inFamous: Second Son Photo Mode GIFs Are Insanely Detailed, Surprises Sucker Punch

inFamous: Second Son received a brand new Photo Mode with its latest update. This not only started a surge of spectacular looking screenshots of the game, it also resulted in these insanely detailed GIFs. Even the developers of inFamous: Second Son were surprised to see the efforts made by fans to create these GIFs.

These GIFs are usually made in Photo Mode by recording that instance and then creating an animated GIF from it.

Jason Connell, lead tech artist of inFamous: Second Son, tweeted the following GIF.

This GIF not only show the destruction in inFamous: Second Son, we can spot reflections in real-time on the shattered glass.

DriveClub Design Director Paul Rustchynsky was also surprised to see the level of detail in these GIFs and called them “Impressive” in his tweet.

You can check out more of these GIFs below.

The way Photo Mode is integrated in inFamous: Second Son, it honestly feels like we hit the pause button in a time machine, because everything around us comes to a halt but the particle effects remain there, and we have full freedom to take our screenshots in this state.

Have you tried your hand at this new Photo Mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • eggbok

    I made these LOL

  • Xtreme Derp


    What is it with dumb as bricks microsoft fanboys being constantly WRONG over and over again?

  • Farrukh Shabir

    GIFs are superb but i m happy about my own creation

    I am from Pakistan and even here there is no confirmation of downgrade 😛 . Ps4 FTW!

  • doom guy

    This is really really cool 🙂

  • ChatWraithGamma

    Everyone clearly forgot that halo 3, odst, reach, and now 4 all had a replay mode where this was possible. Same function, different menu to navigate to.

    • fee

      But no share button

  • Russell Gorall

    That actually looks very cool.

  • Snorlax

    Wow, that looks absolutely amazing.

  • datdude

    Game over. PS4.

  • Joe Chill

    this game suck a mean dick

  • Raffen Raffensen

    yes,amasing, if only game was as fun….

    • Reason Freeman

      The game is very fun, now if only Titanfall was fun enough to keep you off these boards.

      • Raffen Raffensen

        the game is average , owning both machines i couldnt care about what you think.

        • ksev

          Second Son is amazing, owning both machines I couldn’t care about what you think.

        • clasifi1 .

          That’s great. But you do realise that your opinion is subjective right ? (just like everybody else’s)..Knowing that , the real question is: Is the majority pleased with this game ? According to metacritic , it has a score of 80 , with a user score of 8….It’s not perfect but better than decent.

          Interestingly , Titanfall has a score of 86 , but a user score of 6.1 (on xbox one)…
          And a user score of 6 on PC.

          Then again , why compare the two ?…One is an open world third person – super hero game , the other…a mecha-fps game…

          Personally , i thought infamous ss was awesome but way too short. (unless you clean the entire map , but the story mode was shorter than the previous two episodes)…

          • The Swede

            Indeed. But the user overall score on Metacritic is not worth alot. It gets misused way too often. It’s too easy for haters to spam zeroes, sadly.

          • Raffen Raffensen

            I didnt even mention titanfall,I was just telling how i felt about the game, then this Reason Freeman guy suddenly attacks me with titanfall. I dont even like that game. I loved Uncharted series, motorstorm series, but infamous series i always thought was average.But it looks absolutely stunning , no doubt.

        • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

          And no one cares what you think idiot so STFU.

          • Raffen Raffensen

            what happened to freedom of speech? Take it easy kid.

    • TI_21

      Kinda agree and disagree.
      Doing the district missions exclusively became a chore after a short amount of time. But when I switched to playing the story missions and just the district missions that I came across, the flow of the game became very enjoyable. Final boss was epic, though I felt like I missed a trick to dmg it faster in hard mode. :X

  • Xtreme Derp

    No downgrade confirmed yet again.

    • dakky


  • jacksjus

    I was particularly blown away when I zoomed in on his sneakers. You can see the suede material and stitching. Even the logo on the shoe was legible. Wow!

    I’m sorry but his has to become the norm in all games now. No going back. (The Photo Mode)

  • justaplayer

    absolutely jaw dropping

  • Dave

    Definitely the best looking game so far on next gen, until The Order 1886 or Naughty Dog’s next game!

    • TI_21

      I don’t think one should be underestimating 3rd party devs this generation. I kind of expect games like Dragon’s Age to be contestant’s for the graphics crown as well.

      • You Are Flat Out Wrong

        Why the city of Seattle was so empty when i played him? it’s not real life city, more like a dead city.
        Where is the powah of 1.8TF??? Also this matrix-style thingy is sooo 1999…. not a true innovation, sadly.

        • TI_21

          Because you didn’t play it… BTW, why did you reply to me? Oo

    • scorpian007

      It does look fantastic but I still think Ryse is the best looking game on any platform.

      • nnnnnnnope

        You either haven’t played ISS or don’t care, the game looks way better than ryse.

        • scorpian007

          I admit, I’ve played maybe 20-30mins of Infamous and played all the way through Ryse, but to me Ryse looks far better.

          • Michael Norris

            Played both…it’s hard to compare,because one game is open world and the other is a linear.Overall Infamous looks better,the game runs at 1080p looks cleaner as well.

          • scorpian007

            Don’t see why it’s hard to compare. Graphics are graphics regardless of the genre and scale of the game. The models, environments, textures and lip sync is incredible in Ryse.

        • TI_21

          Nah, Ryse just does a good job at highlighting stuff, you don’t see many close ups in Infamous.

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