Here’s How You Can Deflect Bullets In Bloodborne Using Your Main Weapon

Bloodborne is a brand new action RPG from From Software, which has developed the game in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

Bloodborne is more of a spiritual success to the Souls series, and since the Souls series focused heavily on a strong defense along with offense, Bloodborne takes it to an entirely different direction with focus on action over defense.

You might not know about this but in Bloodborne, you can actually deflect bullets fired by enemies by using your main weapon. To do so, you need to time your L1 transformation right, and make sure to press the button when the bullet is fired. The timing is, of course, tricky here but once you master it, this is a rather cool ability to use during combat. You can check it out in action below.

Bloodborne is out now exclusively on the PlayStation 4. If the digital ratings of the game are any indication, it has already exceeded the sales of The Order 1886 on the PlayStation 4.

If you are stuck in Bloodborne, you can check out our detailed guides on the World Map, Farming Spots for Blood Vials and Blood Echoes, Beasthood stat explanation and co-op mode.

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  • jacksjus

    Does this work for any bullet type? Some enemies have shotguns and turrets.

    • Probably just for the standard handguns.

      • jacksjus

        Cool. Well the only value I see in this is if it can deflect back onto the enemy. Other than that they come slow enough to dodge in most situations.

  • Agent HUNK

    L1 is not attack? Thats to change weapon

    • zeroskie

      I’m also confused. Maybe its a typo?

      • L337COD4 .

        Or more likely, just a guy looking to make a news article about a gif he doesn’t fully understand for clickbait.

    • Apparently the person who managed this feat used L1 to transform his weapon. It is not R1.

    • cheese puffs

      you can also attack with L1 after dodges

      …or continuously tap L1 right after tapping R1.

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