GTA V PS4 vs. XBO 1080p Direct-Feed Image Comparison Shows Visual Parity Among Both Platforms

Khurram Imtiaz

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  • Matt

    Just set the in-game brightness levels down 2 notches on the X1 version… contrast problems fixed. Also make sure when doing comparison shots to keep the FOV the same otherwise it’s biased towards the one with the lower setting.

  • Kevin

    Oh yeah so let’s buy PS4 because it has one more rock in the 1st scenario compared to XBO :3

  • Justin Shepherd

    Wow so different…

  • Deavon Sprason

    not being rude the graphics r the same on both i seen another video showing better graphics on xbox than ps4 u cant take any of these pics of videos seriously buy wa ever game u want for wa ever console both consoles as gd as eachother and not much differance in graphics at all unlike showing of the pics above

  • marorun1982

    light and shadow are more realistic on the PS4.
    Foliage is also more dense and detailed.
    Missed thats?

    I dont like how the colors and light are unrealistic on the xbone.

  • marorun1982

    Xbone failed..

    Light and shadow are clearly better on ps4.
    Also in this test they did not test foliage as the xbone has way less foliage outside of urban area.

  • Super Smash Bro

    Reading the comments below is why I feel ashamed to play video games.

    For the sake of arguments comparing games graphics on consoles these days is like comparing Evan to Volvic mineral water… The only generations that games consoles could be compared on output of cross platform was the Saturn/ps1/n64 generation and the dreamcast/ps2/xbox generation after that its all poo talk and tbh I can tweek my TV enough to make any giving cross platform game to look better on any PS3 v 360, PS4 v XB1

  • Shaun Phillips

    It’s funny, plenty of websites have flipped the image and made the Xbox one version the one that looks better. I knew it was bullshit because it wouldn’t make any sense for RS to advertise the game by using the PS4 footage and it be the worst looking of the two. Wouldn’t it make more sense to use the better looking one? So I guess people are trying to pull a fast one and bullshit people into believe that the Xbox One looks better.

  • Anthone Ward

    At the end of the day, if you want 1080p and 60 fps and cant afford a decent PC, Go to your local game shop, and grab a WII U, its got more 1080p games at a solid 60 fps than either next gen console 😛 & if you then want to still argue that the graphics are not as good, stop going on about resolution and power and just enjoy the console of your choice. its not like you can even tell the difference on anything smaller than a 50inch tv anyway, and if you can you should join your countrys airforce as a pilot….. nuff said

  • Volpejr

    I’m pretty sure those photos are labelled incorrectly. The xbox one version is clearly on the right in those slideable comparisons.

  • sean darling

    Who cares there both the same,I bought it from game today its was great seeing people excited again for gta on which ever console they were buying it on.

  • Polo

    I think the author has inversed the screenshot, XONE is in fact PS4 and PS4 is XONE. In every comparison of games, the picture of the ps4 games is always foggy and on this one this is contrary.

    • Polo

      And if not the XONE looks cleary more detailed. Open two screenshots and zoom on the gun sights, we can cleary see that the gunsights is sharper on the indicated “xboxone” screen

  • Egla

    Don’t see much difference in these shots. There is however a massive difference in foliage density. Think RDR grass difference between Xbox 360 and PS3.

  • John

    Sorry, but you captured with wrong RGB Full/limited values, so the Xbox One Pictures are too bright and look washed out. There is none visual parity from the way you captured it.

  • Guest

    Looks like your Laming Bolt bullshit comparisons got completely blown out, Xbox rats. What now?

    • Jesus

      Needs more derp…

  • herbspeidel

    For all anyone knows, they could have taken pictures at different moments from the same console and put them side by side. They’re the same. I would LOVE to see an article like this where everyone says which screen shot is vastly superior to the other, then have the author say they screwed up labeling the screenshots.

  • You serious

    Xbone looks like complete garbage compared to the ps4

  • Da GeeZ

    Xbox One version looks better on other sites. This is just shoddy image captures.

