Here’s How Ads Appear On PlayStation 4’s Activity Feed

Finally the embargo has been lifted from the PlayStation 4 hardware, its UI and the games. We have seen a lot of UI videos and walkthroughs of the UI along with a lot of pictures. It appears PlayStation 4 will integrate ads into the activity feed of the user. Jeff Gertsmann, co-founder of Giant Bomb, shows us an off-screen image of the activity feed showing an ad.

The ads don’t appear to be separate and look like they are seamlessly integrated into the feed and hence not that distracting, right? It will be a good way for Sony to advertise the latest offers it has to offer, and since it is an ad space, we might see third-party ads about accessories or games. Might.

What do you think about this ad integration with the activity feed? Let us know in the comments below.

  • HA HA!

  • Ben A


  • Hmm, is it an Ad or a PlayStation store discount promotion? This doesn’t seem any different than the What’s New section on my PS3

  • JewGotMe

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