Here’s Your First Look At Bloodborne Gameplay [Update]

Bloodborne was shown at a Livecast held by PlayStation Blog. Sadly, it was just a tiny bit of footage, and barely showed anything. Still, it looked pretty impressive graphically, and does give us hope for a good looking game from From Software, the creators of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls.

You can check out the tiny snippet of gameplay in the GIF below. (Thanks NeoGAF)

There are also some offscreen shots of the game, showing a different location this time around. Check them out below.

Bloodborne has been confirmed to be running at 1080p and 30 fps. It is announced for a spring 2015 release, and is coming exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Update: Check out the whole footage in the WebM below. (credit)

What do you have to say for this tiny snippet of footage? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Jeff Pee

    gahh damn! right to the Achilles Tendon!!! It’s rough, but I can see the potential.

  • Misanthropik

    Demon’s Souls 2 when?

    • shona


  • starscream1180

    looks awesome …

  • XanderZane

    What’s with all the fog in ever PS4 game? Fog in KZ:SF, fog in The Order 1886 and now Bloodborne. This game looks really early. It’s 1080p, but only running at 30fps. What’s up with that? Game still needs a lot of work. Release date is slared for 3/31/2015.

    • Edwin Norvil

      All 3 games are being made by diffrenet teams, Sony doesn’t even own From Software or Ready At Dawn..

      All 3 are done on earth like planets with earth like attributes, thus fog probably exist. Its like saying “whats with all the grass in Nintendo games, pikmin had grass, Mario, now the new Zelda trailer shows in on a horse in what? GRASS!”

      TPS don’t normally run at 60fps. No reason for this game to run at 60fps, its not a fighting game or FPS or racer, it doesn’t need any of the extra frames. Nothing is odd about the choice.

      • shona

        Demon and Dark was by Hidetaka Miyazak. Dark 2 wasn’t Bloodborne yes.

  • Garv


    Why fromsoft why ? ;_;

    • Edwin Norvil

      TPS rarely if every target such a high frame. remember you are looking at this character directly from the back.

      it would actually be odd if it was 60fps due to TPS don’t really use that frame.

  • Bizio

    it’s Alpha stage. It will be amazing !

  • Dan Peters

    I do hope that this character is their “Faram Knight” style mascot and that differing classes and weapons are available. Half the appeal of the Souls games is the freedom of customisation

  • Noy Briga

    For a game that runs on a PS4 – and feature such narrow corridors and alleyways: there is no reason in hell for it to be a lousy 30fps 1080p.
    PS4 can chew this game for breakfast Considering it will run The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain, and The Division @60fps average.
    There is just no excuse – Bloodborne is a game on a lesser scale. Should be smooth 100% of the time.
    From Software – needs to employ some better game programmers: a non open world game like this, with less no living eco system like this: should never go below 60fps on a freaking PS4.

    • chrisredfield31

      what the hell, I don’t even…..The game is in alpha stage. All games have framerate problems in their alpha stage. It’s not optimized yet. Bloodborne is NOT a game on a lesser scale. It’s an open world game. It’s going to be very demanding. The draw distance is absolutely bonkers.

    • Guest

      PS4 is low-mid end PC hardware. Don’t kid yourself.

      • Stashty

        it may be mid tier hardware, but the games are optimized for that specific hardware. which means that it can do a whole hell of a lot more for the ps4 than it ever could on pc. Don’t speak unless you know what you’re talking about good sir.

      • Edwin Norvil

        How are those PC exclusives going? They…..they next gen yet? My Japanese supercomputer beats yours, who cares that no one develops on it because only 6 people own it in the world it BEATS 542 PS4’s duck tapped together.

        Ah yes….time to play time to play minesweeper in 4K! Or Crysis…the most graphically impressive game I own………….

        • datdude

          “Duck tapped”….another mental giant walks among us. Certainly what he says must have merit, for his command of the English language is astounding.

    • Edwin Norvil

      ??? The Witcher 3 runs at 30fps, Watchdogs ran at 30fps, Ryse ran at 30fps, Dead Rising 3 ran at 30fps,

      Just because a system can do 1080p 60FPS doesn’t mean EVERY GAME WILL BE THAT! FPS and resolution is dependent on the game ie the system doesn’t just do “1080p, 60fps” a game engine must be able to do that with a good level of detail and it has to actually FIT THE GAME! Notice the games I listed are TPS, not FPS, not racing games, not fighting games…….TPS. InFamous Second Son ran at 30fps. They are choosing the frame based on the vantage point of the game and why would they need sense of speed in a TPV game?

      Thats nice that MGSV is at 60fps, but Kojima has his reason, thats not the norm for TPS development. Consider that its not a normal thing to be at such a high frame based on the game.

  • Leo Garcia

    dark souls creators nuff said

    stop been jelly xbxo fangirls

    yo uwont have this game end of story go cry elsewhere


      I think Dark Souls looks and plays like ass. Don’t act like it sold COD numbers that people are going crazy.

  • Joshua ImaTerrorist Wenman

    Seems like it will be single player with only one character able to be chosen :/ I hope it’s not a “Main Character” game.

  • David


    • Muadiib

      Caps off please thanks.

      Pro’s in the Souls series rarely use lock on, just saying.

