Halo 5: Locke to be primary character, ADS to be the norm and e-Sports focus

We just found out through a leaked 6 second footage that guns in Halo 5: Guardians will be able to aim down sights. Now the very trusted insider shinobi602 has come out with some information that looks to be game changing for the Halo franchise

He suggest that “pretty much” all the guns in the gun will have the ability to ADS. Developers 343 Industries also seem to be going to a very e-Sports centric approach to the game.

Asked around, things can change but, assault rifle got dat ADS too, “pretty much” all the weapons. They’re going for that e-sports scene very hard.


He also suggested that even though Master Chief will be playable in Halo 5, the game’s main character will be Locke:

I think the only way it might work is if they make hip-fire viable as in Destiny. Otherwise…eh..

What made more more sad is that, while MC is still playable, Locke really is the primary character. Goddamnit.

He then concluded:

Lol, please for the last time I never said you play as Chief for 10% of the game, I don’t know how long you play as him. It was just described to me similarly to the ratio you’d find in MGS2 for example.

I won’t stoke anything more, I love Halo like many others here. To re-clarify and just finish what I said, this person told me they want to get into the e-sports scene a lot with H5, or that it’s a big goal. Small style arenas are a focal point. I asked if ADS was on all guns, replied “pretty much”.

I don’t know if it’s purely cosmetic or what, but I asked just now to further clarify if it’s even on things like the plasma rifle/pistol, etc. Said that ADS (again don’t know if it’s just cosmetic or something) was a big focus in development, now says it may just be limited to a few weapons, but that it’d be a strange thing to focus heavily on if it’s limited. Assault rifle does have it though. He also reiterated that all the negative reaction might change things, Microsoft’s playing it very safe and there’s still ‘plenty of time’.

Anyway, I don’t like being vague so I hope that helps a little? Probably would have been better to wait until seeing it in action before saying anything.

Still this is just a rumour for now, so don’t get too angry. What do you think of the changes? Will 343 Industries be able to pull it off? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Didn’t they make you play as the Arbiter in H2? I see no difference here, if it expands the story greatly…

  • corvusmd

    Didn’t 343i come out and publicly say that MC is still the main character in Halo 5 (after the actor that plays Locke said he was…they made a statement). Today one of the devs also said about the ADS that there is not penalty for not using it, and you don’t loose any movement speed if you do…so it’s basically just a preference thing. Watching that leak has me SOOOO Hyped….it looks great even in crappy quality.


    Daniel, a real journalist and website found there is no ADS as you speak of but a BR with zoom if you ve watched all footages its rite there…

    The MP Beta in Dec which is a yr b4 release are for Feedback to help 343 shape it to how the Halo community wants it its why there is aBeta 1YEAR b4 release 343 has said this many upon many of times..So plz follow them on twitter @danayoub.. frank o’conner @franklez.. bonnie ross @plutonforever…

    FYI… bonnie , frank and dan are not insiders so not sure how reliabe there sources are LoL

  • Nauseous

    Halo always provided a unique experience. What is the 1 thing that differentiates Halo from 99% of modern day FPS games? Its mechanics. The gunplay never had ADS and was based on steady aim and consistency for the majority of the weapons. Adding ADS has nothing to do with ESports. One of the best competitive communities is Counter-Strike and it doesn’t have ADS. Classic FPS games like Quake, Unreal Tournament, Half-Life, etc had some of the strongest communities for competitive play. And these lasted for years, not 6 months until the new version is released (COD). I don’t believe 343 would be so stupid to alter the core gunplay to include a heavy dose of ADS. Moving forward and evolving does not mean emulating the features of every FPS released in modern times. If you want a game with those mechanics then go play any of the 100 shooters released this past year and into next. Do we really need to play the same core shooter no matter what the name of the game is? If you want to kill Halo then make sure to revolve the gunplay around ADS. Halo always provided a unique experience. if 343 eliminates what differentiated Halo from other shooters, then everyone start digging our graves. We will have no reason to game anymore.

    • Failz

      ADS is a standard across all FPS games. You honestly cant do without it unless you make the game incredibly arcadish. I played Halo 4 and ADS wasn’t the reason it dropped its focus. There were many things Halo 4 took from COD.
      The games you listed are old, very old. Modern days this is standard and honestly why wouldn’t you want to aim down the sites of a gun just like you would in real life.
      Its just like a platformer. The old platformers you could only jump. Modern day platformers include a run button now standard. ADS is a modern day standard for FPS.
      I am happy for ADS and Sprint, I would rather them drop other COD based features that plagued Halo 4.

      • Nauseous

        Not every FPS game has to play the same way. Adding a bunch of mechanics that are in the majority of modern FPS games isn’t moving forward or adapting. Its eliminating what actually made Halo unique. I didn’t know that we as gamers need to play the exact same clone of a game based on the mechanics with the only variant and difference being art design. Halo’s mechanics truly differentiated itself from the majority of shooters being released. It is a welcome change-up from the rest of the genre today, even if it isn’t someone’s cup of a tea. It provides a unique experience, something really important. Another thing, what does aiming down the sights in real life have to do with Halo? Is Halo a military simulation game meant to train you for the battle field? Like I said, if you want to play a game with the same mechanics as COD then go play any of the 100 shooters released this past year and into next. Every one of those games plays basically identically. There is a reason why the majority of FPS games released today only have a life-cycle of a few months before people are waiting for the next one. They are tiring. And we get genre fatigue. No one wants to play the exact same game with a different name/title with the only differing aspect of the game being the art work.

  • Guest

    It all depends I guess. IF it fits well, then I have no objection, but they better add classic modes for people that dislike these changes. That’s all we’re asking for as fans. Thank God for betas so that we can give proper feedback before the final product ships. As long as there are no loadouts I could be fine with this as long as it fits, I’ll leave judgement until I’ve played it and not jump to conclusions prematurely.

  • EZMickey

    Not crazy about the addition of ADS. I’m not against giving 343 the benefit of the doubt, but after Halo 4’s weapon changes, they seem to be veering strongly from the sci fi toward just another military shooter.