Is Europe Getting “Made in Japan” PlayStation 4?

While PlayStation 4 has launched in North America, it won’t be available in Europe until 29th November. A lot of issues, that were reported on PlayStation 4, emerged from hardware manufactured in a particular factory in China. It seems like Europe is getting an entirely different batch of PlayStation 4 that is “Made in Japan”.

These pictures of the European PlayStation 4 boxes and the actual console hardware are now available on twitter and on different sites. It clearly shows “Made in Japan” written on the hardware and the actual box. If that is the case, then we can likely assume that this new hardware will be of superior quality than the one manufactured in “Hangfujin Yantai” factory in China.

You can check out the pictures of the “Made in Japan” PlayStation 4 below.

ps4-japan-2 ps4-japan-1

What do you think of this news? Do you think these models of PlayStation 4 will offer much better reliability than the Chinese one? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Manger Du Riz

    Just considering the suppliers of the parts of the PS4, most of them are Chinese and some are Taiwanese. So will all these parts be shipped to Japan for final PS4 assembling? Not so sure of that.

  • Jak Constantine

    Quick update. Damn Game lying on the phone. Spoke to the one of the other staff who was there and they said all models are the same in all Game stores meaning they are made in China.

    From what I know and see I can say that the images and rumours that they are made from japan are fake. Unless I am wrong, but they need to show real proof that some of the models in the UK are made from Japan. No idea about the other European countries though.

  • Jak Constantine

    Phoned up Game today were I live. They said Japan, but I wonder all the mega bundles will be made in Japan since they were European only.

  • vozim

    its just a sticker nubs, its still made in china..

  • Harry Burnett

    thats a sticker, my PS4 says made in china printed ,not a sticker and its not in a rectangle rounded box like one above

  • George110


  • sporeboy100

    anything made in China is likely to break or is most likely to be made from a really flimsy plastic

  • WellWisher

    Just make em all in Japan. I’m sure people would pay a bit more for a guaranteed good product. I’ll probably buy one once it becomes easy to walk into a shop and grab one. So like 2015.

  • Gaming Fan

    made in japan is the real deal they haven’t made console in japan since the fat psp & the damn thing is still works like new today. if this is true it will be awesome news.

  • PachterStation

    I was lucky enough to get my UK PAL PS4 2 weeks ago with Killzone. On the box and on the console it does state that it’s MADE IN JAPAN.

  • mfmaxpower

    If the PS4s that Europe gets are quieter than mine when running Killzone, I’m gonna be pissed. My PS4’s fan gets annoyingly loud when running KZ. Kinda disappointed with how noisy it is.

  • Anders

    Norwegian PSN user Zabiam has confirmed on the PS forum that his PS4 is from Japan.


    I noticed something I know many languages and one of them is french: it
    is written Fabrique “en” Japon. In french we say Fabrique “au” Japon.
    This is a very common mistake made by chinese manufacturers to lure
    people into thinking it was made in Japan because they don’t know the
    language. It is very common in maaaaaany products. My PS2 was correct
    fabriqué AU Japon and so authentic. I think this is just sticker
    swapping and invloving the eterrnal mistake fabriqué “en” or “à” Japon
    instead of Fabriqué “AU” Japon. This word only shows the common
    counterfeiting of chinese manufacturers luring people into thinking it
    was a japanese product. Trust me I am not trolling or attacking anyone
    but that’s sad truth and it has to be noted. Like I said I think this is
    false and it is just a stupid counterfeiting sticker switching. I
    hdon’t think it was made by Sony, but by a random suer or the not
    reliable Fxconn.

    • extermin8or2

      read the english part which is first “Made in Japan”-means it was made in japan…


        I READ IT and you didn’t get it. This always happens in the FRENCH part and it happens on all counterfeiting chinese products. French has delicate choice of prepositions unlike in english which is easy and very common. Making this kind of mistake is not the responsiblity of greta companies like Sony but just -sorr for the word- stupid counterfeiting untrustful chinese companies or illegal ones.

        Like I said, I stumbled across many counterfeiting products like this one with the same mistake. My PS2 nevr had this and it was authentic and so are many of my other belongings like old Sony walkmens etc sadly I said “old” because Sony no longer manufacture its product in its home land: AU JAPON.

        • T-Man

          Do you honestly think Sony would allow “counterfeit” Consoles to be shipped? Seriously think about what you are saying.

          • PLASTICA-MAN

            Did you ever read what I said? I said I think it didn’t come from Sony because Son won’t do such big mistake in spelling (never happened before) also I said in the first comment this must be someone trolling who just swapped stickers and did the mistake. I am sure this whole news is not even true.

            We need further proofs of euro consoles or a statement from Sony themselves.

          • Daniele Andreuzzi

            There is also a picture of the “Made in Japan” writing printed on the console itself… looks pretty real to me

          • blessedswine

            no there is a picture of “Made in Japan” on flat black plastic, it could be a PS3 for all we know

          • DarthDiggler


            You don’t need proof when people are just making up rumors. A slight change in the phrasing of a foreign language is hardly a reason to suggest Sony is going to ship Chinese consoles with a Japan label.

            I mean how would they respond to you? You would make your case and they would say it isn’t true. Perhaps apologize for the poor grammar and promise to fix it in future revisions.

            Just who do you exactly think you are that you can make demands of any company based solely on your own ‘interpretation’ of the facts?