      • Kenshi Ryden

        Good comment, but it’s “pros” not “pro’s” 😛

        “Pro’s” either means “pro is” or it means “belongs to a pro”.

        Just a straight “s” on the end means plural. He’s a “pro”, they are “pros”.

        • Muadiib

          Ah OK fair enough.

  • fdhzhfdz

    looks nothing like a souls game.. a hack and slash gothic themed game sharing the same free engine the souls game are made on with shared resources upsized… it went from a must have secret project to a game we will play later.. give it 2 years and itll probably be on PC anyways.. at 60fps

    • datdude

      Butthurt alert!! Butthurt alert!! LOLOLOL!! If this were coming to the pc, this fool would be drooling over it. Sad.

      • opgamer

        PC gaming is an expensive money pit of upgrading sh*t, with pirates and hackers that ruin all the multiplayer fun.

        Sad fat PC cellar dwelling nerds spend $1000’s (with overtime money from McDonalds) on their PC to play PC exclusives like Goat Simulator at 1080p/60fps. LOL.

    • demonsouls13

      It looks much better than pc:s darksouls2 and it will never come to pc:) PS4 only game CRY pc fanboy:)

      • rogermorse

        Such stupid comments every time I come on IGN and this really deserves a reply. Every pc gamer has a console (at least one) to play exactly the exclusives that are worth it. PLUS, whoever doesn’t, can get a used one with like 300 dollars (less than 300 eur) and will be able to play this game in 2 minutes (with the wonderful console experience of course, eg long-beard loading times, crappy framerate and resolution and so on). The opposite never exists: a console gamer will very rarely be able to say ok i’m going to build this pc and BAMM he plays a super modded GTA 5…, this is not likely. So, basically a PC CRY BUTTHURT can never exist. If a game is worth it, a pc gamer can always play it on console. If there is a little chance it will come to pc (like GTA 5), better wait. I tried GTA 5 on x360/ps3 and decided to wait for whatever PC version could come out, and in fact it will (hopely without too many bugs).

      • Jake Diaz

        people with pcs can afford a ps4, dumbass. hahaha

        • chrisredfield31

          doesn’t make them any more smarter does it?

    • clasifi1 .

      I think it’s supposed to be a first party exclusive….

    • Antonio Wright

      Sony owns the IP, so it won’t come to PC.

      • Raf1k1

        True but they can always create something similar with a different name like they did with Dark Souls.

        • Edwin Norvil

          With Sony publishing.,……why?

    • Darren Russell

      You have clearly never played a Souls game because this looks very much like one. And this will never come out on PC just like Demon’s Souls never did, sorry.

    • chrisredfield31

      there goes the PC Monkey Race begging for ports and thinking they’ll get all the games. This is SCE published, it will NEVER be on PC. Keep dreaming jerk.

    • Edwin Norvil

      Love PC gaming, but buddy your just too damn dumb to fully understand why you need BOTH! Whats coming out on PC right now again?

      Oh RIGHT Star Citizen, badass game too. What else? THATS my issue. I love it to death, I really do….but I’m a gamer first and I go where the games are. I own 5 PS4 games already and by the years end it will be like 11, MORE then half of which you can’t get on PC.

      I’ll upgrade later, no reason to upgrade no merely because CONSOLES are the base of ALL DEVELOPMENT in terms of multiplatform development. Meaning, that consoles will decide how that PC version will fair and as of right now, sorry but 1080p, 65fps isn’t enough to make me upgrade a damn PC. Its PS4 for me until the hardware is cheaper and the curve hit PS4 and I want 1080p 60fps again. Until then its consoles.

      When I’m playing a game in 1080p, 30fps/60fps on a console…..sorry but it makes zero sense to upgrade to a PC to get “better” HOW MUCH BETTER is worth a damn grand? LMFAO! Well wait and spend 1K on a BETTER rig 2 years from now.

  • slickmcgriff

    these snippets don’t do it justice. it’s still early in dev so the frame rate is pretty bad but the AI seemed better than DS2. Enemies jumped out from corners and the boss looked tough. They also said that they were gonna make parts harder. I saw the whole thing live.

  • Linh Nguyën

    Game looks amazing, but AI looks dumb.

    • Maya

      Could it be that it’s in Alpha stage? lol this is why they didn’t show any gameplay at the presser. Gamers are finicky.

      • Noy Briga

        thumbs down for the lousy 30fps on a freaking powerful PS4. The Witcher 3, The Division and Metal Gear Solid 5 can run on 60fps.. why can’t this small scale game?

        • Kane Brough

          Because it’s not done yet.

        • Linh Nguyën

          The Order also runs at 30fps. Maybe they made a decision to keep it at 30fps for um… cinematic look.

        • Edwin Norvil

          I think cause its a TPS. Not ever game needs to be 60fps. Racing games, fighting games, FPS yes…I can see 60fps, but TPS don’t really look right at 60fps. I’ve played Dead Space on PC at that frame and put up the settings to ultra to bring the frames down and it felt much more controllable and looked less strange going at such a high frame.

          I’m very much ok with the frame set based on the type of game it is.

      • Linh Nguyën

        I know that. I’m just saying it out loud 🙂

        • dave

          Looks f*cking awesome.

          • Linh Nguyën

            Not the AI ;P

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