    Plus we’re hearing reports that the Xbox One version has bettering LOD’ing. This might be down to the superior CPU in the XBox One(as we found out on AC: Unity).

    Bottom line, the XBox One version of GTA5 is superior, not by much, but it is the best version.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Or maybe it’s Laming Bolt that did the shoddy image captures, Alex?

      I’ll wait for DF, thanks.

      • ShoNuff

        I’ll give you that their capture of the ps4 may have been shoddy but there is definitely a marked improvement in their xbox capture over what this site is showing. And DF is not completely innocent from having the RGB settings incorrect either.

  • Bluto34

    You fanboys crack me up lol. Sad

  • wolf5453

    this is a fake article paid by MS and more bias towards xbox 1 but other
    websites show ps4 looks better every single one and anyone can make x1
    look better with photo shop but when there tuns of articles that show truth that ps4 looks better then you have been exposed for lying!

    • ShoNuff

      It’s a pretty weak argument when you have to start using photoshop as a defense for anything.

  • Scott

    These are stupid, The last game CoD:AW PS4 look less colourful then x-box one.

    Now it’s the other way around. Your setting make a big diffrence

  • Stagger Lee

    Fanboys calling fanboys fanboys….

  • eduardo

    sysly need approval for sayin scrubs? fck this

  • guest

    I hate to burst your bubbles, But the images are reversed.

  • corvusmd

    I love how in this comparison the X1 version looks foggy…but in the gamingbolt comparison the X1 has better colors and sharpness. I think all it’s showing is that the capture devices play more role in the differences than the actual games.

  • QuazL

    Funny thing is on another site, the PS4 is more foggy.

  • looks crap on both.

  • kenwonobi basurto

    This is kinda big the difference. A little washed out. less clear on the Xbox One version. I wonder if the differences are only becoming larger as the generation goes along? It seems like some games have been forced parity and when they arent? The Ps4 version is significantly more noticeable as better.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a XBOX Fan, but I clearly admitt that PS4 won this battle

  • James Christopher Evans

    These are clearly not on the same TV/Monitor. The xbox version on these has been dumb down. I have seen multiple pics on other sites and they didn’t have the foggy look. They looked virtually the same. In fact the xbox on multiple publications with pics has been noted to have better LOD than the ps4 version. This is silly and just shows people will believe any thing and some sites have agendas. I have both systems and like both. I play my online games on xbox and my single player games on ps4, except exclusives of course. People need to look around and not just look at one site and think its being honest.

    • guy

      What do you mean “same tv/monitor”? The images are not pictures of a tv screen or monitor. They would be from gameplay footage recorded through a capture card.

      • cappernaught

        He means the contrast was manipulated. Almost always the XBO has darker colors and blacks and the PS4 always had a brighter look. This time, for some reason, were reversed to make the PS4 seem more desirable.

    • ShoNuff

      well to defend gamenuke they are being honest based upon the screengrab that they used. Now based on the screengrab they have something setup incorrectly because the grabs do not represent what I have seen in side by side comparison videos from other sites.

  • WiCK3D

    lets be honest theres not a manor difference. I have Xbox One and Ps4 to spit the difference you would need 2 of the exact same tvs next to each other on the same game. Even at that there wont be much!

  • Nick

    Why is the xbox one more foggy? Are these from the same monitor? why is it like that?
    I want to know, cuz I bought the X1 version because the $15 card from MS discount.

  • Not only the XboxOne is more foggy but you can actually see the ps4 version has much more stuff going on in the pictures. I’m talking about trees on the horizon, particles of destruction on the ground, snow looks like a flat out surface and the contrast of both system it’s very noticeable. Looks like to squeeze those extra pixels out of the Xbox One RockStar had to sacrifice some things.

    • Nick

      There are definitely more particles in the ps4 pics, look on the floor in the first pic.

      • Dikan45

        The scenes don’t even match up on any of the slides, pretty lazy job to be honest

      • ShoNuff

        look at the 2nd picture and you can clearly see the debris is there. In the first picture the character is closer to the background on the xbox one. There is a gap between that rock and the rest of the debris and you are clearly standing to close to it for it to display the rest of the debris. and by the way those are not particles if you are referring to particle effects.

