Killer Instinct 720p vs. 900p Screenshots Show That The Resolution Makes A Big Difference

Killer Instinct has received a new patch with the launch of its Season 2, which bumps the resolution of the game from 720p to 900p. This is quite a big jump for the game, which was a launch title for the Xbox One.

The new improved resolution is definitely a welcome addition, even though the game has been out for quite a while now. Thanks to NeoGAF user VE3TRO, we can now see the difference between both resolutions on the Xbox One.

[twentytwenty]killer-instinct-720p-900p (1-2) killer-instinct-720p-900p (1-1)[/twentytwenty]


[twentytwenty]killer-instinct-720p-900p (2-2) killer-instinct-720p-900p (2-1)[/twentytwenty]

It is pretty obvious from the comparison that the crushed blacks are now gone. The shadows also seem to be improved and there is less aliasing now, compared to the 720p version of the game.

What do you think about the resolution difference between 720p vs. 900p? Are you satisfied with the new resolution? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Yan Bezina

    NOW IT ONLY NEED TO COME OUT ON PS4 SO WE CAN GET 1080 p …sorry for caps 🙁

  • kenwonobi basurto

    Cant have it both ways Xbots. Either it made no difference at all or every PS4 game with higher resolution makes a huge difference. So until they see that difference? I dont see any difference at all in the update for this game whatsoever.

  • PachterStation

    Yawwwwwwwwwn. The PS2 always faired well against the Xbox (and you could say the GameCube), then all of a sudden it changed. Even the Dreamcast pulled off better graphics than the PS2 with a number of games. I suppose this started with the Xbox 360 versus the PS3 (both trampled by the Wii which was underpowered graphically), but it escalated with the Xbox One versus PS4. There’s not much in it. It’s still a sad and pointless debate. One guy mentioned that graphics are the most important part of gaming. I didn’t realise how small minded someone could be.

    • demfax

      Desperate fanboy downplaying.

  • Trim Dose

    lol is hilarious how people wants to put me on fire cause saying the 900p has less details on screen, meanwhile the facts are in front of this xboners faces on this page!! if this isn’t a true fact of fanboy denial so I don’t know what it is XD





  • RealTalk

    LMFAO so when it’s 900p up from 720p it’s a huge difference for XBox One to XBots, but on PS4 1080p from 900p is a negligible difference as far as Xbots are concerned. LOL at that Xdrone logic).

    Going from 900p to 1080p is actually a bigger difference difference in pixels than 720p to 900p.

    1920 X 1080=2,073,600 (633,600 more pixels than 900p)
    1600 X 900 =1,440,000 (518,400 more pixels than 720p)
    1280 X 720 = 921,600

    Resolution has always made a difference, no one’s denying that other things can improve the graphics, but a higher resolution requires less AA, produces a cleaner image overall, will allow you to see details better than a lower one, which is better for image quality in a straight up comparison.

  • lovingdagamesdudez

    WOW! I never knew the resolution changed the background to games!

  • Ryan Conaway

    Why didn’t the article mention what monitor or TV was used for testing? The ppi, native resolution, upscaling/downscaling, and color levels of the monitor are really going to affect the output results.

  • Guest

    Xbots in denial about resolution as per. Delicious.

    Keep damage controlling lads, maybe one day the Xbone won’t be a massive piece of shit. It’s unlikely though.

    • Failz

      Cant wait to play Killer Instinct on the PS4….

      • Pony’s Gaffer-Hive mind

        LOL, yeah

      • Pony’s Gaffer-Hive mind

        LOL, yeah

      • zainfazal3000

        good luck with that, it’s published by MIcrosoft.

      • tcnitsni

        Can’t wait to play Street Fighter 5 on my PS4. Also Guilty Gear Xrd today.

  • popo123

    The colors and blacks does not have anything to do with the resolution.

  • andy

    Durrrr really? Nobody ever told us that. Great to still see the denial here even when it’s good news for Xbone. I guess you are all getting ready for another year of better PS4 resolutions AND performance over Xbone games. I don’t blame y’all ^_^

  • Failz

    Wow I didnt know resolution made the lighting better. Another failed article trying to convince the lil kids that resolution means everything.

  • Kamille

    I see they finally fixed the crushed blacks too.

