inFamous Second Son: Take A Look At These Stunning Screenshots From The New “Photo Mode” In-Game

Sucker Punch have released their latest update for inFamous Second Son. This update adds the much requested features like changing time of day and 30 fps lock. It also adds a really nifty photo mode, which allows users to take absolutely gorgeous screenshots directly from the PS4.

Some NeoGAF users have already gotten this update and used this new feature to upload stunning looking screenshots. You can check out their screens below.

inFamous: Second Son is the fastest selling inFamous release to date. It moved more than 1 million copies(digital + retail) within 9 days of its release. It also topped PSN sales charts on its debut week.

This new update not only adds this glorious Photo Mode, it also includes the option to change time of the day. There are total of 8 different times of the day, which leaves plenty of possibilities for taking screenshots. The game also has a new 30 fps lock option, otherwise it was running at an unlocked frame rate, which could result in a judder when the frame rate dropped suddenly.

What do you think about this new update? Have you used Photo Mode? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Xtreme Derp

    No downgrade confirmed.

  • Arnold Stallone

    An then, we see plenty of websites giving
    10/10’s to titanfall 780p last gen graphics.
    Seriously, how much do those hundreds websites get paid, to downgrade and bash games/graphics like this and killzone shadow fall. How much?

    Because when we see reviews where 8 color pokemon games or other angry birds get a 9/10 on graphics, and the same websites will give infamous SS a 7/10 to graphics, because of this or that, I’m forced to think there really is something totally wrong in this industry, and fanboyism is killing games, that people could have bought but didn’t, because a bunch of haters decided to bash everything with a Sony logo.

    Seriously, if these graphics are at least 3-4 times better, crispier, prettier than the best graphics of the best last gen games, which got 9’s and 10’s for its graphics, how can someone dare calling himself a professional and journalist, by giving this game anything under 9/10 for its graphics?

    How can huge websites give , for example, a 9.5/10 to dead rising 3 graphics, on x1, with its last gen textures and graphics, screen tearing, awful 16-24 fps frame rate, at a miserable 720p resolution, and then, they give a 7/10 to infamous SS graphics. How dare they?
    Too much hate is too much hate.

    • datdude

      Who cares what the websites/so called reviewers think? Gamers have spoken, and overwhelmingly prefer ps4. We speak with our dollars, and the industry telling lies has no impact whatsoever. Hence deeply discounted bones and free versions of titanfall so soon after xbone launch. The retail numbers don’t lie, retailers are forced to cut prices to try to move the units they have sitting on their shelves, while they can’t get enough ps4’s on their shelves. Case opened, case closed.