Horizon Zero Dawn Main Development Being Done On PS4, Delay Has Nothing To Do With PS4K

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Horizon Zero Dawn has been reportedly delayed to early 2017 according to popular industry insider Shinobi602. He revealed this rumor in a recent tweet. While this delay was not unexpected, it did end up as a disappointment after the repeat comments from Sony assuring that the game will hit its 2016 release window.

Horizon Zero Dawn delay was rumored a while back but Guerrilla Games were quick to deny it. Now that we are hearing rumors about PS4K, the delay makes much more sense.

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Insider Shinobi went into further details regarding this upcoming delay and stressed that while this delay will result in the game looking much more better on PS4K, it has nothing to do with the original PS4 hardware. The game is targeting the hardware for PS4 and while we might expect better resolution/frame rate on PS4K, the graphics will be identical on both platforms.

Yikes, I suppose I’ll chime in since that was taken way farther than I thought. Honestly it was just a general comment, obviously the whole point of the 4k is better looking games, that’s all I meant. It was never meant as a “It’ll run like ass on the PS4” chide. This is Guerrilla we’re talking about. Vast majority of this game’s development has been on the PS4. They’ve always done well in the performance department. I don’t think there’s a reason to fear for anything.

Horizon Zero Dawn is also confirmed for a showcase at E3 so expect the delay to be announced there along with new gameplay footage. The last we heard of the game was at E3 2015 where it was revealed along with a 2016 release window.

  • justerthought

    Do it right guys. If it needs more time. Give it more time. We want a polished game with a huge open world and lots of explorable detail.

    The good thing is it will now land on the PS4 Neo timeframe and look amazing. I almost wish Uncharted 4 was delayed as well so it gets the PS4 Neo treatment. Hopefully Naught Dog will give Uncharted 4 a Neo optimisation patch along with The Last Of Us.

  • stillwaitingforgreatness

    #delaysawait #liesawait #only4theplayer

    • datdude

      Dude….don’t you have anything better to do??

      • stillwaitingforgreatness


        • datdude

          I appreciate your honesty.

          • stillwaitingforgreatness


    • justerthought

      Since when was a delay a lie. A lie is a deliberate action. Nobody deliberately delays a game. It takes courage to delay a game if required, rather than buckle under the pressure from fools like you.


      • stillwaitingforgreatness

        E3 2015 ps users were told it was coming out. That was clearly a lie. #toostupidtounderstand

  • jacksjus

    Unfortunately I think Sony’s fall from will soon begin. They have all the hardware and then some coming soon, but when it comes to the games they promise there are too many delays.

    Ther really is no defending this non-sense. Maybe if they were so focused on two new consoles they could have placed more support knot their gaming studios to bring games.

    I seriously cancelled my PSVR order because this Nei talk has me losing a lot of trust in them. Now I will wisely play the wait and see game.

    • kevin

      I swear some gamers overreact over the littlest things

      • jacksjus

        I swear everyone has their own opinion. Which is fine. I’ll speak with my wallet in the end.

        • Orion Pax

          brah, ps4 is destroying the competitions, the cod bo3 it’a always on top 10 selling on amazon while any xbox1 console is always in the 40s-100s, what are you talking about, bo3 sold 12 million at retail only without digital/bundle copies counted in that number in 6 months, you have no idea of what you’re talking about, you don’t even own a ps4 you’re just a pc or xbox or wii u owner that’s mad at the ps4’s success lol

          • jacksjus

            You’re a prime example of what they call a fanboy. I’m a grown ass man and afford whatever I want. I own a PS4 which is the source of my disappointment. No I do. It own an XBox, but I do own a Mac PC.

            You probably don’t realize how silly you sound but I’ll just keep this laugh to myself.

            Also try using comprehending instead of just reading words. Then maybe your response would have made some sense to me.

            You can have your opinion but don’t make up BS.

          • Orion Pax

            what opinions? those are FACTS ps4 sold over 40 million now, they’re winning every NPD month, BO3 SOLD 12 MILLION at retail on the ps4 alone, ps4 is always in top 10 selling on amazon while the xb1 is M.I.A. lol wtf u talking about ps4 is destroying the competition, stay mad kid

          • jacksjus

            Multiplats is about the only thing keeping this gem going. That’s my point kid.

          • Orion Pax

            multiplats are keeping going every platform in every gen , wtf are you talking about lol what a dumbass, if it wasn’t so the wii u should’ve sold the most conoles, but guess what? IT DIDN’T AND IT’S A FUCKING FAILURE PIECE OF SHIT lol

          • jacksjus

            You can’t even hold a convo without insults can you?

            Consoles are defined by their exclusives not multiplats. Btw way of multiplats are all that mattered then you’re better off playing on a PC. I’ve seen you argue before about grow give and frame rates.

            But since you can’t speak like an adult fuck you and don’t respond to me again. This convo is over.


          • Orion Pax

            dude, you have to understand some things, 1st) nobody gives a fuck about PC, 2nd you get a console for exclusives but what you play between exclusive game releases ARE MULTIPLATS which are coming out every week unlike exclusives, you have no idea how consoles work lol i bet you’re a pc fag that has nothing to play because pc has no games so you’re in the console discussions lol get a life

          • James

            For a grown ass man you sure have a lot of free time to spend on discussion forums.

