Katsuhiro Harada Gives An Update On Xenosaga HD Collection

Katsuhiro Harada is a producer and game director at Bandai Namco, who is widely recognized for his work on the Tekken series. Last year, he reached out to fans regarding a potential Xenosaga HD Collection for the current generation consoles and asked them to create a petition for it.

As it turned out, the petition wasn’t exactly a success as it has only managed to reach 10 thousand signatures so far and Harada recently replied to a fan request demanding an update on his comment.


Harada was approached by a fan on Twitter who wanted to get a comment on Xenosaga HD Collection after the petition passed the ten thousand signatures milestone.

“I said ‘A miracle would happen if several tens of thousands are gathered’ before. Not 10,000, ” said Harada in his reply to the fan on Twitter. “That’s why I tweet ‘I don’t expect miracle by Petition any more. I’ll find another way’. Thx.”

Even though the petition might not have reached the success as intended, it is encouraging to hear that Harada might be working on alternatives for bringing Xenosaga HD Collection to the current generation consoles.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • Godard, the Diviner

    We are in nearly mid-2017 and nothing so far so I gues Mr. Harada did not find a way to make it happen, sadly.

    • HiHoSilver

      I really wish he could. I loved Xenosaga and can’t imagine why it didn’t succeed.

  • Hashy51

    Walter nailed it – Xenosaga is an intellectual inquiry into ‘possibilities’ that merges Eastern and Western philosophy. While it is pure fantasy, it creatively introduces some deeply held beliefs and investigations of the human mind. And the horror of it – wow. But yes, I know, it’s fun and sexy too, and sometimes sappy and annoying – but such is life isn’t it? That is what is truly fascinating to me about Xeno – it is so much all at once, and marries all these very human fantasies and illuminations into a brilliant and cohesive epic. I have never played a more epic game – ever. And while the delivery sometimes suffered, it wasn’t the fault of the story, but rather the fault of the technology at the time. The technology that we have now would tell the story even better. As far as the combat systems – I don’t think I’m alone in believing that is only a small problem in today’s technology. Making a psuedo-FPS like Skyrim would be a mistake I think, because Xeno is character driven, not free-world driven. The combat system should tell the story side by side with the cut scenes – that was E3’s strong point I think. But this only gives the developers even more opportunity to be unique, instead of riding the fad. Therefore, my conclusion is this in two parts – a) Xenosaga was essentially ahead of its time. It would have been more successful with better technology. b) The developer was much too worried about making it profitable, instead of letting the production team make the game into what it wanted to become. Let the story tell itself, let the artists communicate – the profit will follow.

  • Walter Avalos

    Would it really not make money? Some middle schooler that never had a PS2 moght see the new release and buy it. It’s not just fan service that he is doing. It would make money given the wider anime viewership compared to a decade ago when the series was made. Not to mention the extensive list of JRPGs released in America now. Mass effect is great, but there really is nothing else after Xenosage that absolutely engrosses you into an intellectual Sci Fi world. It is an unrivaled SciFi JRPG. Most of us never even got a chance to try the Phantasy Universe series and Ocean Star is a much lesser game in comaprison. Xenosaga HD would be a success.

  • Jissu

    If it does end up happening, I hope it gets ported to all current gen home consoles. Not just PS4.

  • William Cole

    How about Xenogears HD?

  • peter her

    Dam looks like nobody gave a dam that sux.

  • Felipe Navarrete Rojas

    If he can manage to create a cohesive Art style among the titles and an equally engaging blattle system, i will buy it in a second, the plot is great, but the variations among the titles make me lose some of the interest in the Saga as a whole.

  • AvanStrike

    Kickstarter? seems like it’s everyone’s ‘plan B’ these days

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