Insomniac Games Explain Why Ratchet And Clank Won’t Run At 60 FPS On PS4 Pro

Ratchet and Clank is the reboot of the original game that was released on the PlayStation 2. It was praised for its excellent gameplay and visuals that manage to come pretty close to the movie.

Ratchet and Clank is an shooter based platformer which might benefit from a higher frame rate, unfortunately this doesn’t appear to be the case for the PS4 Pro version of the game.

James Stevenson, who is the community manager at Insomniac Games, has explained the reason behind their decision to stick with 30 fps on the PS4 Pro, and he also detailed their technique that they use to render the game at 4K resolution.

“Temporal injection is a different approach ban checkerbording to get to 2160p that gets you AA too. We think it looks better. The game is designed to run at a locked 30 so making frame rate changes was never in the cards. Sorry,” said Stevenson in a post on the gaming forum NeoGAF. “The engine tech was developed on our current stuff first and then we ported it back here.”

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When some people considered it a limitation of the engine being used by Insomniac Games, Stevenson was quick to share that it has nothing to do with their engine, which is clearly capable of higher frame rate in games. He also confirmed that some visual effects will be better like Depth of Field effect.

“Yeah, our engine is certainly capable of high framerates (see our Oculus titles at 90) — that said, Ratchet’s utilization and optimization of the PS4 hardware was dialed in for a locked 30, so the effort to re-architect that would be gigantic.”


He further clarified that one of the reason some games are offering options to switch between 30 and 60 fps is because they were clearly built for it from start, like Rise of the Tomb Raider.

“Keep in mind, Ratchet was in development way before PS4 Pro was a thing (or at least, one we knew about). It targeted the original PS4 exclusively and we pushed the system as far as we could. That’s a lot of stuff to unwind to suddenly support multiple resolutions / framerates / set-ups, especially if you’ve using all of the CPU and GPU on the reg PS4.”

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So there you have it. While it is possible to run a future Ratchet and Clank game at 60 fps on the PS4 Pro, it won’t be the case for the currently released Ratchet and Clank game. On the plus side, maybe Insomniac Games can now consider a 60 fps mode right from the start for the PS4 Pro hardware while keeping 30 fps for the standard PS4.


    Such a BS blanketed response….. “It’s the engines fault…..and we never planned for it to run 60fps….” BS! It can not do it….fair and simple…!

    If these pukes were even listening to the banter of their install base they would understand that they consumer wants 60+FPS! The controls and the frames per second are the hold ups on that cross platform play. Like PC to consoles in general as PC would murder these systems in any game.

    People want frame rate guys. Playing at 60fps is a dream over 30….. And anything above 60 is truly a dream. So much a dream that when a person even remotely touches on something as such going back to anything less than a 100Hz/FPS is a nightmare.

    Just ran my computer on my television in my home theater and that was almost as horrible as picking up a controller to play a FPS. As the refresh rate was locked at 60Hz instead of the 120Hz on my monitor. This 30fps garbage is the main reason I will not pick up one of these “newer” consoles. Especially Sony’s with their gimped “gaming” box that doesn’t offer an SUHD blu-ray player (deal breaker for this guy). An $18 expense that could have made a world of difference in the consumers eyes.

    People banter back and forth about how it was a smart choice from Sony, but yeah if you plan on spending more money in a standalone player then sure….it might be. Not for this guy…

  • otherZinc

    BS, the PS4 Pro just can’t deliver a locked 60fps Game, period.

  • wilMaster04

    wasnt made for 60fps from the get go..

  • Fleming_007

    I get this was built specifically for PS4 and why it was locked to 30 but couldn’t they just at least unlock the frame rate and enable vsync and let it go as high as it can with the pro hardware?

  • Christopher Logan

    We can make the games “look” better (not really we are just up-scaling the content to appear 4k without actually outputting at 4k) but we can’t make them “play” better. Why the hell was it locked at 30fps in the first place? The PS4 was sold to consumers as a next generation gaming console, what a load of crap. Now they are playing make believe catch-up claiming to be competing with PCs (they said this google it). Yeah OK, except my PC runs games at 100+ fps and can actually output at 4k. Let me know when the “next” gen consoles arrive. Maybe with the Playstation 4 PRO-PRO due out Christmas 2018.

    • Ultima IX

      From what I’ve heard, they originally locked it at 30 because the movie was also 30 frames. Through their mental gymnastics, it makes sense.

      • Shinobi

        Of course. Any system could run games at 60fps, the question is, with what level of graphical quality? These consoles aren’t powerful enough to run modern AAA games at 60fps with the same visuals.

        • YOUDIEMOFO

          Two-three years after their original systems launch and you are agreeing that these newer systems are still unable to run games at a 60fps with decent fidelity. Message!.!.!.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      Wah wah wahhh.. cry me a river! what you say is quite contradictory.. Says the games wont look better then go on undermine HOW they will look better. you PC gamers make me laugh with your feeble arguments loool.

      so let me and the rest of us know when the cheap mid-low PC’s are able to run these quality of game at 1080p 60FPS or 4k please… thanks.


        They already do…. It is called having the ability to “tailor” your settings exactly to your specifications. “You want more frames at a higher resolution because you play competitively…..?! Then turn down settings and get them frames… You want fidelity? Then turn up the settings and resolution where you desire and enjoy…”

        What are you going to do on your underpowered locked out box of a system…..?? Oh yeah deal with what they (developers) give you. The gimped experience that has been spewing forth from launch.

        I used to praise the systems, but as of late it is obvious of their inability to truly deliver that “next gen” gaming sensation. I can only agree on their lies that have blanketed their true failures.

        Especially a racing game that is their own IP is still sucking along at a meazily 30fps… A racing game that feels like you are racing in a bowl of jelly.

    • hb33

      If you was a true fan of rachet and clank you would have know that the pass games ran at 60fps, the dev said at the beginning that the games was going to be lock at 30fps to give the game a more pixar feel in its graphics and they succeeded. Rachet and clank is the best looking platformer out here right now, name another platformer that looks better.

    • context

      Um my PC can also, but my GPU cost more than the entire ps4 pro.

      You PC whinebags are ridiculous. Ive enjoyed PC and console for 20+ years in peace.