Hacker Group DERP Attacks And Brings Down Live, Service Gets Restored Shortly Afterwards

After attacking many famous services like Steam, PSN and Origins and also targeting game related servers for Battlefield 4 and League of Legends; Hacker group DERP shifted their focus to Xbox Live and decided to take it down.

On twitter, DERP posted a tweet about bringing down Xbox Live and people on various gaming forums are already facing issues with being able to sign in Xbox Live or use its services. Over at reddit, people were also reporting issues in comments. According to this site, there seems to be a surge of reports relating to Xbox Live being down or facing issues.

While DERP might be successful it attacking Live, it didn’t remain down for too long and was restored back quickly.

It seems like they are targeting the login services for famous platforms and now it is Xbox Live’s turn. PSN also faced a similar attack earlier and it seems like even Microsoft’s service isn’t free from any such attack.

Are you facing issues connecting to Xbox Live? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Craiglionheart .

    Don’t these fucking wankers have anything better to do??? Some of us actually work for a living and like to enjoy our down-time, not have it ruined by a bunch of fucking geeks who just want to stop the rest of us from having fun. Grow the fuck up and get out of your parents fucking basement, or kill yourselves (i’m fine with either of those!)

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    This is overkill… 🙁

  • Tommy Low

    Guys guys guys… why argue among ourselves? Both have their pros and cons… if we want to vent out, do it on the hackers who have nothing better to do but to bring down our beloved game servers…

    These bunch of morons are the one that deserve to be flame at instead of us against each other… we are all gamers after all and should unite against the hackers…

    I have played on both and they are equally good… so peace ya? Long live gamers…

  • yep

    Humans in general have always been dumb asses and always will be.

  • QuestNES

    Oh my god look at the comments. I really wonder who started all this fanboy thing. Proably just the Devil again

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      No, the mainstream news media starts the debates.

  • cozomel

    I dont even remember what i wrote to you because thats how insignificant you and this is to me. And apologize? why would i apologize to you when you’re the idiot who spent $500 on a POS, you should apologize to society, you and the lot of xbot morons who think the same, youse are an emabarassment to intelligence. And if you cant understand my writing then maybe yoiu should learn to speak english. Now buzz along and go play more of your crappy X1, instead of sweating me

    • Hates bad writers.

      You mean my PS4, extra, controller, and a game was a waste of $500? Dammit. I wish you would have warned me sooner.

      And may I ask just for laughs sake, what retard on N4G are you? MariaHellFutura? Heavy? Come on, I’m dying to know.

  • dirkradke

    Haven’t had any problems connecting to Live all day. What I do know however is these people are becoming to high profile. At some point all the murders and other physical crimes will take a backseat to so many companies requesting the authorities investigate. Then they will probably wonder why they will spend the next few years behind bars.

  • The Wolf 47

    Enough with the fanboys.
    The internet is not invulnerable and if you think that, you’re delusional.
    It’s time to stop pretending “Oh but Xbox Live is invincible, Sony Sucks” or vice-versa.
    Nobody likes to get hacked, period. We should not be laughing at each other because this situation is no joke.
    It’s clear these guys won’t stop randomly hacking away for no purpose what-so-ever just in an attempt to damage our gaming experience.
    It’s time to put these fanboyism aside and start focus on what’s really important for us, Gaming. And they’re trying to ruin this for us.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      There are too many horrible events happening. 🙁

  • Parafreak44

    Wow most of you are stupid… A Ddos attack aint “hacking” all it is, is people using a controlled bit of software to make the xbox live servers think that millions more people are joining online games or xbox live at the same time, which means others cannot use it…. think of GTA V Online when that went live… to many ppl went online at once meaning that the servers where overloaded…. Thats all they have done.. this aint hacking. gEt a grip people this is an “issue” (lol issue) thats easily resolved.

    • dirkradke

      Actually you’re incorrect. This was/is a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. That means multiple computers are usually infected with a trojan virus running software to send packets of data to the target destination. It is both difficult to trace and pointless to block single IP Addresses because it is coming from multiple INFECTED PCs whose owners probably have no idea they have a trojan virus causing so many problems.

  • marco

    I have had no problems logging in and out and theres multiple accounts on my console

  • Corey

    what a bunch of dumb people. Hackers are retarded. High five. Do something useful….instead of screwing up peoples fun, how about you hacking in a way that HELPS gamers.

