Here’s How The PlayStation 4 Replacement Box From Sony Looks Like

PlayStation 4 saw the biggest launch in the history of PlayStation and consoles itself. PlayStation 4 sold more than one million units, yes sold to customers and not ‘shipped’ to retailers, in just 24hrs after its launch. However many of the users have been facing hardware issues with the PlayStation 4. Some of these cases have been isolated issues while others have been faced by many including PlayStation 4 being as loud as a jet. Sony is aware of these issues and have given out that only 0.4 percent are facing said issues.

Sony support, after determining that the PlayStation 4 is needed to be sent back to Sony, promised customers that they will sending customers a ship box or a ‘return box’ or ‘replacement box’ so that the customers can ship their console free of charge to Sony for the replacement. The box comes with a set of instructions to follow when shipping the console. You can have a look at how the box looks like along with the instructions below (images courtesy of therealrondo):

3 - XiCY5Nv1 - gqFW10Anew1new2new3Also the it was stated the replacement time can take up to 10-14 business days. You can also get your PlayStation 4 replaced by going to any Sony store. Apparently one guy who requested a return box, went to his local Sony store and got the PlayStation 4 exchanged from there.

Have you received your PlayStation 4 yet? Is it facing any hardware issues? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    yeah sony knows they are ripping people off

  • Nathan

    My PS4 has been fine thankfully… and it came from Amazon. There was almost a foot of bubble wrap in between the top of the shipping box and the PS4 box itself, but the PS4 box was sitting in the bottom of the box with no additional bubble wrap on that side, which was kind of odd.

  • Steve

    Ive been on the phone with sony four times this week! Every time I talk to them its the same story: “We’re overnighting you a return box, you’ll receive it tomorrow.” But I when I call FedEx the next night I find out that they never sent it. I’m getting tired of the crap and of my extremely expensive paperweight

    • Thomas

      I’ve been waiting about 7 days now for my return box. I called Sony they told me they sent it the day they issued the authorization for my return. If I don’t get it by Saturday I’m heading to the Sony Store! and I want some type of compensation for driving all that distance!!

  • TVippy

    Cerny really is a failure. Horrible game, terrible console…

  • TVippy

    It makes you think a lot. Why would they use such a great packaging for a fucking coffin and not retail boxes??? (retail packaging is PURE nonsense – just a thin cardboard).
    Fucking idiots.

  • Truth

    Another $0N¥ apologist damage control article. It’s a broken PoS. Dealwithit.

  • ChristianTheAtheist

    At least they get to keep the controller, I bet they ship you another one when they send your new system. Receiving a BLOD PS4 doesn’t sound too bad after all.

  • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

    10 TO 14 DAYS I DONT FUCKING THINK SO.WHY SO I CAN GET IT BACK BROKEN YET AGAIN..nope i will wiat to buy a ps4.

  • Those are pretty great instructions. Looks like Sony was even well prepared for this too. It’s a shame Amazon didn’t put nearly as much care into its packaging.

    • TVippy


    • Shu

      Ps4 enters the coffin 😀

      • You are flat out wrong

        Xbone games enter the blender. 🙂


  • Cooper

    I’ve been having minor problems with my PS4.
    I was very pleased to have it working at first, and have no ‘out-of-box’ warning lights.
    But now, BF4 can’t run – at all. It just crashes and currupts my saves everytime I even get into the main menu.

    Also, Killzone has a very difficult time running. It makes my PS4 make loud sounds, and the gameplay chugs as if it’s freezing ever couple seconds.
    I’ve stopped playing on it for now. I have ACIV, but I’m afraid I’ll encounter similar issues with it before too long.

    • EA has identified the BF4 problem with Sony’s 1.50 FW. Most people who upgraded directly on the PlayStation 4 are the ones having the most problems including loud noises and all. I know a few people who upgraded using the USB method and have yet to face any type of issue except the BF4 one which is kind of linked with PSN…

      If you want to, you can perform a complete wipe/format of your HDD and install the FW using the USB in safe boot and try to see if things have gotten better. Else its just wait and see.

      • Cooper

        I too updated the FW via USB

      • Tainted Meat

        How are you a mod? You get your info from the rumor mill. EA is a lie and have taken down the statement that it is a Sony issue. It’s all EA, that’s why they are the worst company in the U.S. for two years in a row. I updated my PS4 via wifi and I haven’t had the first issue. How about knowing what you’re talking about before opening that pie hole of yours. You should be fired as a mod because you suck at it.

