inFamous: Second Son Patch 1.02 Released, About 333 MB In Size [Update]

Sucker Punch have released a brand new patch for inFamous: Second Son, which is about 333 MB in size. The patch notes unfortunately don’t point to any changes but seeing the size of the patch, we are sure that this might be an important update.

To use the network features of inFamous: Second Son, particularly the bonus Paper Trail mission, you have to download this inFamous: Second Son 1.02 patch. We will update this story once we get our hands on the patch notes for this new inFamous: Second Son update.

Update: According to Sucker Punch onTwitter, this patch “addressed LOC fixes, and helped paper trail a bit.”


Sucker Punch earlier talked about adding about 5 hours of new content through future updates to the game. This new content will add more play hours to the already decent length game. One of them is the Paper Trail mission, whose part 2 has just been made available recently.

Have you got this new update? Did you notice any improvements, new features? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Godoku No-Dan

    How do I get paper trail part 1 . I went to the paper trail website on the flyer. Got a 404 file not found error.

    • Jordan

      just keep retrying. some times the site got hammered and it can go down for a little

  • Mozef Kaddas

    I just got the update.

  • Arnold Stallone

    what I really appreciate and love regarding Sony exclusives, is the amount of content gamers get, after release. killzone shadow fall will get new free content. infamous ss will get more content. gran turismo receives new content and updates until next version comes out, etc etc etc.

    and then, we have games with paying dlcs DAY ONE, and devs dare saying’ oh, we hadn’t finished the dlc before the game was gold, bla bla bla’

    thanks, sucker punch. and please start making infamous SS ll

  • Cahone2

    can i exchange my disk for a fresh disk with the crap update on it already

    • dapaintrain

      if yoh cant handle a 333 mb update then you.gonna have a bad time this gen.

      seriously i brought bf4 on ps4 and installed it was 32gb but with patches and free china rising content its now 49gb so basically 333mb isnt shit to complain about.

      now im aussie and my internet connection is garbage but i have enough patience to just start it leave it overnight amd go back to it in a day or so.

      But i n infamouses case the game is 99% offline so whats the big can still play

    • bigevilworldwide

      You should just stop playing games…..Maybe go drink some bleach I hear it tastes good…Jesus people feel the need to whine about everything. 333mb ooooh about 20 whole seconds, that downloads in the background…I remember in the 80s-90s all those broken games that NEVER got fixed

    • NoCojonesCahone2

      you’re complaining about a 300+ MB update?
      stop using dial-up internet for a change or get a better internet or basically just don’t play the Paper Trail missions.

    • NoCojonesCahone2

      looks like you’re way too outdated with games.
      complaining about having to download a 300MB update, guess what it’ll keep coming for Second Son until they gave the last part of Paper Trail.

  • Steven

    I think the hole papertrail is already in game it’s just the web site that gets updated

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      They added content to the game. Because you have to go back an forth from the website to unlock something in the game and then you do that mission in the game. So they added missions basically to the game and website content.

      • andy

        But I finished Paper Trail Part 2 before this update went live last night and Delsin talks during the mission so it is definitely already there on the disc (since 1.01 anyway)

  • M4RC3L

    I think they updated it for part 3 the infamouspapertrail changed from saying part 2 to part 3

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      I have not finished the first part of paper trails, but nobody knows how long paper trails is. With the update it most likely unlocked the content in the game so that you can access it and added content for the third part. Hope this goes on up till like 10, lol