Halo 5: Guardians seems to run at a dynamic resolution

Halo 5: Guardians Will Not Feature Pay-to-Win in Arena Multiplayer

It appears that 343 Industries’ latest entry in the Halo franchise, Halo 5: Guardians, is running at a dynamic resolution, with the graphics load dictating how often and to what extent the game’s resolution would drop from its maximum attainable resolution. This isn’t the first time a game has employed dynamic resolution scaling, though. The technique dates back to Wipeout HD for the PS3.

Ardent followers and internet forum goers were among the first to spot  an inconsistency in the readings depicted at the bottom-right corner of the gameplay footage shown in the Sprint videos. It was initially assumed that the game’s resolution would drop to somewhere near 720p each time the render reading would turn red. This can be seen in the series of readings below.


However, thanks to the pixel counters at Beyond3D, it turns out that the drop in resolution can be significantly worse, dropping as low at 832 x 810 pixels in the most taxing scenarios. Interestingly, the maximum attainable resolution was noted to be 1920×810, which is quite a bit lower than 1080p.

A couple of more screenshots from Halo 5: Guardian’s Warzone multiplayer mode can be seen below.


It’s worth mentioning, though, that Halo 5: Guardians runs at 60fps, and as such would’ve required a serious amount of horsepower in order to maintain a consistent frame rate at 1080p. The decision to opt for a dynamic resolution is likely to prove wise for the benefit of gameplay. We do hope that 343 Industries has at least implemented a capable anti-aliasing solution for the game, which would certainly compliment the dynamic resolution and alleviate the aliasing, particularly during its lower-resolution instances.

Do keep in mind that this is all pre-release footage and several technical aspects are likely to alter as the game approaches its late October release. We’ll keep you posted on any official confirmation regarding Halo 5: Guardian’s native resolution as it is made available. Until then, let us know how important resolution and image quality are to you in the comments below.

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  • 343 really needs to make this game as good looking as possible, it’s Microsoft’s flagship title.

  • Shane

    I’d much rather 1080p and no anti aliasing than 720p with anti aliasing. Also 832 x 810 at launch?! come on, that is BS. The game is clearly work in progress. Lets wait for the final product. Even if Halo 5 does have a dynamic res, it will not go below 720p I bet my life on it. 832 x 810 is disgustingly pathetic.

  • Shane

    60% chance the game will be 1080p at launch (the graphics don’t look too demanding) and 49% chance it will be 900p. 1% chance it will be any lower than 900p. And there is no way in hell they would let the game’s resolution drop below 720p. That would be pathetic…. THIS IS NEXT FUCKING GEN.

    • hydrow

      I think your math may be 110% off

    • Kvally

      not too demanding? LOL…probably the most demanding title we have seen to date on these new consoles.

      • Shane

        Regardless. We can all agree that there is no way this game will have a resolution as low as 832 x 810. That is pathetic! Lets have some faith people.

        • Ari Goldman

          Nobody judges games with a dynamic framerate by the minimum framerate, why would you judge a game with a dynamic resolution by the minimum resolution? makes zero sense.

          Besides this isnt even the final E3 demo build, let alone the final game build and its already running at 60fps and over 900p.

          I can only imagine you are some sad fanboy as this game is obviously shaping up to be a technical marvel.

          • Shane

            Its not my fault I’m a sad fanboy! Blame this article. Make up your mind. Do you agree or disagree with it?

          • Ari Goldman

            With what? Virtually every game in existence will encounter some weird scenario where its fps drops into the single digits for a brief moment. Its not pathetic, just sometimes weird hitching happens. Whether or not its an issue depends on how common an occurrence it is.

            The same thing is true for dynamic resolution scaling. It all depends on how often its running at that resolution. If you play for an hour and it only renders at 832 x 810 for half a second, then thats really a non issue. It would be jarring of course, but no more so than when your fps momentarily tanks during gameplay.

          • Shane

            Don’t bring the hate to me, BRING IT TO THE ARTICLE

      • Shane

        It looks a lot like Halo 4 and the environmental textures are bad

        • Kvally

          LOL no.

        • Kvally

          Ah no.

        • Kvally

          Nope game looks amazing.

  • Gaikai

    I thought this game is running at 1080p since it looks pretty much just like Halo 4, I remember when xbots were praising DX12 and how Halo 5 is going to look amazing and take full advantage of, it I’m glad it’s over and it proved them wrong because DX12 won’t do anything for xbone

    • Kvally

      What is an xbot? do you mean xbox?

      • TJ Blau

        I think “xbot” is a derogatory term for an Xbox user. Similar to “Sony pony”. I think it refers to us being robots.

        • Guest

          It’s Sony pauper now.

    • Cigi

      Well retard shouldn’t you wait for DX12 and win 10 before you have an opinion about dc12 and Xbox one. MS have stated that they knew of Dx12 when they built xbox one. On release it will be dx12 now it is only dx11.

      • Gaikai

        Well retard If you’d stop sucking on your finger being a dumb retard you’d know that all Microsoft first party and some 3rd party studios already have access to DX12 API, Fable legends is already build from the ground up using DX12 and Halo 5 Forza 6 and other exclusive xbox games are probably already using features from DX12, but again I don’t expect a retard like you to know that Lol

        • Cigi

          Well retard you know that DX12 needs to be installed on XBOX One for it to able to utilize the benefits. Read windows 10 so we have to wait until it is implemented. Even if it was developed on dx12 api the draw calls will not work yet if not running on Windows 10. You are such an uninformed pony. Why don’t you just comment on things you know something about. Tool

          • Gaikai

            Well retard Major Nelson himself confirmed that Windows 10 is coming to xbone in a few months before those games even get relased, so your point is invaild and you’re still a retard trying hard to look smart but instead your making yourself look like a retard which you are btw, so go back to your cave and play on your vcr xtard

          • Cigi

            Jesus Crist, you are really not that bright are you.

            Never mind if halo 5 has been developed on DX 12 api it was shown on a dx11 xbox, because win 10 has not been deployed yet. Just have patience my little pony.

    • GoFuckYourself

      Go back to your stable pony.

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