Infinity Ward adds new Heavy Duty Playlist to Call of Duty Ghosts

One of the main problems with Call of Duty Ghosts is that the guns are all very strong and kill very quickly. Thankfully developers Infinity Ward have listened and introduced a brand new Playlist where players will have extra health and will hence take more bullets to kill.

The Playlist will include Team Deathmatch, Blitz and Domination matches. The Call of Duty Heavy Duty playlist is currently live on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS4. The Xbox One version isn’t up yet but it’ll be up very soon.


So go online, check the mode out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • They have to change all modes to the same not to introduce new mode, what a bad move infinity ward.

  • Dexter

    Played this mode once and I already love it.

  • zpoccc

    “One of the main problems with Call of Duty Ghosts is that the guns are all very strong and kill very quickly.”

    that’s actually the best thing about COD. if you want to stand there and unload a full clip in to someone before they die, go play halo.

    • Donut212

      Well that’s just a stupid comparison. Halo has Energy Shields and Call of Duty doesn’t. Your comparison makes no sense. Bring something useful to the discussion instead of BS.

      • Jake

        his statement is very valid. they are both fps. zpoccc I agree.

      • zpoccc

        what? are you autistic? it doesn’t matter what it’s called – the end result is that it takes more damage to kill someone in halo than in COD.

    • Dexter

      No it just means you can’t run everywhere with an smg and spray people in the legs and dominate. You actually have to try and aim for chest/head etc… You can’t come around a corner and spray and kill me without ever having shown up on MY screen. Now I actually have a chance to react

      • zpoccc

        again, if you don’t like it, play a different game that matches your taste.

        • Dexter

          Go home zpoccc you’re drunk.
          I just said I liked it and gave the reason why I like it…..

          • zpoccc

            no, you actually gave reasons why you don’t like COD… and yet you keep playing it. by all means, go ahead – i just find it funny that you dislike the core gameplay of a game you continue to play. if i didn’t like the low damage threshold of COD, i certainly wouldn’t still be wasting my time playing it – i’d have moved on long ago to a different game that was more to my taste.

          • Dexter

            Who shoved the stick up your ass? Listen guy… If I ditched a game every time I had an issue with a mechanic I woudn’t ever play games. No game is perfect.

    • It’s just with COD Ghosts, the time to kill in Black Ops 2 was perfect.

      • zpoccc

        i disagree – the difference in bullets-to-kill ratio has barely changed since COD4

        • Danielh69

          You’re calling someone else autistic and then say that about it not changing since CoD4. Have you actually played any of the Call of Duty games since CoD4 lol?

          • zpoccc

            “lol” i’ve played every COD since modern warfare. the damage/death ratio has barely changed.

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