    • Da GeeZ

      And on other sites it’s completely the other way around.. XBox One looks better.
      Nothing more than bad captures on this site, or a strong sony bais.

      • Jameson

        No it’s not. Stop. Just stop.

        • ShoNuff

          yes it is. stop. just stop. see how that works?

      • Shaun Phillips

        If it was true that the Xbox One version was the better looking version of the game, why did RS only release PS4 footage to promote the game? Let me answer that for you, BECAUSE IT’S THE BETTER VERSION.

        • Butter Biscuits McGee

          Well the PS4 may be the better looking version of the game, but that’s not why the game was advertised on it. Deals are struck between console manufacturers and devs all the time to exclusively promote the game for a specific console. AC: Unity (Xbox One). Far Cry 4 (PS4). CoD: AW (Xbox One). Destiny (PS4). It’s not a graphics thing, it’s a money thing.

    • ShoNuff

      The only picture with any change is the ones with the trees and they are not at the same point on the same road so there would be a difference in how many “trees” are shown and the way the snow is displayed. As far as destruction on the ground you’ve got to take off the fanboy goggles as there is no difference.

      • marorun1982

        friend taken is xbone at my home and we plugged both on my TV screen in two HDMI.
        We both gone to several place in the game and where the difference is the most easy to see is anywhere where there is lots of foliage.. in those the ps4 has nearly twice more foliage and more detail.. Others than thats its mostly the light, shadow and weather effect thats are superior on the ps4.


    somethings not right with the XB1 images, no way that fog is natural, 90% of the time Xbox is always darker with crushed blacks, still i agree with the OP, both look near identical, i opted for the PS4 version though

  • mark

    Ps4 looks better here. Last gen game so it’s not pushing ps4 and hence why xboxone can achieve the rare feet of 1080p, usually only 720p for xboxone.

    • Dylan Harris

      not even true, there are plenty of 1080P games on xbox one. There are starting to be more and more games for ps4 thats not even 1080.

      • mark

        What are you on about more n more. Only 1 game is not 1080p on ps4 and that’s cause ubisoft wanted to keep assassins creed unity at same level as the xboxone version which is wrong.

        • Ben

          BF4 and Watch_Dogs also running on 900p. AC:Unity is in the same level because libGNMX is slower than D11.X.

      • BoyBigEyes

        Like Destiny? That had “smoke” on the horizon that not exist on the ps4 version?

  • Dikan45

    Xone settings need altering, looks completely washed out!!

    • Orionsangel

      I hate these comparisons, because you can adjust your settings on the Xone version to look like the PS4 version. So the difference is relegated to a person’s monitor settings.

      • You serious

        Sure you can hahahahh Xbone looks like complete garbage compared to the ps4

        • ShoNuff

          the only differences I see are in contrast and gamma. they definitely have something setup wrong as this was not the same result shown in the gamingbolt side by side videos.

      • yeahrightm8

        yeah right you can adjust the Xone settings so it can add props and details to the game -.-

      • Shaun Phillips

        Yeah. except you can’t make details lying on the floor disappear by changing the settings. Clearly, the PS4 has far more detail.

  • Guest

    Yep, proving that 1080p with decent graphics are just as much possible on the Xbox One with proper optimization.

    • Dikan45

      Why delete the comment to hide your name?

      • You are flat out wrong

        It’ll be Lionheart. He does it a lot because a scared little Xbot.

        • Jesus

          Aren’t you doing the same thing at the moment too?

          Where’s your 10 upvotes from Crapgamersucks and the cabal of sockpuppets? 😉

          • TrueGamer

            LOL! Exposed

          • You are flat out wrong

            Halo ports working yet? 343i still not shit yet?

          • TrueGamer

            Oh its working alright…. DriveClub working yet?

          • You are flat out wrong

            Everything except for the challenges, from what I understand.

            Seriously, how the hell does 343i bungle somebody else’s games? When Destiny was released the Xbox rats insisted all Bungie’s talent went there.