  • corvusmd

    Haha, someone tried to make a big deal about Res difference, and it turns out the differences are about everything BUT Res….well done

  • Convergence87

    You know whats a bigger difference 900p to 1080p(ps4 standard)

    • RealTalk

      Yep. it’s like this:
      1920 X 1080=2,073,600 (633,600 more pixels than 900p)
      1600 X 900 =1,440,000 (518,400 more pixels than 720p)
      1280 X 720 = 921,600

      • Failz

        Resolution works a lot like this

        • tcnitsni

          No, those are polgyons, lol. They have nothing to do with resolution.

    • Failz

      Someone hasn’t heard of Diminishing returns.

      • Convergence87

        Just because someone buys something that turns out to be crap isn’t a reflection of the persons intellect; continuing to defend after there’s so much evidence to the contrary is. There is never diminishing returns when it comes to resolution.

        • crazypostalbob

          There is always diminishing returns. Compare wii 480p to 720p. Then compare 720p to 900p. Tell me which is the bigger gap.

          852×480 = 408,960 which is 512,640 difference to 720p.

          If you are going to blatantly lie and say 900p (633,600 pixel difference) to 1080p looks as big as the gap between 480p to 720p (512,640 difference) then you aren’t worth debating with.

          Have you even played the better looking wii games? The difference in jaggies, and everything is absolutely enormous 480p to 720p, while 900p to 1080p must be side by side. I have run this compassion on shadow of Mordor. It is a fact. In fact, just take shadow of Mordor on 720p, compare to 900p, and then 1080p, and then the lowest resolution. I think they do have 480p. Then come back and comment. Or would you prefer I post the footage?

          I am picky on graphics. There is a difference in 900p to 1080p. Anyone who says there isn’t, is also a liar.

          But from 900p to 720p I won’t play the game. I will not play 720p. 900p is way less of a difference. And actually, that shows my snoody behavior in gaming. I’m not just a fan boy.

    • crazypostalbob

      This is a huge lie.

      Huge. I have played shadow of Mordor on pc. 720p is the resolution that basically has a pretty big difference compared to 900p. And it has nothing at all to do with crushed blacks and certainly little to do with actual color vibrancy. Just looking at the pictures I can tell this was done on different tvs.

      Now what it does do, is make things fuzzy, and more jaggies when you have a lower resolution.

      In this area, 720p to 900p is insanely noticeable. On most games. Shadow of Mordor included. 900p to 1080p, you really have to compare side by side. There is a difference. But it is less noticeable.

      Regardless of that, my issue is with frame rate first and for most, which you will find within 2 years all games will be 30fps so they can crank up graphics. Until then, at least half will be. So if you’re here to brag about ps4, also an underpowered piece of garbage, just like xbox one, your complaints will fall in deaf ears.

      Just to say, I’m not a pc elitist.

      It’s just this gen consoles are BOTH woefully underpowered. When xbox 360 was released it had the x1800 gpu, 240 gflops plus extras that made if perform better than the fastest card out which was an x1800 variant with 273 gflops. The core was a tri core power pc core at 3.2ghz. In other words, the same core in the g5 computers released around the same time. CPUs that were basically limited to dual core, and faster cpus were not released for several years. Dual core cpus were the norm for a few more years. 3.2ghz was the top speed for a power pc based chip.

      Now we have 1.84 teraflops on the more powerful console. My nearly two year old and 7970ghz edition has about 4. The cpu is a tablet cpu on both, clocked at half the speed of their standard chips of the same core. If they used the desktop chip and Kaveri cores (which are already weak) go past 4ghz. So we have about a third the power of an already weak cpu on that end. Toms hardware said that in comparison to an i5 3570k that even if all cores are used to their max, it would have A QUARTER the lower. Yes. You read that right. Ipad cpus are already close to being faster. The gpu’s are quickly catching up. That’s a problem. It is a mistake they both made, so I don’t need to hear any more bragging from sony users. I have both consoles and I will be pissed at both so they both learn their lesson. If you want these guys to keep on their feet don’t lavish them with pathetic fan boy praise. Repeat after me: Sony. Screwed. Up. I know it’s hard because there are no other options so they are selling well, but it was a bad move and screwed the hardcore gamer. Also, iPads release every year. This ipad is supposed to be about 360 gflops. Do the math. Next year 720. Next year 1.44. In 2016 they will release iPads that compete with next gen. That is 3 years into their life. If we go at normal ipad upgrade speed. They may well have screwed over console gaming. BOTH of them. So get mad! I’m really sick of the complacency of current gen gamers, as long as it’s faster than the other piece of garbage it’s ok right? Yeah. No.

