GTA V Pre-Load On PS4: Users Report CE-37700-7 Error And Issues With Download

Grand Theft Auto 5 rumored to be released on November 14 for PC

GTA V pre-load is now live on the PS4. Depending on your region, you may be able to download the game once the pre-load activates. If you want to check out more details about the pre-load, including its file size and day 1 patch size, you can check out our article on this from here.

As reported on NeoGAF and reddit, people are having issues with pre-load. If you are trying to download the game, you can get either CE-37700-7 error or CE-36249-4 on the PS4. While there is no current fix for this issue, there is a trick to manually start the download if you haven’t started it yet.

  • Go to your game Library on your PS4.
  • Select Grand Theft Auto V
  • Click on the download button.

In case there is no download button  in the Library on PS4, you can try searching for the game on PSN Store and download the game from there.

Have you managed to start your GTA V pre-load? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Rafael

    I preordered the game on the psn store but it only shows up in my library so I can’t download it

  • Константин

    Нет не удалось

  • Guest

    Jonathan Rosa is a bedwetting loser!

  • JahFou

    OK. Now this is finally getting interesting, my DL for this on X1 is waiting for the minute to click 11:01 on monday b4 it says play and i can play – simple, just like the Evolve Alpha @ 11:02pm i was waiting in lobby to play it. A serious WTF Sony is all i can say and i do feel for you ps4 guys. Sucks. And I won’t even mention updates.


    and people still preach about digital being the future, the future scares me, i have brought GTA V retail and it feels good.

  • Charlie

    Currently getting an issue where the download size changes to 606mb after about 30mb is downloaded. I also get the CE-36249-4 when downloading.


    My preload worked fine.

    On my xbox one!

    • Guest

      Because no one’s buying it on the Shitbone.

  • I don’t have a download button yet either; I suspect we’ll see it appear between noon and 3 pm (PST). I bet the release time is staggered across the various regions to avoid overloading the servers.

    FWIW when I downloaded Assassin’s Creed, it started out at like 42 gig, then switched to 7 gig. But when that 7 gig was done, I was able to watch the rest of it come down in that info screen like somebody posted below. And AC came down without a hitch. Too bad the game itself ended up sucking.

  • Arthur DAbreu

    I don’t even have the Download button. I’ve pre ordered the game a month ago. =( when is the download will be available on the fucking us store?

  • Chad Reed

    Never doing digital ever again. Every digital I’ve bought on psn there has been issues and yet I keep purchasing digital thinking it will go smooth for once. I’m an idiot.

  • Crazie Manga

    Im download in now its install the patch here a pic (I’m from uk)

    • xXEssA100Xx

      Same story

  • Junior

    somebody help me not starting this download, there is no button.

  • E-roc Core

    Im not even getting an error message . Says it’s been pre ordered and that’s it. Should have gotten it on my Xbox but thoes dual shock touchpad perks, looked cool.

  • E-roc Core

    There is no download button in the library and nothing that says I can download now in the store.

  • Dennis Crosby

    That’s suck need to be fixed quick

  • WhiteGh05t

    I managed to get the download started after a couple of errors but the file size changed half way through to 606.8mb. The update file is bigger @ 1.14gb

    • CipherSurge


    • rinkdinkehh

      yeah mine did the same, if you check in settings, then storage and go to gta 5 its says the file size is 50 odd gig and it appears to be downloading in the background.

    • william

      me too!!!

  • AttackOnTitan805

    This is crap. Xbox had the preload available like 5 days ago. Wtf Sony? You’re seriously making me question why I still own this console. Pick your shit up already.

    • Obi Alfred

      Sony has been pissing me off lately. Steam pre loads piss me off too. No preload for Unity and when I downloaded it it tried to download something else after downloading 30GB so I had to go back and wait for it to finish the rest of the 37GB.

    • Dikan45

      Jesus it’s not out for another 2 days yet

    • Guest


      • demderp

        Both PSN and Xbox Live have similar amounts of unscheduled downtime or issues with friends lists, etc. PSN has been running fine through Destiny and CoD launches.

        PSN is running fine aside from a few hours of unscheduled downtime a month. That’s unacceptable and unfortunate and Sony needs to improve, but some people blow it out of proportion.

        PS+ subs doubled in September with the Destiny launch. Sony is upgrading servers to handle the increased load.

        Stop spreading fanboy lies, ignorance, trolling, and blind hate. All of your lies and blind hatred only make you look deranged and sick to normal, sane people. You are sick and need help..