Guerrilla Games Debunks Horizon Zero Dawn 2017 Release Rumor, Reaffirms 2016 Release

Guerrilla Games has debunked the rumor about the release year of their upcoming RPG Horizon Zero Dawn. This rumor was originally started by a journalist on RocketBeansTV in stream on Twitch. During the stream, the journalist mentioned a 2017 release year for Horizon Zero Dawn, as spotted by NeoGAF user Kenzodielocke.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming action RPG from Guerrilla Games, and it was recently revealed at E3 2015. The development of the game started with the release of Killzone 3 on the PS3 so it has been in development for a while. During their E3 reveal, Guerrilla Games listed a 2016 release year for Horizon Zero Dawn.


Once the news of a 2017 release began to spread, Guerrilla Games were quick to debunk this rumor and reaffirmed their 2016 release year again.

Guerrilla Games’ producer Mark Norris posted a comment on the NeoGAF thread with the rumor and confirmed that they are targeting 2016.

Hey GAF!

Mark Norris from Guerrilla here. I just wanted to let you all know (and hopefully a mod can put it in the OP) that we are targeting a 2016 release date.

The official Guerrilla Games account also echoed the same.

Hopefully this puts to rest this rumor about a 2017 release of the game.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • *Also On PC

    This game will be better than anything on the dying, bankrupt Xbox DONE pauper console or the pathetic, weak peasant PC.
    PS4 keeps outselling the competition because it is the superior gaming platform on the planet. Pathetic Xbox has terrible sales figures because it’s a POS and PC gaming is dead and is only for smelly, unwashed losers of society. :^)

  • Jan Compaf

    just ignore internet fools guerilla, take your time and deliver this game, it has potential

  • I knew the 2017 rumor was inaccurate because usually delaying a game comes at a later stage.. not after 6 week of the initial reveal. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually did delay it later. But I hope they don’t. I NEED that game NOW!

  • Anders

    The game has already been in development for 4½ years and the total development time will be 6 years if it launces winter next year.

  • datdude

    It’s more important to deliver on the promise of the game, which looks incredible, than to hit some arbitrary “target”. 2016 would be phenomenal, but as long as the game turns out to be as great as it looks like it may be, I would be ok with a 2017 date. 2016 looks packed with titles as it is….it’s going to be quite a year in gaming.

    • IamTylerDurden1

      2016 is the release year, they said it at e3, after e3, and now. Just stop it.

      It’s like ppl can’t accept that Sony has a murderers row games lineup for 2016, anything to anti-hype PS4.

      • datdude

        WTF are you on about? You’re as confused as Tyler Durden, that’s for sure.

  • maxleresistant

    “targeting” is the keyword here

    • CoronelCosgrove


    • G.

      It’s always a target until it’s shipped to retailers.

      • maxleresistant

        Yeah, but if they were more confident, they would annonce that it will be released in 2016. When someone say we are targeting for, it means that they are trying but they are not sure they will do it.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Well they’d have a better grasp on the target then some moron “journalist” quoting some moron NeoGAF user.

    • IamTylerDurden1

      Every game is targeted until it ships, especially if it’s a yr off. Try another angle…

      • maxleresistant

        Yeah, but if they were more confident, they would annonce that it will be released in 2016. When someone say we are targeting for, it means that they are trying but they are not sure they will do it. So yeah, I’m not confident at all this will be released in 2016.

        • Bilal Prince- Ali

          *sigh* although yeah, that makes sense, its not the point! the point is its the terminology used regardless of whatever logic you try to bring.

  • Gamist

    2016 is the target they say, but 2017 is fine by me if they need more time to get the game to perfection.

    • IamTylerDurden1

      It’s 2016 until Guerrilla says otherwise, they’ve had over 4 yrs already, i’m sure it will be perfection in 2016, they did show a pretty long legit gameplay segment at e3. The game is far along.

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