  • You are flat out wrong’s mom

    not much difference at all, but yes i agree 900p looks noticeably better on screens bigger than 42’+

    i don’t mind a 900p gen, they could use the extra bandwidth on other things, i can’t really see much difference from 1080p to 900p.

    but 720p to 900p yes good upgrade but not major

  • Dennis Crosby

    The improvements came from Iron Galaxy redoing the game and improving on the design. Killer Instinct season 2 looks and feels like a new game because of the hard work the Iron Galaxy did

  • Stagger Lee

    I would like to see at least one honest argument. Every one of these forums degrades all conversations to Xbox sucks! No Sony sucks! The truth of the matter is Sony has some great games and great exclusives (I want Guilty Gear Xrd so much it’s painful) and Microsoft has some great exclusives as well (Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3 come to mind). I have both systems (as well as the Wii U) and if truth be told I would have never bought an Xbox One if not for this game. I have been a fan of Killer Instinct since I was a kid. I used to play for hours at he arcade near my house back when it first came out. I purchased a Super Nintendo as well as N64 for the KI franchise. I was extremely skeptical when I first read it was coming to Xbox One. I thought they were going to destroy it. I was wrong the game is great it’s also setup in a way that is newcomer friendly, but has a surprising amount of depth. Last night Season 2 downloaded and I’ve had my chance to play. The menu interface is new. I liked the old character select screen a lot more. Playing as Maya is great addition as well as finally being able to use TJ Combo in ranked matches. The look of the game however is not that much different. Once the game is in motion it’s really tough to see the differences. Looking at screenshots side by side is not really a great way to compare. Seeing it in motion is the only way. The game still looks fantastic, but it really isn’t jawdroppingly different.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    We all know resolution only matters to xbox owners when a game has a lower res on PS4 then a game on xbone, which happens never with multiplats so they have to compare different games. Of course when its the other way around and their game has a lower res, like most of the time, its totally ok cause res doesn’t matter anymore.

    • Noome

      U know 9/10 times is PS4 users who bring up the res debate on a multiplat so really fail to see your point.

    • Failz

      Its funny how PS owners never cared about graphics with the PS1, PS2 and PS3 days, but now that they have the most powerful console, graphics means everything.
      Hypocrites at there best.

  • EmpeRawD

    I see no “Big Difference”

  • oSHINSAo

    is it available now ?

  • incendy

    The colors and contrast look different. As for resolution, hard to tell.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    The article said it makes a “big difference”. The big difference looks like almost no difference. I actually think the 720p version while looking slightly less sharp actually looks better for some reason.

  • Dangerousjo 1985

    Only problem it 720p can run on SD TV , and 900p still needs a HD TV run on..

    • Ibrahim Ali

      720p is fucking HD you dumb fuck kid.

      • Chum

        Not the point. If 720p can run properly on a non-HD TV and 900p can’t then that is the qualifying difference marker he is referring to.

        • albatrosMyster

          900p doesn’t run properly on any TV that I have ever seen… at least if your TV is 720p you get a super sampled version of an higher resolution image, which is great.

          Now, the XB1 does not have anything to output to an SD TV, only HDMI, so unless you purchase some converter box… there is no point in doing this.

          • Chum

            Again, not the point. It is the difference in 720p vs 900p… nothing in regards to the capabilities of the XB1 or PS4 in his comparison. Simply the fact of the resolution itself.

          • albatrosMyster

            Man, it makes no difference if you have an SD TV that takes only 720p (it was probably ah HD ready TV), the console will downscale the game to 720p if this is your selected output resolution…. but if you have a TV like this, it’s very unlikely that there is an HDMI input on it to begin with, so you’ll need some kind of adapter to make this work.

            It may not have anything to do with console x or y, but the PS4 has no game that runs at 720p, yet I am sure a good number plugged theirs on 720p TV set, because they can.

          • Chum

            Yet again, he is not talking consoles. He is talking resolution. Get over it… your points have nothing to do with his. Apples and Oranges.

          • albatrosMyster

            Give me some context then, because honestly except the last line, the response to his statement (which is misleading as there is no way to plug one of the new consoles to an SD TV, not without some adapter).

