inFamous: Second Son Was Best Selling “Next-Gen” Software In April NPD

Sony has commented on April NPD and confirmed that PS4 was indeed the top selling hardware for the month of April. They also talked about the sales success of inFamous: Second Son, which is continuing to sell well and was the best selling “next-gen” title for the month of April.

TitanFall on the Xbox One was released in March and was the top selling title for that month, selling majority of its copies on the Xbox One. For April, TitanFall received a release on the Xbox 360 and was the top selling title of the month again, but this time the majority of the sales were from the Xbox 360 version of the game. So what about TitanFall on the Xbox One? If Sony’s statement are any indication, inFamous: Second Son has outsold TitanFall on the Xbox One, as it was the best selling “Next-Gen” title.


Despite this sales success, inFamous: Second Son still didn’t manage to chart in the Top 10 for the month of April. It has already sold more than 1 million within 9 days of its release, but we haven’t seen any more sales figure after that.

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  • Nick

    I really enjoyed it, I’m glad it sold well. Maybe next game can be a tad longer and throw in some co-op or something to stretch it out a bit.

    • cusman

      No “stretch it out” please. I would rather have shorter game than one padded out with repetitive grind objectives. They can make it longer, but with substantive content, not “stretch it out” or “padded experiences”.