          • TrueGamer

            “Seriously, how the hell does 343i bungle somebody else’s games?”
            I will give you that.

          • You are flat out wrong

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          • Jesus

            I’d rather take constant frame rate over a few extra lines of resolution (which btw, isn’t equal to the quality of pixels), if you want to tow your corporate overlords line of 1080p or death, be my guest,

            Tell me honestly, what looks better, Avatar in 1080p, or Quake in 4k….?

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      resolution means nothing, you know that?

      rockstar could make the game run at 10000×10000, if they wanted. they would use low quality textures, no complex shaders, no lights, no shadows, a bit like a nintendo game, with flat colors and cartoon look, without “real life” textures. then, they use only 200 polygons to create the main character, like an half-life game, or older, and there you have, gta5 can run at 10000P.

      or you can choose to run your game at 720p, and use real-life photos, as textures, without compression, a realtime light engine, complex shaders, perfect shadows, etc, etc, and you raytrace it all, and apply an antialiasing 16x.
      there you have, a simple 720p , but with pixar/disney like graphics, that will look 10 times better and more realistic than any pc game at 4k.

      forza5 was 1080p… but devs had to use flat 2d public, empty simple scenery, huge fog to hide distant things, and downgrade the game until it only looked like 30% of what had been shown during E3.and they had their 1080p this way.

      even a blind person can see the light engine is much more vivid, better contrast, better colors, “fog-less”, on the ps4.

      • jess

        Lmao this guy here. Resolution doesn’t matter. You must be playing on a 20″ television. Also lol’d at the better than anything on PC comment, this guy.

      • Jetman082

        lol light engine XD yeah resolution does matter to a degree, higher resolution can allow for little to no AA (denser pixels less noticeable jaggies). you’re not going to get disney/pixar like graphics with realtime ray tracing on a current gen console, the hardware is far too weak, so why mention ray tracing when this gen, next gen, and probably the gen after that still won’t be doing it? hell, intel ray traced quake wars with larrabee (which if i remember correctly was roughly equal to a gtx 280.weak by todays standards yes, but it was a very tiny scene that was rendered) with 2 quad core cpu’s at 720p and only managed a measly 20fps or so. So, move that into a modern game that has astronomically higher polygon counts, and ray tracing is still a far ways off. ray tracing has been messed with since the 1990’s, there’s a reason it hasn’t be done in a game. It’s too damn resource intensive. Everyone talking about what looks better, honeslty does it matter? the games look great, if you can’t deal with a slight contrast issue (which can probably be alleviated by changing your tv’s contrast setting), then my lord how did you ever deal with games on the ps1/n64?

        • PS4GAMERS

          what i meant was:
          resolution doesn’t automatically mean quality.
          you can have a scenery with real photos, as textures. but if you don’t use a great light engine, that world won’t look real at all.
          just like we can have a game running at 50’000P resolution. of course, that high resolution will eliminate the need of an antialiasing processing, as everything will look sharp. BUT, without realistic textures, it won’t look real.
          imagine a super mario game, or a mario kart, running at 1080p, than, 4K, than, 8K, than, 32’000P, or higher. will the game look any close to reality, like a forza horizon, driveclub, gran turismo or project cars, just because it’s running at a ultra high resolution ?
          no. it will always look like a cartoon, with simple flat colors, simple color gradients, etc.

          now, make a game, use real photos of real buildings, real objects, real faces, etc etc, as textures, add a great light engine, and apply a great antialiasing processing. now, run it at 640p. ohhh, strange. even at 640p ONLY,that game would look 1000 times better, 1000 times more close to reality, than a killzone shadow fall, a call of duty advanced warfare, etc etc. though, it’s STILL, and ONLY 640p.

