Hacker claims PS4 Jailbreak is real, confirms RAM dumping & more

A hacker who goes by the name of CTurt previously broke news of a working PS4 kernel exploit that had the potential to allow homebrew content to run on the console. Today, the hacker has also confirmed that the PS4 is now “officially” jailbroken through his kernel exploit.


According to CTurt, the PS4 jailbreak allows the ability to dump system RAM from other processes. What this means in layman’s terms is that we’re likely to see a custom firmware for the console some time soon, with the ability to run homebrew content.

The hacker’s latest tweets can be seen below.

Based on reports, it appears that the existing hack only works on firmware 1.76, though CTurt claims that it could be made to work on higher firmware versions.

Of course, this could unfortunately also open the gates for piracy. As responsible gamers, we at Gearnuke condemn and discourage such activities. However, it should be noted that a custom firmware can also yield legitimate consumer-friendly gains, such as the ability to play your disc-based PS2 games via emulation instead of being forced to purchase them once again on the PS4.

What’s your take on the arrival of a PS4 jailbreak? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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  • LoverVideogame2 .

    This is great! I only buy Mortal Kombat, DC, and WWE games anyways so yeah can’t wait for the backup loader to copy games from the discs and run isos you download to come out! Piracy rules! LOL But seriously I’m fair I spent 500.00 on my PS3 that came with every game in the world so yeah I spent all the money on every game I’d ever buy so when I get a PS4 I’ll still have my PS3 because it’s also backwards compatible with PS2 And PS1 games. I also heard Lizard Squad has jailbroken the PS4 along with backup launchers and going online without PSPlus so that’ll be awesome! It’s rumored they got it from Rez0r or something I don’t remember. But he had uploaded it and Sony said they would arrest him so he took it down. But now jailbreak laws aren’t enforced anymore so yeah. But Lizard Squad used his jailbreak files to make their own jailbreak + a backup launcher + you being to go online without PSPlus. So it all worked out for the best. Can’t wait!!

  • ipitydafool

    Sony will just issue the ban hammer to these consoles and online IDs. I’m sure it’s easy for them to find out when games are authenticated or not.

  • Kris Crawford

    Tell you what, if it is real, its not that bright to post you did it lol.

  • Kris Crawford

    Doesnt bother me, I wouldnt support or use it though. I only buy the real thing.

  • Anthony

    You say you condemn and discourage such activities yet you report it?

    This does not mean it is jailbroken, so why are you reporting that some nobody on the internet claims he jailbroke the PS4? The only point in jailbraking a console is to cheat or pirate which is illegal and the way games and PSN require the latest firmware update, it makes the jailbrake pointless. Many of these people who claim they jailbroke somthing, are liars who just want attention, so why not wait for facts before spreading missinformation?

    I guess you gotta pay the bills somehow, right? News organisations are some of the most useless and cancerous organisations in the world because they do nothing but write up lazy click bait articles just to make a quick buck. It’s all about the money. These websites are no better than the people or companies they condemn. Gamergate.

    • Dan

      A little bit dramatic perhaps? News organisations report news. That’s what they do. It fascinates me that people with one breath advocate freedom of speech and in the next criticise publications for posting something that they deem to be inappropriate.
      The article is -crystal clear- about the fact that the jailbreak isn’t available to the public. There is no “misinformation” anyway. What on earth are you blabbering about? It doesn’t pretend otherwise and if your impression was different you either didn’t read it or you have wider issues to worry about.
      Why shouldn’t they post the article? It’s interesting news. It has people commenting. If it turns out to be a load of hokum then that isn’t the fault of the article. Gearnuke don’t owe any responsibility towards you. They don’t have to vet their articles for your benefit to make sure that only rumours and possibilities that come to fruition are reported. If they did, they’d go out of business pretty fast because people are interested in reading exactly about rumours and possibilities.
      1. There are far more uses to jailbreaking than just running pirated software
      2. Not that it should matter, because I’m not way condoning piracy, but software updates aren’t really a limitation. The PC ripping scene has been creating hacked updates for years.

  • Cole Cawtuh

    If it is real wish my ps4 wasn’t up to date

  • Shane Barker

    Get a real job you knob – stop hacking the PS4 – people like you annoy me cause you fu$& up the system and cause unnecessary bullshit – if you board go clean you parents car and move out of home

    • DoktorCoktor

      Trust me when I say,this won’t affect you in any form shape or way other than more frequent “performance stability updates”.

    • dathip

      Get over it XD!!! It doesn’t affect you in the slightest.

      • Marcusi23

        i have to disagree with you. this could possibly affect him, you, me everyone in some way. just like the ps3 exploit sony found out the way the exploit worked was the the ability to install ubuntu on to the ps3. So because of that sony had to remove the ability for us to install an operating system on our consoles. So im not saying that his exploit could make sony force to remove one of ps4s features but it is a possibility.

        • I really toucan Sam

          OtherOS made it easier to exploit the system. If OtherOS wasn’t there, Geohot could have just figured out the memory timing for the XDR RAM through the service traces on the Mobo via an oscilloscope and gained access to the system like that. Sony didn’t have to remove OtherOS.

          • Marcusi23

            That’s isnt the point, the point is that he did do it through OtherOS and for that reason sony had to remove it. It Is not what he could have done it’s what he did that force sony to remove.

  • Hassan

    i am so glad its happening.

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