            Then there is the fact that no console (or anything made for TVs really) output a native 900p… unless you plug your PC to a TV and select 1600*900 as the resolution, but since we are in a console related article, this is not really relevant.

            If someone saw what I said as an “attack” they are way too sensitive, this is pure fact (there are no 720p games on the PS4, there is no way to plug either the PS4 or XB1 directly to an SD TV and well, 720p, 900p or 1080p… even 4K will need a converter to be downscaled to a true SD TV, unless you have one of those that are “HD ready” … but even then, I doubt they had HDMi ports when they were available… also if your TV accept only 720p or 1080i the console, which ever you happen to have will downscale the games that run at an higher resolution to the one your TV accept and you will get a supersampled 720p image, which should be wery crisp for 720p).

    • Junoh315

      720p is only HD. You’re thinking of 720i and it’s not the same.

  • Trim Dose

    wow they are removing alot of detail just to achieve 900p ?, freaking xbone console sucks seriously.

    • Ricoh123

      They havnt removed any detail. How were you people even born?

      • Guest

        Hahaha, knowing him you shouldn’t even have to ask that.

      • Trim Dose

        lol look at background, denial at your fines by xboners 😉

        • FrostBlade

          Scripted environments probably, the object looks like a bell tied down. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when footage is released.

        • JoinTheRest

          Enjoy knack and driveclub. This game crushes any indiestation exclusive ever made

          • Trim Dose

            huh ? not sure if you are actually thinking before posting.

          • JoinTheRest

            I understand if your salty with the mediocre exclusives you have had all year

          • demfax

            You are vile, lying, ignorant, and sick fanboy waste.

            You are deranged, worthless, lying, constantly wrong, ignorant, hypocritical, mentally diseased, pure evil fanboy human waste..

          • JoinTheRest

            Haha shutup you loser I’m surprised you didn’t copy and paste your life story

          • demfax

            You are vile, lying, ignorant, and sick fanboy waste.

            You are deranged, worthless, lying, constantly wrong, ignorant, hypocritical, mentally diseased, pure evil fanboy human waste.

      • albatrosMyster

        I though it was the crushed blacks vs the non crushed blacks too… but look behind the pillars, they did take out some structure (in the fist shot)

        It’s still depressing that they have to make a big deal of “bumping” the resolution to 900p in a fighting game in 2014 :-/

      • Drakenkaizer

        where is the giant bell from the background??? did it fall down the mountain??

        • FrostBlade

          It’s still there, view the Season 2 Launch Trailer, at 0:45.

        • Failz

          You should play it to find out.

      • RealTalk

        LMFAO keep telling yourself that.
        Looking at the second screen shot there’s an entire temple missing, in the others the textures actually looking lower resolution, although the 720p images do have a lot of crushed blacks, which was common on Xbox One games before Microsoft released their up-scaler update to fix those issues.

    • Dashaun Rutledge

      Actually I can see what he’s talking about he’s not trolling, if we are missing something, can someone explain it please.

      • HalfBlackCanuck

        Ultra finisher involves bell falling. I had the same question earlier. The screenshot is at the end of the match, one finished with an ultra (900p), the other (720p) without.

    • Noome

      Same treatment as they did with our braincell count then i guess 🙂

  • Ricoh123

    Somebody learnt to change the brightness and contrast to their tv set.

    The xb1 had never had crushed blacks unless you havnt set the picture output properly.

    In 720p i can set my xb1 incorrectly to crush blacks. I can also set it correctly to produce correct blacks.

    Also, law of diminishing returns. 720p to 900p shows a much bigger difference than 900p upscaled to 1080p vs 1080p.

    This is just a xb1 hate article from the ps4 fanboys on neogaf to try and discredit the xb1.

    They are losers. The end.

    • rudero

      So by that argument, buying a next gen console, 720 to 1080p is the biggest and better improvement over 720 to 900p correct. That is the point in making a purchase. The best improvement on a console leap to a new gen.

      • crazypostalbob

        Actually no. By that logic 900p to 1080p for a next gen console against another isn’t a huge deal.

        They both have good exclusives coming.

        Buy all is my motto.