          • PLASTICA-MAN

            And what makes you think that Sony is manufacturing the EU console in Japan? I mean the US console is made in china and Sony found out about the problem only few days before the Eu launch, that doesn’t justify they are correcting this problem by manufacturing the EU console in Jpana, do you think they ahd time or the budget to do it so quickly? Also The last thing Sony did in Jpana was the first PS2 model after everything is made in China and don’t expect to see anything else made in Japan, no company is fool enough to give up on cheap working hands and sacrify much money and investement to get better quality made in their home lands. Talking about making better quality, start by making a decent job in spelling. That’s I am 100% sure this is pure BS and someone is trlloing, he jsut swapped the sticker without knowing the consequences and he fell in the trap. You won’t get an EU PS4 made in Japan: NOT POSSIBLE.

          • extermin8or2

            There have been differences in their previous products… alot of eu ps vita’s at launch were japanese models and usa all had china made ones… .likely they have two factories simultaneously producing for each region to ensure they can meet demand over xmas…

          • PLASTICA-MAN

            My EU PS Vita was chinese like I said my Cartridge slot was in crumbs after second use 🙁 (I always gently hanlde my devices). My japanese PS2 is still living, working, almost doing laundry. 😀

          • DarthDiggler

            @plasticaman:disqus Take your defective VITA back and stop whining. LOL I mean you don’t even have a point other than “I think Sony is lying” and my response is with all due respect — who gives a flying crap what you think.

            If someone can produce actual evidence (ie: Shipping Manifests that show PS4s shipping from China to Europe) than you may have a point. The french phrasing of “made in Japan” is hardly a smoking gun.

            At this moment you just blowing a bunch of hot air man.

          • DarthDiggler

            If the console comes with a made in Japan label than you likely have a Japanese console. This is international shipping not some fly by night operation.

            The fact is you don’t provide ANY evidence outside of your feelings and anecdotes. This author is showing labels saying the item is made in Japan yet you have some secret knowledge that proves they are not. For an encore you think that Sony should comment on this.

            If they put made in Japan on the system it is likely made in Japan. I don’t know of many Console fans that are really going to care if their console is made in Japan or China, so it’s a moot point at best and you seem to be a butt-hurt XBONER just grabbing at straws.

    • kRIS

      This dude has a point. I remembered, that my Pokémon games have “Made in Japan” written on it, so I took a picture, and the french translation does say “au” and not “en”. (Bottom right corner)


        Thank you very much my friend , a plus for you ! 😉

        • The Skizz

          Plastica as a collector of games i see many from diff. regions. I know what you are talking about too. Don’t listen to most of these idiots. Remember SONY fan boys know everything all the time no matter the subject matter.

          • PLASTICA-MAN

            Well said my friend, it is good to not stick to one region only.

      • Seb

        In French, we can say correctly “au” and “en”. It’s the same signification. 😉

        • Manger Du Riz

          Fabriquée au Japon. Because “Japon” is a masculine word. Fabriquée en xxx is for countries which their names are feminine, like fabriquée en France ( we find an E at the end of the word).


    • Wotanik

      Just google before you post:

      “Fabriqué en” is French and “fabriqué au” is Canadian/Quebec. It’s not hard to verify your “findings” from the net. Google everything before you make assumptions. I hope youcorrect this to NeoGAF as well, I don’t have my account verified there yet.…….0…1c..32.img..0.0.0.bMjzuMRd-V8….0…1c.1.32.img..

    • Deadbite.

      I work for a company that does translations in the same way, and in fact I deal with sending the translations. I’m not the translator but i handle the translations when we get them and send off the phrases that need to be translated. In case you weren’t aware, this is ‘French Canadian’ rather than ‘French’. Very very very similar, with only a few very minor differences, but I think you should know that this is actually one of them. Due to legal reasons Sony wouldn’t be allowed to say it’s made in Japan if it’s not. Remember Sony is a Japanese company. And someone as big as Sony would easily be spotted if they were lying about the location of manufacture.

  • Heavenly_King

    I have mine made in China 😐

    • extermin8or2

      what country are you in?

  • dave

    Made in Japan, great, even better quality!

    • DarthDiggler

      Well the issues that the PS4 has had have been minimal and nothing alarming. Gamers should have some understanding of this, especially those who take the mantle to deliver us news. It is apart of your duty to be well educated about the industry in order to educate your audience.

    • Aristides

      Everything Made In Japan = WIN!

      • DarthDiggler

        Hmmm Hentai never took off.

        • Aristides

          Shhhh! Let’s just tug that under the rug XP

          • DarthDiggler

            LOL at TUG. 🙂

  • DNA

    Who cares, really. So far the quality has been more than satisfactory. 1 per cent failure rate is more than acceptable. I’m sure XB1 won’t do much better than that, and if it does we can always look back at the oh…first 2 years of Xbox360 consoles. What was it, somewhere between 40-50 per cent failure rate.

    • twinspectre

      it is under the 1 per cent failure rate

      • DNA

        their prediction before launch was .04 however they raised it not long ago, now it’s looking more like almost a whole whopping disasterous, embarassing 1 per cent. My god the humility! how will sony survive with numbers like this!!!

        • DarthDiggler

          I believe the 0.04% number was the blogosphere’s number when the Taco Bell units were released. It was only a small sample of units. Sub 1% is below industry norms for consumer grade electronics.

    • DarthDiggler

      X360 was up to 20%-30% which is unprecedented in pretty much any consumer level product.