Halo Reach Gets New Update For Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, Reportedly Fixes Issues

Halo Reach was recently made available for the Xbox One using backwards compatibility, however it has faced several issues with its emulation on Xbox One including issues with frame rate and graphics. This has prompted Microsoft to pay special attention to the emulation of the game on the Xbox One and they have recently released a brand new update that reportedly manages to fix or reduce some of the issues that plagued the launch of the game.

This new update is around 732 MB in size, which seems huge for an Xbox 360 game emulated on the Xbox One. While there are no patch notes available for this new update, some reddit users have noticed improvements in the game’s performance and visuals, including better anti-aliasing and improved frame rate.


Halo Reach is the last Halo game that was made available for the Xbox One after the release of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. After the release of Halo Reach, all of the Halo games are now playable on the Xbox One, making it the ultimate console for all the Halo fans.

Microsoft launched the backwards compatibility for Xbox One last year in November. The initial launch included around 100 games and more were added in the subsequent month. Microsoft is planning to add new games each month for the Xbox 360 BC on the Xbox One. The best part is that you don’t need to buy these games again in order to play them.

If you have updated to this new update for Halo Reach and noticed any improvements, please let us know in the comments below.

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  • Qariv Ah’ktir

    Even the last patch didn’t give me anything better. WHY IS IT STILL SO BAD?


    I wish they would just get Reach added into the MCC and give it the 60fps treatment that ODST and HALO 3 got. They look and run amazing on the MCC. 60fps really does make a difference. 30fps for a shooter is just plain stupid.

  • Mike C

    They didn’t fix anything. The game runs horribly. Which isn’t surprising when you look at how the MCC went.

  • Bino Aldridge

    Now if they could just make an easy way to port over all of our old 360 Reach File Share content to the One…then we might be having a real conversation.

    • macesboy .

      If you mean your progress on 360, then yeah you can. You just upload it to the cloud and it should be on your One. Google it if you have anymore trouble.

      • Bino Aldridge

        I heard about this, long before Reach became backwards compatible, so I did just that…like 2 months ago.
        I uploaded all of my maps and game types from Reach to “Cloud Storage” through the 360.

        Now that Reach is backwards compatible, the only files I can access were the ones in my Halo reach File Share.

        Maybe I did something wrong?

  • Andy Reilly

    i can`t see the update and my xbox last updated 4 days ago…..anyone?

    • Alejandro Herrero

      me too 🙁 do you see the updated at last?

    • alex

      Nor can update

  • Aaron Fritsch

    You can actually play co-op now.

  • Stephen Mullin

    It runs fine on my XB1.

  • terry matthews

    Nowhere near as good as playing it on an actual xbox 360 this was the one backward compatible game I was looking forward to gutted I won’t be playing until it runs properly if it ever does.

  • John6301

    Well, the fps is still horrible