    • TiredofThisShat

      Not a HACKER, just some kids with some money to buy a bot to overload the servers with packets of information.

      • Corey

        either way…..dumb.

  • Dennis Crosby

    Wow Xbox live down and back up from a Ddos attack I didn’t even notice lol the guy twitter handle is derptrolling he just troll alot of you because I played from 11:00pm to 5:00 am without a hiccup and why are people calling him a hacker he isn’t hacking anything anybody can do a Ddos attack on a IP address

    • cozomel

      then lets see you do one, and its funny cuz they were saying the same thing when they f-ed with psn, yet i idnt notice a thing either, but i wasnt denying that it happened simply becuase it didnt happen to me

      • 111AlaN111

        No one denies nothing, but all who used Xbox Live know it wasn’t a big deal compared with all PSN shit.

        • cozomel

          What PSN shit? what the shit from years ago? Cant get over that can you? The point is all you dumb as rocks fanboys thought XBL couldnt be f-ed with and it was. Dumbasses! And its funny how to you Xbots the PSN being down for a month is such a big deal yet, the RROD going on for over 3 years is nothing. Hypocrisy much? You people are pathetic!

          • 111AlaN111

            I talked about the PSN shit of years ago, and the shit of nowadays. In christmas, PSN got down, it went down some days after that. PSN isn’t secure, that’s why they give you games, to dont complain. We all should know XBL can be hacked, but much more harder than the PSN



    biggest bullsh*t ive ever read keep trying, it hasnt been down once and never will unless microsoft does them selfs for servicing…. poor sony fans tryn to justify that awful “FREE” service they have to pay for haha, thats down and gets hacked and details robbed everyday bt bt bt we dont care we get old games to rent hahaa idiots

    • cozomel

      Awful service? the shit works 99% of the time, the lag is the same as on xbl, and you get way more for your money from ps plus than you get from xbl and its cheaper. So try again. the only thing pathetci here is you. And your choice in inferior and overpriced products. Xbox one sucks and xbl is overhyped

      • DJ KID BLAST

        psn has had 10 major hacks since ps4 was released and credit card information stolen AGAIN! its been offline more than online and has constant problems! you get way more for your money?! hows that lets see 1′ an awful free service you now have to pay for but they havent changed or made better in anyway its the same free sh*T youve had for 7 years i wouldnt be suprised if its running of free servers haha 2. the invention of ps+ to con people out of money by letting them rent old games that no one bought in the first place to get money from the customer and place DRM in them so if you stop paying the drm kicks in and tells you to pay up again for the game no wanted at release… they now hide online mutliplayer behind that paywall because people where catching on the ps+ the biggest marketing gimmick there is, if only sony could stay out the red and not be in debt they might not pass on their debt to the customers

      • Mathew Chopey

        You need to get your head out of Sony’s and smell the flowers. From my experience i have had a much better time with XBL connectivity wise than PSN. From lagging in games to being unable to connect to PSN (take into account i haven’t played on the PS4 yet). A blind 2 year old could tell you that PSN+ is over 9000* better than XBL gold but i don’t see how that is relevant in this conversation. I can tell that you are maybe 16 or couldn’t make it past grade 10; the shit that protrudes out of your mouth barely makes any sense. When you can talk with the big boys, send me a message.
        @djkidblast:disqus You need to look past your own nose and think about what you say BEFORE you say it: yes XBL has been down, yes it has been hacked, yes peoples information has been stolen. The only difference is it wasn’t on such a large scale as PSN. Their “free” service is easily able to rival XBL for being “free”, and yes if we want to talk about value PSN+ is WAY better than XBL gold. Holy shit the internet has really gone down hill.

        • anthony

          I have a ps3 and a 360 and I gotta say the service is almost identical besides the fact Microsoft takes $60 a year from my bank account

          • anthony

            And I forgot to add at the time of writing this comment I can connect to pan just fine but Xbox live will not connect at all…

        • DJ KID BLAST

          online gaming isnt free no more on ps?! you have to pay thats what im am saying its the same free shit you had that awfull crappy hacked everyday for fun by kids… btw xbl has never been hacked ever!!? they only ever time its had down time other than maintenance was in 2007 for 2 days for server stress thats it! no credit cards stolen all the time no offline all day just the best gaming online service!!

