shadow then it was on old gen, which was way to much.. also a smaller resolution on the texture materials. which means when they created the texture on photoshop, they used 512-512 and now they traded it out with 1024-1024 or 2048-2048 resolution

  • Divinehand123

    The gamma is too high in the new gen one.

    • Kim Marius Falch

      or the old gen had to little? it’s too much shadow on the old gen version then what it would have been in real life. i am a scetch artist.. or i was in my younger days. the graphics would have been better if this was a 100% remake, but this is an remaster, and they changed the settings on the Sun/light source to be more realisticly and not so cartooney

  • Yo Mama

    Why do the last two pics looks better with the slider pulled over to show Old Gen? You sure you didn’t label them wrong?

    • Matt

      Could be different weather… I know smog is a new weather effect.

    • mdfk79

      was wondering if some of them were labelled wrong too lol, the new gen ones seem washed out.

    • popo123

      I disagree, the ps4 version looks way sharper compared to the Old gen pic. More defined textures, shadows, ambient occlusion, anti-aliasing, depth of field, smoother model for the car, better lighting, the button on his pants are still there, it just changed color. Only the contrast seem to be a tad better on the Old gen as the ps4 version has this washed out look on it. Same with the last pic, everything looks smoother on the ps4 version with, again, the contrast being the only difference in terms of color.

      • PachterStation

        Way sharper, they’re virtually the same.

        • Thad Vanity

          LOLWUT. 1080p clearly better than 720p.

    • Kim Marius Falch

      less details gives off a false impression of an sharper image. his hair is totally black on the old gen version because of bad reflection by light/sun as well as the texture quality is worse, means you will see less details. the more details, the more the texture will pop-out equals=reality. if you go on photoshop and removes all the hair lines, your hair color will seem to pop out more due for not seing the lines in your hair. i really don’t know how to describe this. More details in the texture= Lesser deeper colors due for variations in the texture.

    • Manoj Varughese

      You’ve got to watch them in 1080p native to know the actual difference.

      • Sobekflakmonkey

        well if you click on the images at the bottom you can see that the images are different sizes one being 720 which doesnt fit my monitor and one being 1080p and fits my monitor perfectly, the big difference is if you took both photos and blew them up to fit the size of your TV or Monitor just like how the game would, the 720p pictures would look far worse..but since they’re 720p photos they’re smaller and therefore you don’t see what you would actually see in terms of jaggies and such.

    • Themostunclean

      Lighting bloom in old gen looks blown out to me. One of the things people are missing is that old gen doesn’t have any depth of field effects. This accounts for parts of the old gen shots appearing more focused. The blur in the new gen is intentional to create a more focused, realistic effect. It is possible to turn this effect off in the settings of the new gen version which I think would have been wise to do for the sake of comparison.

  • Dave

    looks amazing on PS4, can’t wait till tuesday!

  • spideynut71

    Actually, the TRUE remaster arrives in January.

    • Guest

      Darn right. The PC version will blow the PS Poor version away.

      • Somerandomperson

        What would it do to the xboxone then?

        • d0x360

          The Xbox one version thus far looks identical.

        • Guest

          No one’s even giving the Shitbox Done version any consideration.

      • Jan Compaf

        get ready to play god mode vs god mode

      • Themostunclean

        Wish there was a better emoticon for rolling eyes.

    • TaliNESS

      The same data but with 4k optional output, makes sense.

      • spideynut71

        – uncompressed textures

        – uncapped 60+ fps VS crappy 30 fps on consoles

        – mods

        Hell, GTA4 on PC with mods looked way better than this, several years ago.

        • TaliNESS

          Funny thing is “uncompressed textures” but like EVERY other PC title it will only look so much better from stock, just saying it how it is from a level headed point of view.

          As fun as mods are that excuse is thrown out there way to much, HOWEVER, it does increase the replayablity some fold