Hacked Grand Theft Auto V files reveal Zombies, Horses and more

Grand Theft Auto V is out on PC and as expected modders and hackers from all over the world are hard at work to open up the game for mods and find out the secrets Rockstar Games have left behind in the game files. Today some very interesting information was revealed by modders who had their way with the game and managed to hack into the game’s files.

The modders used a program called OpenIV which was used for editing files way back in GTA IV. Since developers tend to mostly use pre-existing engines and assets instead of doing everything from the ground up for every one of their games, it seems Grand Theft Auto V is exploitable with the same program as its predecessor. The program has been updated and is now able to edit Grand Theft Auto V’s textures, AI data and other important files. More screenshots of the files and editor can be viewed here.


What modders also found were files that could be hint at potential upcoming Grand Theft Auto V DLC. Screenshots courtesy of @ZZCOOL

Below we can see Horses, could this be hinting at potential Read Dead Redemption related content?


Zombies! Everyone loves Zombies


Some sort of Mini Games, bowling maybe?


And washing hair? What is this Bathroom DLC?



Well all of this sounds super exciting, what do you think? Would you like Zombies and Horses in future Grand Theft Auto V DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Vox

    Wow, what a dumbass. ‘DLC’ isn’t something that’s already in the game’s files on release. Constantly trying to shoot that word into the maybe 5-6 sentences of your blog actually RELATED to the GTA V’s file systems just makes me want to close this and leave the 0 comments at just that. But who knows, maybe you’ll actually read this instead of deleting it and practically whatever other comments were left before that even slightly tease at the fact you don’t know what you’re doing.

    • Alex_Atkin_UK

      On the contrary, quite often the game WILL contain “pointers” to the DLC if it was planned before the game was finished.

      They would need to be writing the game in a way to be able to accept DLC WELL before they actually starting writing that DLC. It would be much harder to add DLC to a game not designed for it.

      Also, as the latter stages of the game optimisation is likely to happen at the same time as the DLC is starting to be developed, its not unrealistic for some of the DLC files to leak into the final build. Just as the minigame files may be features that were actually removed from the game but not all related content was physically removed.

      • Leigh Hicks

        agreed the code lines would be on the disk so when you DL the DLC it knows were to put it’s self cutting down on problems E.G bugs/crashes

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