Halo 6 Will Be Released On Xbox One/Win10; Xbox One Slim Out This Year – Report

Halo has been known to be a Xbox exclusive franchise that has never made its way to PC recently. While Microsoft released the original two Halo games for the PC, they never made any of the later games available for it. Halo 3 to Halo 5 are only playable on the Xbox One although this appears to have changed with the release of the upcoming Halo, which will be released for both Windows 10 and Xbox One.

This rumor was shared by Kotaku through their sources, who also confirmed a Slim Xbox One to be released this year along with the launch of a powerful Xbox One model codenamed Scorpio in Fall 2017. This new and improved Xbox One hardware will feature 4x the hardware power compared to the original. No details regarding its potential hardware have been revealed yet except that it will be both, forward and backward compatible with any Xbox One hardware.


Microsoft is expected to announce both of these new hardware at their E3 conference. The Xbox One Slim will be the smallest Xbox hardware yet and will be released this Fall. It is the same hardware so don’t expect any improvement here aside from the small form factor compared to the original Xbox One.

  • Sam Mills

    After the disappointing campaign of Halo 5, I’m skeptical about Halo 6. I’m sure it will be a truly capable and welcome addition to the series, but the grand enthusiasm I had for Halo 5 kind of alienated me. I will always be a huge fan of the series, but I’ve had to re-adjust my standards. If Locke ends up dominating the game yet again, I have a feeling most long time fans are going to bail.

    • shane

      I think Master Chief should get his game back for Halo 6 and with Locke 343i should branch off with his own style of a Halo game.