    • Surging

      Try a system initialization, reinstall the firmware via USB and try again

    • HELP4YOU

      you probably turned off your console during the point it was saving,i did this twice on bf3 on xbox 360 and would crash at the menu.delete your savegame and i bet it will be fine.

    • TVippy

      You call it “minor”? Your is probably overheating (bad paste or/and the contact of the chip – radiator)
      You would need to send it back.

  • spideynut71

    Wait…all the Sony fanboys were screaming “FAKE!” at the numerous reports of faulty PS4s, so why would anyone need a return/replacement box from Sony? Hmmm….

    • Robert Gittings

      I hate these stupid digs at Sony or Microsoft… considering the fact that millions of PS4’s have been made in the last 3-6 months not every single console will be flawless.. There are bound to be a few broken ones at launch just depends on your luck.. Xbox One will face the exact same issues. Hardware can break even before opened, that’s why we get something we like to call a warranty, JACK ASS!

      • spideynut71

        Like I said, there are actually a lot of insecure Sony fanboys who’ve been insisting that there are ZERO problems with the PS4, and that ALL failure claims are “fake”. Try reading next time, “JACKASS”. 🙂

        • Jason Mounce

          Coming from forgetful Xbox fanboys, people like you are a riot.

          It’s like every single Xbox fanboy has forgotten all about the 40% failure rate of the 360. The worst platform failure rate in gaming History.

          But since the so far 0.4% to 1% out of essentially 1-2 Million consoles have a faulty rate, the desperate little Xbox fans have popped out of their caves in an attempt to cause havoc. It’s like a narration that’d be told to a B-rated Hollywood movie.

          • Reality check

            That 0.4 number was from Sony before they launched a million PS4’s in fact it’s to early to tell how bad it is. I do find it funny how so many Sony fanboys are downplaying it thought if it was MS the internet would have exploded.

          • Jason Mounce

            I’d not say that they’re downplaying it. Though I’d say PS fans are clearly skeptical about videos that surfaced that are sensationalizing the most minimal of problems for hits because where we have many many articles about how good PS4 is and pro/positive anything. Then you get those articles which slam it with a ‘haters gonna hate for hits’ emphasis with generally the most redundant or idiotic reasons put on it.

            Many of which, the 0.4% or 1% was given FROM the million launch as far as I remember. so it then is saying that of the 1 million sold. Only a reported 10,000 are having issues. ONLY TEN THOUSAND OF ONE MILLION! That’s not a bloody high number. However, all we’re seeing is ‘BLUE LIGHT OF DEATH!’ RED LIGHT OF DEATH! WOBBLY PS4?!/11! END OF THE WORRRRLD!

            So, I’d think it….well, realistic that PS fans are sorta tired of the sensationalism and glamorization of the ‘negative press’ over something that, honestly? Is expected and is quite fine. Many consoles of which that showed issues in heating were also originally debug models, devkit models or Taco Bell ones. Scepticism being allowed due to the consumer/users not knowing what exactly they were doing to the PS4 before recording a video showing it ‘overheat’. Shoddy videos of people wanting to get youtube hits for ‘Vested-Interest’ types of news reports are just what feed the trolls or fans of either fanbase. With Xbox’s fanbase/fanboys eating it up and using it to fuel fires in which it then explodes the PS fanbase to argue the lack of logic or reasoning behind the retardation and such.

            The only real issues currently are whether or not the factory rumored to have sabotaged some/many PS4 units that were the early ones sent out are true and also to wait for Sony’s response on the Blue light of pulsing death issue, it could simply be a situational factor of the firmware(1.50v) being Crap. The final issue being faulty HDMI ouputs. Everything else? Is being blow out of proportion rather than it is being ‘downplayed’ imho. Because 1,000,000:10,000 being faulty so far? No, that’s not bad at all.

  • PachterStation

    Got a feeling this is going to be on quite a large scale within the first 12 months. I can see the same problems with the Euro release. The Japanese release, things will have been ironed out by then. I know in the UK, any faults within the first 28 days, you can have a replacement or have it repaired. Or it might be within 90 days.