          light engine, shadows, shaders, bump mappings, and hundreds of other different techniques that devs can apply over a texture, and antialiasing, for sure are very very important. but the most important thing, the “MEAT”, is textures.
          play a killzone 1 game, and get close to a wall: the texture is awful.
          play a killzone 2 game, and do the same: you can barely read the text, because it is ultra compressed.
          play killzone 3: textures with text start looking good, and we can perfectly read everything, though, there still is lots of compression, it’s not as clear as it should.
          now, play killzone shadow fall: textures look great, and every little detail can be seen.
          what about next killzone game, or next call of duty game ? textures will look even better, and everything becomes more close to reality.
          what about 2018, when the new ps5 and xbox 2 are released ? they may have 20 times more power than this gen. devs may be able to use entire photos from real life, and apply them as textures. and still at 1080p, games will look close to real life.
          textures. textures. they define the quality, along light, shadows, shaders and antialiasing.

          • Jetman082

            textures are important no doubt, but i consider lighting to be the most important aspect of a game. lighting and weather effects, no game does good weather effects or has true to life lighting.

    • Jameson

      But they aren’t. Nice try, though.

  • readersin

    X1 is clearly more foggy than the PS4. Not a fanboy, I don’t own either console.

    • Head Blackman

      you not owning either console doesn’t mean that you don’t have a personal preference or bias in mind. it could just mean that you don’t have one because you’re being cheap and want your console of choice to come down in price before you purchase it.

      • Mike Norris

        Ps4/Pc is the best route my friend.My 8350@4.9ghz ”air cool”/750Ti out performs both consoles.Going to upgrade to a 970GTX in a few months and then my Pc will wipe the floor with both.I love my Ps4 and i think Xone isn’t a bad console now thanks to the games.

        • Dikan45

          It won’t add any inches to your pecker

          • Jameson

            No one said it would. It’s simply the better console. The fact that you had to bring “pecker” size into the conversation means A) you can’t refute the argument and B) you’re preoccupied with male genitalia. Good luck with all that, kiddo.

          • Dikan45

            Who are you his boyfriend? and I was referring to his need to declare his PC’s vital statistics (like anyone even cares) so don’t get so defensive! Defending Sony’s and your man’s honour is commendable though, I’m sure you’ll be in for a treat tonight as a thankyou from him

          • milwaukee


        • Head Blackman

          i never talk pc in a console comparison conversations, but it’s ok to like whatever system you like,because good is in the eyes and mind of the beholder. and if ps4 is your cup of tea, then so be it, but just as you said, the x1 has the games and that’s what all consoles should be judged off of. ive been gaming since the 80’s and that’s how it’s always been, aNd for me that’s how it will stay!

          GAME ON!!!

          • Guest

            What do you mean X1 has the games? PS4 has the games, and most people seem to think so, hence why there are a lot more PS4s being sold than X1s. Just cuz you think the X1 exclusives are better doesn’t mean they are. You fanboys are to much. And over 90% of the games are the same game on both systems (the multiplatforms) except they run and look better on the PS4. Plus the PS4 has more games overall.

          • JoeCharles

            Ps4 has no games

          • Steven

            Yep, not a single one. We just sit there and stare at the dashboard.

          • Vaughn Tate

            Sarcasm at it’s finest

          • Head Blackman

            for the games question, refer to the list that i just gave Elvino. it was a list of AAA games that are currently out on the x1. and i issue the same challenge of finding the list of AAA games that are currently out on the p4 and compare them to the x1. and the p4 isn’t selling because it’s got better games, it’s selling because of hype! nuff said!

          • marorun1982

            AAA games suck! ( at least 50% of em )

            AC unity is a perfect example.
            So sorry but i dont agree with you.

          • Nick Olsen

            Acutally, recent sales figures show the gap is narrowing. With Microsoft killing the kinect, dropping price, and having better exclusives. Just since the price drop, the XBONE sales have tripled and continue rising. Plus they have better bundles for the holidays, and Xbox Live is lightyears ahead of PSN when it comes to the actual service. PS4 is a very powerful console, and is really impressive, but the exclusives lineup is very weak. Killzone, Knack,even some of the infamous games are just subpar and not very good at all. The others aren’t anything people couldn’t live without. Halo, on the other hand, is a console seller. And Halo 5 comes out next year.