        But as a side comment on this since it really shines through with sony users, since Xbox users don’t brag about the power of their console:

        BOTH are underpowered pieces of garbage. See my above post for a thorough description of why. For their time, these consoles are less than half as powerful as last gen was at release. The CPUs are about a quarter, the gpu’s are less than half the teraflops of the single card equivalents on pcs these time around, like a gtx 980, or even to be fair,
        The gtx 780ti which was the one out alongside the console. Heck, the amd 7979ghz edition which was out a year before console release was over double the gflops. Ps4 isn’t next gen. Neither is xbox. They are both pathetic. By comparison to each other there is minimal levels of difference, as long as it is 900p to 1080p.

        • rudero

          I have absolutely no clue what you are trying to say. You think both are garbage. check. And you also do not think last gens avg of 640p 30ps is better improved on the ps4 vs the xbox one? correct? where as, thus far, the ps4 has outperformed running said games. Ps4 has the better updated model. That being said, people were saying Xbox 360 to xbox one is the improvement then compare it to the ps4. No, it is which one had THE better upgrade. Ps4. Do you know of a better current running console to compare what better could be? no. thus the ps4 is the best current console for running games.

          • crazypostalbob

            Completely irrelevant.

            Both consoles are underpowered, and both are pretty close together.

            900p to 1080p isn’t a concern.

            The exclusives are. Games after all are what consoles are for.

            But back on topic: The ps4 being a slightly better piece of garbage hardware wise is not a win. Say it with me: my ps4 is underpowered.

            It’s ok. So is the xbox one.

            Now which is the “better” next console spec wise in that garbage? Ps4. And it isn’t enough to brag about considering the tablet processor. By that logic I should buy a PC, if specs are the weight right?

            I do like consoles.

            So I said the measure is the games, and they are both outside of that similar. The power in real world between these two will not be that great. That CPU won’t allow the ps4 to squeeze much of anything at all out of it. It is likely to be the main bottleneck on both consoles. Not the gpu.

            The consoles are very close.

            And I really don’t care if ps4 manages to run some games at 1080p vs 900p. I personally will buy all multi plat games for ps4. This is how I know your logic isn’t sound. By your logic, I have no reason to own xbox one. I most certainly do. Even though I will buy multiplat games for xbox one until I see what the cloud can do.

            Your problem is being an unrealistic fan boy. And I hate those. And I enjoy showing how much of fan boys they are. Fan boyism ruins competition, ruins gaming, and is allowing ps4 to think they released a powerful enough console. They did not.
            Tell me, when apple’s a processors pass up ps4 in 3 generations (2017, if they double each time as they have, it will go about 360, 720, 1440, then 2880 gflops) will you then get the point how underpowered these consoles are? Sony wanted to release the cheapest piece of crap they could to keep you happy, and thanks to Microsoft doing about the same, and ps4 winning slightly, you are settling with crap. I hope apple shakes things up to get both these idiots off their butts.

          • rudero

            “Both are garbage” “unrealistic fanboy”
            Do you listen to yourself or do really feel like you have a valid point? All I hear is saltiness out of you.
            It ok not like anything or everything. Calm down. You really sound like one of those hurt Xbox fans that all of a sudden became a pc fan due to the underpowered Xbox one. It’s not by much. It will be ok.
            All you are doing is getting defensive and rude when the topic is which console got the better upgrade this gen. With sonys record 13.3 million consoles in less than a year, many believe it to be the best upgrade.
            100% correct on exclusives and, since both console have previous iterations, you then go to history of reliability in said department. Maybe that is also why the Sony console is also outselling the competition?
            “But their garbage” *said with a mean pouty face. Get over yourself. It will be ok.

          • crazypostalbob

            I am not an Xbox fan. Ps4: crazypostalbob ffxiv. Look me up. What actually shows is your defensiveness. By your own admission they are close. Which I don’t care about because both suck and are underpowered garbage. 500gflops of difference is a big deal to you, but not 4 teraflops of difference when compared to modern cards? 30fps is the norm, and will be the norm without exception within a few years. Want to take the bet?

            The iPad air 3 is going to have a gpu with over a teraflop of processing power. The tri core cpu in the iPad is dangerously close to the geek bench multi core scores for the closest comparable amd product that is in both ps4 and Xbox one.

            Have you looked up the core? I almost bought a 7970m laptop with an amd processor. Why is this relevant? The amd 7970m is in the ps4 (with a few cores turned off so the card doesn’t fail, ergo less flops). With an amd cpu, it is cpu bound even with a 3.4ghz cpu (consoles are 1.6ghz). The cpu is so bad, the gpu doesn’t matter at all. The 7970 with an Intel (the saber laptop I ended up getting) was double the score with the same card.