          • Mathew Chopey

            You need to get your head out of your ass and start thinking. You are making everyone who likes xbox seem like a piece of shit. You really need to look it up. It’s called the xbox fifa hack. If your to stupid or lazy to look it up i’ll explain it to you; people were hacking into other peoples XBL live accounts purchasing LARGE amounts of MS points from a credit card than buying certain items (usually shit like fifa 12 card packs) logging out of the account and transferring all items they bought over to their account. No i know this isn’t actually hacking (just a name the public has given the string of events) but it just proves that your information on XBL isn’t as safe as you think. When you can think without your judgement being clouded with fanboyism let me know.

        • Nice try

          The only times I’ve ever experienced lag was when I was connected via wife. I’m directly connected now. And there seems to be no such lag. Also, please do your research, Xbox live has had it shares in hack attacks and believe it or not, it has had more attacks than PSN but nobody ever talks about that. Please get your facts straight, nobody’s information was stolen and if they were, that’s what banks are for, to fix stolen identities. Please try again if you were trying to say that Xbox is better than Playstation.

          • Mathew Chopey

            I don’t need to do any research, i’ve had credit card info stolen i’ve had psn problems, I’ve never had any problems like that beside the odd flux like 1 every 2 years where i get ddosed off. no research needed.

      • 111AlaN111

        Yes, PSN works all time, like when it was unavaiable for a month, and when it was unavaiable for a week, and almost all time

        • 111AlaN111

          Yo’ mamma is called PSN, because she is disabled all time (she cant walk jejeje)

      • 111AlaN111

        Yo’ mamma is called PSN, because she steals you’re credit card after you play with her

      • 111AlaN111

        Yo’ mamma is called PSN, because she never does it with secure methods (like condom)

      • Christopher Carlsen

        Ah, so I guess that would make you a “fantard” then. Go to bed troll, it’s past your beddy-bye time.

  • Robert Gittings

    DERP what does this prove? Nothing! What do DERP get from this? Hate and Fame.. They need to stop hurting thr corporations thus hurting us gamers in the process! Something needs to be done about this.. its getting idiotic. Why arent traces being done and arrests being made?

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    Lol what bs dude, me and 3 other people were on all night last night, til 4am, not a single issue.

    • cozomel

      right so it didnt happen? what the F is happening to people nowadays? they are all become dumb as rocks

      • 111AlaN111

        It happened, but not how you think, so you’re the dumbass

        • cozomel

          No, your the dumbass for being stupid enough to be suckered into being that POS (the X1). SUCKER!

          • 111AlaN111

            It spells you’re, not your, dumbass

  • ace-meza

    fuck them all…XBL IS SHIT

    • You seem to be talking out your ass [again].

    • 111AlaN111

      Only the logging in users were affected for 3 TO 5 MINUTES!!! PSN HACKED FOR 30 DAYS AND HAS MANY ISSUES

  • Hates bad writers.

    Leave it to N4G to turn it into jabs against Microsoft. 420 reports was the maximum? Seems that didn’t take anything down, they just pissed off a few people. My Xbox has been running all day, no lag, haven’t been kicked, and I haven’t lost connection to LIVE once. Derp is bunch of cowards with DDoS tools that anyone can download, right now, for free. They didn’t do shit to LIVE, hell they hardly touched anything else on a mass scale besides EA (they have the worst servers).

    Congratulations derp, you’ve accomplished nothing. Just wait until you piss off a real hacker, they you’ll see what it’s like. Hell if I had the proper information I’d DDoS the tools right now. Hopefully all of these losers get jail time without parole, or early release. They need to realize that shit has consequences, and trying to fuck with people for the sheer purpose of doing so is pathetic.

    • meza9

      U MAD ?! you should be

      • Hates bad writers.

        N4G is a pool of morons that do nothing but lie to others, themselves, and shun those with any attempt at a conversation. They’re hateful, they’re stupid, and worst of all they’re fanboys. You can’t bring logic to the table, it’s an impossibility. So yes, I am mad, it’s sickening that sites like this exist when what they do to entire groups of people (the Xbox, Nintendo, and PC community) is disgusting. If you’re not on the PlayStation 24/7 (like they aren’t, they’re always on N4G boasting about how great it is, never actually playing the games that are so great because they’re on the website all the time spewing shit to random people who just want to talk)

    • cozomel

      another denialist! pathetic is you deny shit

      • Cozomell

        Lol angry much? U can still return ur ps3.5 for a one so don’t cry mate

        • cozomel

          Funny how the tecnically superior PS4 is a 3.5 but the technically inferior X1 isnt. F-ing fanboys, and their retard logic. Im not angry kid, im dumbfounded at your stupidity. Try again, son!