          • GotNews4Ya

            Actually.. You have just as much bitterness in your comments as you think he does.. IF not MORE. You are bashing a company for no reason… and then providing silly little quips for what you think is a viable explanation. Alright… You are sooo displeased with your PS4? Yet.. it releases 5x’s the games a year as the Xbox One..

          • jacksjus

            What’s funny is that I stated my opinion. Which isn’t fact, just my opinion and you ” Ponies” flipped out.

            All I have are Sony consoles. But now I know what they mean when they call sites like N4G the pro-Sony. You say anything negative and you get banned.

            Pretty pathetic if you ask me. This is a convo about fucking games, not religion or politics.

    • extermin8or2

      Are you an idiot? The hardware and software side are mostly separate. I mean the game development side certainly has nothing todo with the new console to enhance graphics…so whether they were doing that or not guerilla games is a separate company they own bases in a totally different part of the world. What would you rather games release broken instead of working. More manpower also won’t necessarily fix all problems infact I can see it causing more. Till this is official it’s irrelevant

    • datdude

      Comments like this make me laugh….I mean, Sony has released more games this gen than anybody, and every developer is on board the delay train this gen, not just Sony. Stop it.

      • jacksjus

        So the delay train is okay right? It’s ok to repeatedly say it’s coming when and then say oh we need more time?

        As far as everyone else I am not speaking on them because I don’t own them.

        Taking Sony’s cock out your mouth for a mixture to get some fresh air.

        Where are the exclusives? This is year 3 and they are lagging behind where their past consoles were at this point for exclusives.

        Every PS had that defining new IP. So far we’ve had The Order, Knack, Until Dawn and Resogun. These are the defining titles in 3 years. No I am not taking about teamsters or sequels to IPs birthed on their previous systems. Where are the definitive new IPs games for this gen. Oh they are getting delayed left and right or announced and never spoken upon again. But new hardware is certainly on its way this fall. Hardware ain’t shit without games to play.

        Bloodborne while a great game was too much like Demon soul and Dark Souls. DriveClub well we know what happened there.

        Horizon was looking to be that game. Sony is on some BS right now period.

        • datdude

          Yawn…another dunderhead oblivious to the fact that Sony has launched more exclusives, and more games, than Microsoft this gen. Not only that, the games are more highly rated than the ones for Microsoft’s platform. I won’t even mention the Wii U because it’s an also ran this gen.

        • GotNews4Ya

          It really isn’t fair for you to exclude any game that is a sequel or “sequels to IPS birthed on their previous systems”. I am sorry bro.. but where have you been the past 2 decades? There is very very rarely a new IP that bursts onto the scene and completely dominates.. It takes time.. and there damn sure wasn’t any in the first 2 years of PS3. You think from 06-08 there was a ton of ground breaking new ips? eh… No.. for the first few years.. I played PS2 games on my PS3.. because it didn’t have any of that.. You are not fully remembering the last console generation clearly.. The last few years of its 7 year cycle are clouding your memory.

          • jacksjus

            When did Uncharted Drake’s Fortune and Resistance come out? They were born on the PS3 right?

    • WhiteManFromTown

      They can delay all they want the mulitplates rule anyway, exclusives don’t!!

    • justerthought

      Sony have very high standards to match gamer expectations. We have lots of great games to play and all the games that get delayed are polished to a very high standard. No rush jobs here like xbox just to get the thing out earning money.

      That is why we prefer to play classic games as high quality next gen remasters, rather than a lame backwards compatibility function that plays a 360 quality game at 360 quality on a next gen console.

      The main problem with PS4 is not the lack of great games. It’s the lack of hard drive space to actually play them.

      • jacksjus

        I think it has more to do with announcing games too early.

    • GotNews4Ya

      I don’t think your anything but a Microsoft Fanboy, posing as a Sony Pony.. to make it look like people are losing faith.. “This is going to be Sony’s fall”.. ROFL Wtf? IF / W HEN Sony releases this PS4.5 (NEO) it will not be for anyone other than people looking for a cheap option to play 4K Blu Ray and Stream 4k Netflix on their 4K TVs.. and give those people a gaming system. That is it.. The simple fact that you can put together a well thought out post like this.. demeaning a company over such trivial drivel, simply means you are smart enough to know better than what you are preaching. You never had a PSVR preorder, and you never intended on buying one. There are delays for every company.. Microsoft has delayed plenty of games and even cancelled others.. (Most recently the Closing down of Lionhead studios) Delayed games are not bad games.. infact most delayed games are way better after the delay.. Taking your time and making the best possible product for your consumer should not be considered a negative.. only in the eyes of spoiled and immature gamers do they think they are actually hurt by a delay.

      • jacksjus

        I don’t think you’re anything but a Pony. Everyone that calls me an XBot or PC fan is dead wrong. #Fact

        There are people that prefer Sony that can express disappointment. I bet that shocks the Hell out of you doesn’t it.

        My last post on this because this in no way is an intellectual thread. Just a nonchalant of overgrown pussies in full defense mode. Stop it!