            This is no joke. In 2016 when Apple launches the iPad Air 4 (after the teraflop iPad ar 3 in 2015), in all likelihood it will surpass the consoles. Both consoles, are underpowered garbage. Also: I bought my pc in 2012. I converted to pc gaming (ish, since I game on all. I used to ignore pc) because I could buy a game brand new for way less, and it was way more powerful than what was out. A year later, a console came out that was less than half as powerful as my pc (4 teraflops vs 1.33 and 1.84, not accounting for the fact that the cpu cannot keep up with the gpu. As I said above I almost bought the 7970m with an amd chip.).

            When I bought the Xbox 360, it was literally more than 3 times more powerful than Xbox one or ps4 for its time. The cpu in the new consoels is literally about the same strength if not weaker in tasks, and it shows. It was 240gflops, and launched along side the x1800xl which was 253, but did not have the memory throughput of the Xbox 360 chip. The equivalenr would be the ps4 releasing with at least the gtx 780ti when it came out, a card in excess of 4 teraflops.

            If anything, you are salty.

            Also: I do listen to myself, child. Saying garbage is garbage, for real reasons, is perfectly reasonable. And calling you a fanboy who is unrealistic, when you are unrealistic, is perfectly reasonable.

            Due to these choices, consoles will either fall behind tablets and consoles, or they will literally cease to exist when Apple thrashes them.

          • rudero

            Outside of delusional, that entire rant was pointless and a well thought out mess of useless information.
            A. If you think one little part makes an iPad more powerful, that puts your age at around 17sh? When, although correct on the little pieces seeing a yearly update, so is needing to upgrade each time to reach your more powerful ipad, how much would that cost each time? It also costs more than a console. So in theory. It should be more powerful. How exactly would a consumer play a game with about 40gb of information with a controller on thier tvs from an iPad? Let me guess, more peripherals? More cost. Wow.
            Ever try to do math with all your useless information?
            B. Salty? Why? Because of whiny little babies like yourself always negatively trolling a toy?
            I am secure in my purchase and the cost of gaming. I do not need a bunch of useless jargon to try and sway me from what I am happy with. I am secure enough as a person.
            You, on the other hand, all of this is very telling, you have the blatant desperation to try and actually look like you know what you are talking about, and let’s pretend you do, what does any of this matter?
            Why do all of this crying for a toy. It cost $399.00. There is nothing on the market that can provide the expierince for that price. So all that verbal garbage you spewed out means absolutely nothing.
            You are just representing the very definition of salty. You are pouty and sound spoiled.
            ITS A TOY, YOU ARE CRYING OVER IT AND YOU CALL ME A KID? See the irony? Or have you not been taught the definition of that word yet!

          • crazypostalbob

            Very humorous. We’re my facts too hard to put together?

            Irony are your posts. I said you were a child, and immature. You are by your actions. Irony is you then calling me out on insults while typing all caps, say I am crying about a toy for posting facts (false equivalency, heard of it?) and are bleeding true insecurity. You are clearly upset I called your console of choice garbage and underpowered. I also called the Xbox one garbage and underpowered. You then called me an Xbox one fan boy. That is someone who doesn’t know how to think.

            Further: None of my post was a mess. Tangible aspects of Sony are unethical and you don’t call them $ony. Tell me, what has Microsoft to earn your anger? Or is it as I called it, simply hate? You are too ignorant to know the meaning behind my posts. So ignorant, it is no longer even worth the debate. There is a difference behind a hateful action in response to a jack ass, and a hateful action with no reason. Guess which your Microsoft hare comes from, child?

          • crazypostalbob

            Further: I noticed you didn’t decline my age assumption and then guessed I was 17 linking that age to iPad users since you are young enough to be spoiled enough to see 17 year olds with iPads.. You could have said I was 18. But to you that is too close to an adult, since you are not much past. So you aren’t much past 18. So I was right about you being 20 wasn’t I? I love it!

            I’m 30, boy, with two kids and a family. And my putting info that you didn’t know about the iPad was knowledge. Not spouting crap like you just did.