  • meza9

    lol at the xbots “XBL is perfect” bullshit…now open your fu**ing eyes and learne that if hackers want to hack XBL they will hack it..

    • ShowanW

      I’ve been on vacation for about 2weeks now, and haven’t had a single issue with getting on Live and gaming it up. Could this have been a regional thing perhaps?

      And yes anyone can be hacked, that’s true. But it does kinda help that, Microsoft is a software company and see this kinda thing on a regular basis and can deal with it in speedy fashion.

    • BlessTheKid

      PSN 30 days Plus OFFLINE / XBOX LIVE 5 minutes and only a small amount of members were affected. SHUT UP!

      • cozomel

        As usual you stupid xbots miss the point, the point is they can do it. And all you idiots were claiming they (hackers) couldnt. So your stupid bull crap beliefs have just been thrown out the window, XBL can be hacked! anything can. The NSA, FBI and DOD can be hacked but XBL cant!? you fantards are stupid!

        • Fagzomel

          XBL wasn’t hacked though, it was a DDoS buy skids using LOIC, also it only affected people trying to Iogin for 20mins, anyone who was already logged in was unaffected… Weak Sauce!

        • Hdhhshsh

          Honestly just reading these comments is stupid enough, but seeing that you have something to say on everyone’s comment shows your pretty butthurt and your a fucking dweeb who has nothing better to do…queer

        • Mike G.

          Of course it can be hacked.

          Nothing is hack-proof. What idiot actually thought that Xbox Live was unhackable?

        • Christopher Carlsen

          So I’m assuming you are either a fan of Sony or a PC elitist? So wouldn’t that make you a “fantard” for bashing another form of entertainment because you aren’t a fan of it? Or is there just a double standard for asshats like you? Ignorance is bliss I guess.

      • Solid Snake

        lol, you dumb xbots are to stupid to understand anything.

    • Besides the fact that XBL is up and running and PSN was down for DAYS. This wasn’t a hack. This was a DDoS attack. There is a HUGE difference. At least Educate yourself if your gonna talk

      • chrisredfield31

        Educate yourself if you’re gonna talk? Sounds like that’s what you need to do. I haven’t been disconnected from PSN EVEN ONCE so wtf are you talking about for DAYS? That’s a HUGE difference.

        • Really? so during April 11, 2011, who wasn’t disconnected from PSN? Even though everyone else was for weeks? ….

          • KaidaStorm

            I couldn’t get on for days during that time and that event received a large amount of media. I’m surprised the other’s aren’t aware of that.

      • cozomel

        another delusional xtard, PSN was not down for days, just a little while, (and i wasnt effected) and XBL can be hacked, deal with it. I know alot of you fanboys are serious butthurt right now

        • First off, I don’t own an Xbox. Might want to check your facts. Speaking of Facts. I was talking about 2011 when PSN was hacked….. I also never said XBL couldn’t be hacked. Wow. You sure are stretching the truth.

      • Mike G.

        For how many days was PSN down, and which days?

        You’re* not educated.

        • Stop lying. April 11, 2011, PSN was down for almost a month.

          • Mike G.

            Make sure to read EVERYTHING you’re replying to in order to get the full context.

            PSN hasn’t been down, recently, for any extended period of time.

          • I read everything. I wasn’t the one who was confused, you was. I never said PSN was down THIS time. I don’t even think PSN got DDosed and if they did, as I said THATS NOT A HACK. so why would I be talking about THIS time? Fact is, You might wanna think before you go running to play captain Save a hoe. I was refering to the 2011, April 11 situation in which, THEY WE’RE HACKED.

          • KaidaStorm

            I have to agree with Zeph. I think everyone is missing the point of what he said. I read through out the posts, including his responses to other posters. The PSN has been hacked before causing connection issues and for people’s credit card information to be at risk. It was the most well known console hack of the century, opposed to what’s occuring now which is DDos attacks that have targeted xbox, psn, steam, origin, planetside 2, WoW etc.

            I understand that you problem just misunderstood what was being said, but perhaps instead of being negative or offensive, the situation could be discussed instead. That just my POV, take it or leave it.

    • GTzach

      It was slow (not sure about down) for a couple mins…not days lol


      Daily reminder that a DDos is not a Hack, It’s a denial of service.
      The longer a DDos goes the easier it is to block it with an adaptive firewall.