          • marorun1982

            sales to humans or to the stores?
            because since the start xbone sales figure where all bad because they say the console sold to the retailer and not sold to humans like the ps4 is.

            Also better exclusive is a question of point of view personally i dont really like the exclusive they got like Titan crap lol ( played it on pc when its was on beta and super small map with not many player and load of AI is boring.. )

            See i never liked the Halo serie i find it to be a shooter with no dept ( not much customisatuion possible and limited linear gameplay )

            I love Infamous on the others hand i like those type of game like GTA.

          • Canscrubenha

            Kinda like how Assassins Creed Unity runs better on the PS4? Oh wait.

          • marorun1982

            Ubicrap made a version for Xbone and use the same one on PS4 to evade trouble thats all.

          • Rp

            Nah xbox ones have fewer sales because the play station was one hundred dollars cheaper, and it still is cheaper, but not cheap enough to out do the bundle you get. not because it’s the better system, nothing that runs at the same power outlet runs better, it’s like the whole AMD VS INTEL crap where one of the cheaper processors the AMD had seemingly less power, but performed, with the same amount of drop off as the Intel. But then again people consequently forgot you weren’t paying for one hundred dollars more of just the console, you were paying for the additions, the kinect which is one hundred dollars on its own and works better than the peice of shit ps alternative. and a -free- game.

            Xbox players bought play stations because they felt betrayed by that zynga ceo. They changed preferences and bought a playstation, you’d be pretty pissed off too if anyone tried to tamper with how games were purchased and borrowed.

            Statistically speaking, xbox exclusives are better. Off the whole basis that sales of Xbox exclusives generally blow overall sales of the call of duty game remake released the same year. Namely, halo. Don’t see many reports on ps exclusives getting that kind of credibility. Or 90% + critic rating either from both Xbox and playstation mags.

          • Deavon Sprason

            u deluded no it aint specialy in uk ps4 more expensive

          • Elvino

            What games does X1 have? Forza? The quickly-forgotten Sunset Overdrive? Or maybe you mean the collection of re-packaged Halo games from years ago? Please stop talking, you’re out of your depth.

          • milwaukee

            XBO fanboys never see any problems with their system,
            PS4 fanboys never see any problems with their system,
            PC fanboys never see any problems with their system,

          • Head Blackman

            if you are blind and or have amnesia, then maybe i can help you with that.and here is a list of microsoft exclusives that are not on a playstation or a nintendo platform which also means that sony or nintendo receives any money from, and the list reads as: ryse sone of rome, forza motor sport, forza horizon 2, killer instinct season one, killer instinct season two, zoo tycoon, xbox fitness, titanfall, sunset overdrive, halo the master chief collection, shape up, project spark, max the curse of the brotherhood, kinect sports rivals, fighter within, fantasia music evolved, dead rising 3, crimson dragon, and those are just the games that where released. there are many more (more heavy hitters) that im sure you know about, but it would just be rubbing it in your face even further. now what’s the list of AAA games that are out on the p4? where is that list sir???

          • Jax

            Why do Xbox fanboys always say they are no games and than go ahead and call crimson Dragon or Killer instinct triple AAA they are clearly not but since you named them I will name everything that is neither on PC or Xbox. It is a lot.
            Ps4 games that are exclusive on PlayStation.
            Killzone SF, Knack, Infamous SS ,Infamous first light, MLB 14, LBP 3, Singstar, Driveclub,Samurai warriors 4, Yakuza ishin, Natrual doctrine, Guilty Gear xrd, Final fantasy a realm reborn the last of us remasterd and since Digital games like Killer instinct and max curse of brotherhood and crimson dragon are okay let me add. Resogun (Metacritic 84) , Sounshapes(84),Dead nation(74), Hohokum(75),Velocity(86) Minutes (78) Entwined(59) counterspy (66) Doki Doki universe(71)
            and many more. I guess it is enough to proof there is plenty to play on Ps4.

