Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Turn Off Your DualShock 4 When Not In Use

The DualShock 4 unfortunately has a much shorter battery life compared to the DualShock 3 controller. Another issue with the controller is the lightbar, which can cause issues when it is being reflected on the TV screen.

So what happens when you are not using the controller i.e when downloading some huge game or update, and just want to easily disconnect it? Thanks to this reddit user, we learn that we can just hold the PS button for around 10 seconds and….. that’s it. The controller will disconnect automatically. This method works on the PS3 so you can also try it there.


I have been gaming on the PS3 and PS4 for a long while now and I never even knew about this feature. I do know that we can turn off the controller by keeping the PS button pressed and then selecting “Turn off device/controller” from the menu, but I never expected to turn off the controller this way.

So what do you think about this neat little discovery? Have you ever used this one? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Bruce Wayne

    It would be nice if it was like Xbox where you just hold the X button down for twos seconds and select “turn controller off”.

  • Robert badioglu

    If you have netflix on and something playing. You can pause the video and then press and hold the ps button for 10 sec as GearNuke said. What happens then is the controller turns off but the video begins to play! So it doesn’t have to stay on this way while watching Netflix. Hope this helps someone.

  • My1

    well I am faster with the options menu, but it’s a nice thing that it also works while connected to PC, since turning off bluetooth isnt that fast in WIndows…

  • Jameson Pichette

    Hi I am wondering how to turn of the center pad (button) on the ps4?

  • Hoof Hearted

    I’m trying to use the ‘Playstation Now’ app on my tv and while attempting to get the tv and the dualshock 4 controller ‘paired’ the msg says cant do it, make sure the controller is turned ON. I just have the controller no PS4. The front panel flashes when I push the PS button in the middle, so I am presuming it’s on. Do I need to know something else to do to turn it on?

  • Rick Lisak

    Section 8. Is it just in your DNA to be a total DICK. Get off your fucking high horse and get out of your parents basement. Don’t take out your losses in life out on other people that are trying to share information. Fucking moron!

  • Doyouevenlift Fggt?

    Most of you on here are fggts

  • Guest

    nice i hated going to devices during netflix

  • Dale

    You sir have saved me from wasting battery life while watching stuff on Netflix.

  • born_naughty

    I’ve been gaming on the ps3 from the beginning, it’s now what 7-8 years ago? I never knew this!

  • Josh

    Knew this from the PS3 days and tried it on the PS4. It worked so I’ve been using it since day 1. I didnt realize no one really knew this until I told my friend and he was all happy about it haha

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    The DS4 really is a very good looking controller.

  • Greg Smith

    This is a better solution on the PS4 than it is for PS3. You have to jump through hoops to turn it off on PS4. And if you’re on Netflix you have to wait the 10 min for the controller to turn itself off or else Netflix will stay paused.

  • getStacks11

    i seen this with in a hour of owning ps4…… what a loser… good thing i have adblock too cuz i know this loser prob has a million ads to make cents off all you guys

    • If you have adblock then I don’t understand why you are complaining? We are not forcing you to turn adblock off. Calling someone a “loser” is immature and doesn’t suit you, just saying.

    • Youreamug

      You are the loser u mug. Grow up, get a job and stop scrounging off mummy and daddy. I guarentee the writer of this article is living a much more sucessful life than you.

      • guest11

        How can you try to correct someone with a runon sentence? You missed some periods in there. Good job, dipshit!

  • andy

    Oh dear, sorry mate but this the VERY first thing I found out on my own the first hour I started my PS3 over 7 years ago. Did you know that you can change the visualisation on the PS3 music yourself by tapping the right analogue stick left or right? Did you know that ALL PS3 consoles, regardless of model no. or revision, can play PS1 discs from that consoles region? Did you know that you can use the SIXAXIS motion controls to manipulate the “sparkles” on the default PS3 menu since the 3.00 FW update released in Sep 2009?

    • Greg Smith

      Good for you. You know stuff. Now you can go back to watching sesame street and let the rest of us find this out. So if you knew this already why even bother to come in here and post?

      • To be fair, he did share a number of nifty stuff (e.g. PS3’s ability to play PS1 discs, changing the visualisation with the right analogue stick, etc).

        • Greg Smith

          That’s all well and good, but he didn’t have to a dick about it and then go on to say what else it does. It completely contradicts his post to begin with. He’s just being an asshole.

      • Rick Lisak

        Get a life you fucking tool. Maybe if Had a life, you wouldn’t have to go from room to room making fun of people trying to help. So when you DO get your first girlfriend OR get out of your parents basement, let us know. That way we can’t treat you like a big boy. Perfect waste of jizz I swear.

        • Section8

          Other than the fact that you may be a stalker, I will have to say that you are right. I re-read my first post, then re-read my second post just now and I’m thinking, why the hell did I say that? He said shit that the majority of us didn’t even know existed, like myself, everything he said in his post I didn’t know about. So I am sorry for being a dick. I haven’t the faintest idea why I said that. I will be apologizing to him soon. Thanks bud.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I did NOT know any of this-thanks 🙂 Does that mean I should pop FF VIII and IX into my PS3 Super Slim right now?

    • shivam.chandra24

      wtf i actually didnt know most of the stuff you mentioned lol and ive had my ps3 for what 8 yrs now

    • Njitram2000

      I knew all the things you mentioned in your post but after about 2 seconds of pressing the button a menu shows so I never tried pressing for 8 more. The only time you ever press a button that long is when you are trying to reset something so no, this one is not that obvious.

    • Youreamug

      Useful tips but why be a dick about it you obviously have some disorder that makes you obsessed with looking for tiny details including your dick

    • Section8

      Well Andy. As some one replied to me today about your post and basically took my nuts and squashed them, I came back here to look at the discussion and realized that yes, I was a total dick and I have no clue why. Anyone reading the posts would like whaaaaaaat. So to you good sir, I have no problem with you or your post, which by the way I didn’t know any of that either. Sorry bud.

  • …….

    So basically it’s sitting there 10 secs and holding the button instead of 5 secs holding the button and another 2 to go to turn off controller and click that, well jeez this guy discovered something amazing has to be discovery of the century (sarcasm)

    • I honestly never knew about this and I hated having to go into devices menu to turn off DS 4. It is good to know that many others knew about this, but I shared it for the others like me who never saw it until today.

    • eikonoklastes

      This tip works brilliantly for when the TV is switched off, or I’ve changed to another input. Using the menu to switch off the PS3 controller “blind” was easy. Not so much the PS4 – needs more steps. It’s an appreciated bit of information. Even if it wasn’t, just ignore it and move on man. No need to be a dick.

    • fee

      Dear Asshat Sir or M’am,
      Ever had your Device freeze? What about accidentally turn on the controller while the playstation isn’t on or while usi got as a PC controller? Or just having something download on ps4 but have a different input showing on your TV and you don’t have the menu memorized? All of these times those of us that aren’t assholes benefit from a way to turn of the controller without menu interaction.

      That said, I thought this was common knowledge, never would have even thought to share this as a tip just since it seemed to be such common knowledge.

      This also works for Xbox Controlers as well and honestly just a large chunk of Consumer electronics devices.

    • Youreamug

      Ahh sarcasm, the peak of human intelligence and oh the irony of my sarcastic response… Anyway its actually very helpful if your TV is off or using a different input.

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