            And no. Single parts of the iPad are not the only parts getting better. You are so inept. And to do with the iPad, it is $399, $299 when they went on sale for over a month. While that is the 16gb version, it will be 32 by the time it reaches 2016. At which point $400 will buy a 64. These consoles are not powerful enough. Get over it!

            Jesus kid. Go back to school and learn to talk.

            I had class to begin with but I always smack children into line, you whiny 20 year old.

          • rudero

            there is absolutely nothing of any importance in your comments to anyone. To the few boners still mad about the ps4s success might upvote you but that is it.
            Literally senseless information.
            I guessed your age over the crying of a over a toy and how it was made. Not because of your iPad. Also because to judge a product of yearly growth which can not provide the same experience to a product that is a short term longevity of multiple years with no upgrade.
            Who cares. My whole point is why run around crying over them. If you are “30”, should you not be asking why you act like that? What are you getting out of it? These products are what they are and MILLIONS of people are enjoying them and ignore Debbie downers like yourself.

          • crazypostalbob

            More pointless comments.

            Why I act like what, boy. Let’s meet in person then. You need to ask yourself if you can question how an adult is asking because they say things you don’t agree with, and say they are crying. If you want to cry I’ll break a few of your bones.

            The only thing I said was that these consoles are underpowered. They are. Ps4 included. You claim that all that matters is that they are a success, ok well Xbox one has also been a success. What do you perceive as the Xbox one flaw? When you tell me its power, it makes my argument relevant.

            Power wise it doesnt hold an advantage, and if it is the advantage, ps4 will find out the long term affects of that choice soon. When iPads surpass them.

            Also: unreal engine 4 is coming to iPad. Plants vs zombies garden warfare is as well as frost bite 2. Sky landers trap team, the full console edition just released and so did Disney infinity, which you can play with a ps4 Xbox one or xbox 360 controller.

            You said will you ever be able to play a full game. The answer is yes.

            If you want to accuse me of crying again I will force you to deal with being crushed whether physically or mentally. And here’s a clue in: ALL older males agree with bashing the heads in and breaking in the little boys like you, mr two years past 18. You may as well be half a decade from getting your molars, you whiny brat.

          • rudero

            Is that your maturity answer for a thirty year old with two kids? “Going to break bones”? Threats? All because of your pointless rant? Well, then I apologize for making you so angry and I retract all that I said and can only hope and beg that everyone will not only listen to you, but follow you as in some sort of messiah and preach your knowledge to all that come after us or we all shall face your wrath.

          • crazypostalbob

            Such a brat.

            Grow up boy.

  • Guest

    The only difference I see is between the black levels. Everything else looks the same.

    • BoyBigEyes

      Are you Kidding right? In the first image you can see in the background things that are missing when you do the comparison!

      • HalfBlackCanuck

        Difference between a round ended with an ultra combo and one that was not. That’s the only reason the bell is missing.

        • BoyBigEyes

          Ok… so why in the second image, that temple Disappears in the background?

          • HalfBlackCanuck

            Once again, not a temple. It’s a giant bell. It drops when an Ultra Combo is performed on that stage. The 720p screen-grab is from the end of a match without an Ultra ender, the 900p version is with it performed, hence no bell in the background. Whoever grabbed this images should have paid more attention to that aspect/detail as it threw me off as well initially.

          • BoyBigEyes

            Ah ok. This article it should talk about that, because the xbone really looks like more weak that we think.

  • HalfBlackCanuck

    Where’d the background scenery in the 2nd comparison? An entire building seems to have disappeared…
    Otherwise, looks better without the crushed blacks,

    • Dvrrell

      Maybe second comparison is an end of the match cinematic, the bell in the background falls depending on how the match ends.

  • Ryan_McN

    looks like someone screwed with the brightness on the display.


    I own both seasons and 2b honest dont notice the difference in reso. The graphics are the same best looking fighter game ever imo put bout 200hrs 1st season most likely will do the same in season2 uuuuuuuullllltttrrrraaaa cooommbooo

    • demfax

      Killer Instinct has a 73 on metacritic, shit game confirmed according to deranged microsoft shills blindly attacking Driveclub for having a 72.

  • Guest

    Not surprised. Gameplay is king though and Killer Instinct definitely delivers as the only real next gen fighter out there.

    • demfax

      Killer Instinct has a 73 on metacritic, shit game confirmed according to deranged microsoft shills blindly attacking Driveclub for having a 72.