          • Head Blackman

            yakuza ishin haven’t been released outside of japan. guilty gear haven’t been released outside of japan.Final fantasy a realm reborn (microsoft is getting a piece of that because it’s also on windows). and as for max and ki, digital doesn’t make it indie sir! it doesn’t have to be on a disc to be considered AAA.

          • marorun1982

            to be considered AAA its nice super nice graphic and empty gameplay like most AAA game on Xbone.

          • ShoNuff

            you realize those same triple A games your are lambasting are also on the PS4 and they make up the bulk of the ps4 library since Sony hasn’t flooded the market with their library of exclusives yet?

          • ShoNuff

            you listed an awful lot of indie games as if they were AAA,

          • marorun1982

            indie games are getting better than AAA lol.

          • ShoNuff

            I haven’t seen them. sure a few are fun , but, most are garbage that I would barely play on a cell phone. Like I said a few exceptions like resogun and max and the magic marker have been recently launched.

          • marorun1982

            Ryse = linear games with not much gameplay mostly a graphic showcase.
            Forza = Racing game and not everyone like Racing game in fact its a minority of console players.
            killer instinc = erm boring after 30 min lol.
            Zoo tycoon = really? i play thats one on my android phone lol.
            Titan fail = the name say it all… super small map and get boring really fast.
            Sunset overdrive = thats one look good hey probably first Xbne game i regret not having on my ps4
            Halo = one of the worst FPS ever made.. linear story , boring and repetitive multiplayer.. almost no customisation possible of your kit in multiplayers..

          • Mentalcase

            What games PS4 has? A repacked Last of Us, Drive Club that was a horrible game the best game the PS4 has is P.T. PS4 is an indie box. Xbox at least have more exclusive.

          • marorun1982

            repacked last of us with better graphic than more than half the new gen games on xbone.
            The game is amazing one of my favorite ( its very hard and challenging )

            Drive club i dont play racing games so i dont give a damn about thats.

            RPG and Japanese game are my favorite game with open world games like GTA and the PS4 has all this.

            Been playing a bit of DC universe online too can you play thats on your xbone? nope.
            You entitled to not like thats game but i happen to do and all my friends as well.

          • marorun1982

            Love my ps4 games.
            thing is PS4 game dev taking a bit more time to make exclusive game really superior to the xbone one thats all..

            Several AAA game where pushed back in 2015 to make them better.

        • feralkitsune

          Honestly, I prefer PC/WiiU The PS4/X1 barely has anything I can’t play on PC that even interests me. WiiU however has been showering me in fun games.

          • ShoNuff

            in my opinion the WiiU won’t be worth buying until the new zelda comes out. Just my opinion though.

        • Dale

          Another scrub trying to give PC Gamers a bad name. Don’t listen to this kid he’s probably running a dual core Pentium with integrated graphics….

        • ty

          My cpu can do five time better than the ps4 or xbox one. Oh and my gpu hahah let just say it has a local memory bandwidth of over 615 gb/sec. Its about 20 times better than the new gen. But both consoles are good for what they are.

        • ty

          My cpu can do five time better than the ps4 or xbox one. Oh and my gpu hahah let just say it has a local memory bandwidth of over 615 gb/sec. Its about 20 times better than the new gen. But both consoles are good for what they are.

          • marorun1982

            Cant argue thats a super pricy PC will beat the console.
            But try to build a 400$ pc thats beat it.. good luck.

          • Donald Wills

            Could easily do that..quad core processor, radeon 7770, 8 gb of ram, 128gb ssd, and bd drive. GTFO with that $1000 computer issh

          • marorun1982

            Thats 1000$.

            I have an second gen i7 proc with 12 gb ddr3 and a nvidia 780 gtx 3 gb (not the ti version) and depending on the game I get less good result.

            Battlefield 4 stutter sometimes on my pc at medium high setting where my ps4 qui equivalent graphic and resolution don’t stutter at all.

            Even more so in shadow of mordor where my pc lag at 1080p with about same graphic quality.

            I don’t say the pc don’t have superior raw power but pc games or the Os or both are very badly optimized.

