Infamous: Second Son And First Light PS4 Pro Patch Are Live, Download Size Revealed

PlayStation Pro is all set to make its debut on November 10th and Sony has already sent the PS4 Pro hardware to selected press members for review purpose. Since the hardware is being used by the press, developers have started to roll out new updates for the PS4 Pro support.

Sony’s first party games are also getting updated and the latest one to receive this update was Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Remastered, which now renders at native 4k resolution on the PS4 Pro, as well as adding improved audio and HDR support for the standard PS4.


Infamous: Second Son was also one of the confirmed games to support PS4 Pro and it has received a brand new update today that is around 3.6 GB in size, according to NeoGAF member CyberChulo. This update reportedly adds PS4 Pro support.

Infamous: Second Son was one the launch PS4 games that surprised everyone with its gorgeous visuals. Despite being 3 years old now, the game still holds up pretty well compared to other launch games.

Sony has confirmed PS4 Pro support for Infamous: Second Son as well as its standalone expansion, First Light, which featured a different protagonist. The update for First Light is around 2.5 GB in size.

Let us know if you have received this new update for the game in the comments below.

  • Fleming_007

    I’m glad second son got the patch too and not just the first light dlc like I thought was gonna be the case.

  • I was excited until the “4K” mention. If a Pro game offers 4K but not 1080/60, I won’t be buying it. And I have a 4K display. I want smoother framerates, not reduced framerates for some crisper visuals that I can’t even notice unless I am right in front of the screen.

  • Hvd

    a 3.6 gb pro patch for upscaled 4k…..lmao.not only do you have to install it then tou have to update the game now you have to down load a 3.6 gig pro patch….lmao

    • angh

      It will be downloaded in 30 mins in middle of the night. I can live with that.
      If you don’t want to, you don’t have to download, there is no problem with that.
      Or maybe you’d expect developers 3 years ago to know about pro and already include this patch at release date? lmao.

      • Hvd

        not every one has a fast internet connection.YES you have to download if you have a 4k hdr 10 tv a ps4 pro yes you have to down load it or you are an idiot.i hope they charge you ponies for the pro patch.

      • Nestor Toy

        Hvd doesn’t even have a PS4… his just here to troll. He seems butthurt about the PS4 Pro… or about the Playstation kicking Xbox’ ass again or something.. Who knows

    • nismo370z

      active xboxfangirl troll detected

      • Hvd

        my little ponie detected

  • andy

    Standard game still easily looks better than anything on Xbone (as in animations, stunning particles, full native 1080p resolution, unlocked fps that never drops below 30). Roll on Scorpio, no wonder it is needed.

    Now the big question, if Sucker Punch are still alive and kicking to make this patch, what the hell have they been working on this past 2 and a half years? I was hoping for a reveal of a new game since E3 2015 but they didn’t even make this year’s E3.

    At this rate, it only took them 2 years and 9 months to get a brand new game out after Infamous 2 in Summer 2011 and it was a transition to next gen too. Now we are here 2 years and 5 months since their last game, they know how to use the hardware even better now and not even a peep from them about a new project. 🙁

    • Tracy

      When SP is ready they’ll unveil what they’ve been working on.