Guy Gets Faulty Day One Xbox One From Microsoft, Replacement Gets Shipped To Wrong Address, Still Gets Charged

One unlucky user not only managed to find himself with a faulty Day One Xbox One, he also gets his replacement shipped to a wrong address and to top it, he still gets charged for it despite being promised that he won’t be charged by Microsoft.

reddit user ISIS_Agent-Duchess shared tale of his faulty Day One Xbox One in a long post on reddit. He seems to have went through a lot of unfortunate events leading to him still being stuck with a faulty Day One Xbox One. Meanwhile, his replacement Xbox One also gets shipped to a wrong address. Despite being on phone with Microsoft support for almost 12 hours and being promised that he won’t be charged for this replacement, he still gets charged on his credit card.

He explains his tale in detail, how he got his Day One edition only to find out that it was a faulty unit.

My UPS guy arrives just as I’m getting home from work, my shiny new console in hand. I run in, set it up in the location where I had set out for it in my room, put the Kinect on the shelf I put on my wall just for it, download the update, and I’m ready to start installing my first game, Forza 5…. clickclicksnap my face goes white. I push the disc in and the disc goes in and reads. I let the game install and fearfully press the eject button. Clicking and snapping and struggling to eject my disc ensues, it peeks out just enough for me to pull it out, I find a small scratch on my disc. Basically, I have to treat my brand new console like its some sort of industrial equipment, forcing the discs and risking damage every time I want to change games.

So he decides to get a replacement but that mistakenly gets shipped to his old address. He decides to ask help from support but it takes a while for him and he is assured that the replacement won’t be charged on his credit card.

I get an email saying my console has shipped! WOOOO! I look up the tracking info…. It’s to my old address. I call in yet again and let MS know what is happening, the rep scripts up another email for XCA and assures me its been thoroughly noted that I will not be billed.

It was only after that his credit card still gets charged for the replacement despite assurance from Microsoft.

Still no call from UPS, no response from Teaira, and my credit card texted me that Redmond charged $542.50 to my account. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

While things might be rather unfortunate for him, he does get a complimentary free game(Dead Rising 3) and hopefully Microsoft will be able to resolve his issue and get him his replacement that he deserves.

What do you think of his story? Have you experienced any similar issues? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Stryker_X20

    Some of the staff of MS that’s handling this could get seriously fired.

  • chaych

    This is a re-occurring theme with X-Boxes. My first Xbox had a disc drive issue, and I had to send it in to Microsoft to get it fixed. It was the biggest pain in the @$$ and I had to pay for the shipping!! Then it broke again less than a year later. I just got rid of the black brick and haven’t looked back. I still have my first PS1, PS2, PS3, and I just bought a PS4. Haven’t had a single issue with any of them. Microsoft sells overpriced crap and just wants to squeeze the wallets of the people dumb enough to buy one of their consoles. The funny thing is that most of the gamers that play X-Box are kids who’s parents buy it just because of name recognition and because it’s “Made in the USA” One use games? Subscription Fees? Always needing to sign in? No sharing games? Sounds like Greedy-ass Microsoft has some soul searching to do this console generation….

  • Guest

    Sorry, but that’s the retarded customer’s fault for not updating his info, not MS’s.

  • barackshobama

    Wow Gamernuke. You’re trying to turn a small incident into a big news story? I’ll never visiting this site again.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Yeah such a small incident he should have totally been cool with being charged for Microsoft’s screw up…Stupid customers expecting to get good service. They should just learn to stroke Microsoft’s shaft and swallow like you and the other pathetic Xbots from the MSDF

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    So a moron who can’t put in his proper information expects MS to be psycic …. guess thats their fault …. they remedied the situation, what else can you ask?

    • bigevilworldwide

      NOPE..But I do see that morons from the MSDF have to dash in to defend the company that they love to let fist them…..Jesus you xbots are seriously the dumbest people on the planet, even worse than the delusional Nintendo cult members……You even love the taste of their jizz so much that you need to rush in to tear apart and make excuses blaming the customer…..LOL Just like your boyfriends at MS, like when they blamed the users for people’s accounts being stolen because MS allowed for unlimited password attempts…Your all pathetic in you desperation to defend MS

      • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

        Yet you respond to every xb1 article bashing it on almost every site … who’s the “pathetic and delusional” one again?

        P.S. why did you say “NOPE” at the start of your giant paragraph? It applies t9 nothing I said … it’s like you mentally were incapable of bringing a proper response together so you just start by saying “NO YOU’RE WRONG” followed by useless, empty words that prove no point.

        • Guest

          Yep, he’s a $0N¥ PauperStation Foul N4Gtard NeoFAG.

    • Keith

      you don’t know that for sure, stop being an asshole to feel better about yourself

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