            Don’t forget it’s easier to optimize for a single hardware than for thousands of hardware mix.

          • fearitself

            Motherboard, case, PSU. oh you defintely can’t come under 1000$ if you’re playnning on playing high setting for at least 2 yaers.

          • fearitself

            radeon 7770 lmao, yo plan on playing on low? R9 270 with an i5 are a minmum if you at least want to have the same graphics as consoles.

          • Donald Wills

            7770 is the same card in the ps4 and Xbox one. Not to mention my card would have higher on board ggdr5 memory at a higher clock then what the consoles can offer. ProcessorProcessor just needs to be a quad core amd. I use razor game booster to kill my background app, so my performance is focused on the game itself. How many games out even fully utilize more then 3 cores? None! Computer parts are made too advance, to where most of the time you dont need to really upgrade until the new consoles come out. So every 4-5 years. If your playing on ultra your dumb, there’s maybe only slight difference in the visuals. But a major impact on FPS.

        • Bob Marley

          Enjoy upgrading in 2 years.

        • marorun1982

          Your 750 ti wont run the game in 1080p with same level of graphic as the ps4..
          the 970 GTX on others hand will beat it to pulp.

      • Nick

        wow are you bitter

        • Head Blackman

          now how in the world does that equate to being bitter??? are you ok? :-/

        • Head Blackman

          you do understand that saying something as foolish as what you’re saying doesn’t somehow magically make it true. so cut the crap trying to fish for an idiot to jump on your lame wave of nonsense.

          • Nick

            damn, you are one grouchy person, eat a cookie and smile!

          • Cahuatijo

            I’m going to second Nick’s opinion and be the so-called idiot jumping on the wave of nonsense. You do sound bitter as hell.
            Maybe it is time for some introspection or maybe it’s seasonal affective disorder if you live in the northern hemisphere; it’s a tough time of the year.

          • Jeroenske

            Most of earth’s land is in the Northern Hemisphere. So yeah..just pointing that out.

          • Cahuatijo

            Sure, but we still have about 11% of the world’s population in the southern hemisphere.

          • Head Blackman

            there was nothing bitter about anything that i said, so that’s just idiotic on your part as well as his for attempting to see something that’s not there. i simply explained to readersin that saying that he’s not a fanboy because he didn’t have either console at the time didn’t exempt him from being bias of one particular piece of plastic. it simply meant that he just didn’t have one of the 2 at the moment. maybe he couldn’t afford it and more than likely if he hasn’t jumped on the much cheaper x1 at this time with loads of games, then he’s more than likely a playstation fan, because playstation fans are the cheapest people in the gaming community, and that’s a known fact! they want everything free and given to them for dirt cheap instead of paying for a good product. so cut the crap on this lame bitter wave that you and him are trying to create. im just stating the obvious to anyone who’s been in this gaming community for a very long time who’s seen every form of fanboy and fanboy tactic in the book and especially in this hypocritical generation, so spare me the b.s!

          • Cahuatijo

            Let me hit you up with some more “b.s.” that I just picked up from a little bitter guy.

            “Playstation fans are the cheapest people in the gaming community, and that’s a known fact!”

            That’s some good b.s. right there, baby.

        • Distemp

          She’s definitely bitter, yes.

      • Elvino

        Regardless of what you just typed, he’s 100% correct. Next.

      • Super Smash Bro

        I don’t own either console either and can safely say that ps4 looks better in these images.

        And yes I have an opionion on which console I will get eventually but in no way makes me bias.

        Probably in the top 5 fanboy/bitter comments EVER.

    • corvusmd

      It’s the capture….that fogginess doesn’t appear in any other comparison I’ve seen

      • ShoNuff

        Agreed. The side by side videos on Gamingbolt do not show this fog.

  • andy

    As long as Rockstar pushed the PS4 and the capabilities of that console, its cool. So the DS4 is utilised properly including the speaker and touchpad, Vita Remote Play support, Shareplay support and also 1080p and a locked framerate, then we are good to go.

    • Dikan45

      Framerate’s not locked

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