Killer Instinct Season 3 PC Confirmed For March 2016 Release, Will Be Windows 10 Exclusive

Killer Instinct Season 3 has been confirmed to release in March 2016 on PC. It will be a Windows 10 exclusive so if you are still running Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, you will have to upgrade to Windows 10 to play the game, just like with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

This news was revealed in an interview of the developers in a Twitch stream. Killer Instinct Season 3 creative director Adam Isgreen confirmed the following information regarding the release of the upcoming Season. (via reddit)

  • It will release in March 2016
  • It is Windows 10 exclusive
  • An updated Dojo Tutorial
  • Tusk and Kim Wu have been confirmed to appear at launch and both will have retro costumes
  • More characters will be available at launch than there were in the launch of Season 2. The remaining few will be available in the coming months.
  • Everyone on the roster will have tweaks to help balance the game to compensate for the new features and mechanics being introduced in Season 3


He also revealed some new information that was not known before for the upcoming Season.

  • Two characters that are currently on the roster will be re-worked. That means their set ups and how they gain meter will be different. It is confirmed that these two characters are not Glacius, Aganos, or Shadow Jago.
  • Although Ultimates for every character isn’t confirmed, it is possible for all the characters to receive Ultimates due to the tech they developed when they created ARIA.
  • They will reveal more information at Pax South in San Antonio, TX sometime between January 29-31
  • There will be more community bundles in Season 3 due to the success of the Shadow Jago Fund Raiser. The purpose of the Fund Raisers will be determined by the community on what they want to see in Season 3 that didn’t make the cut by launch. So if you want to see a certain guest character, stage, mode, feature, ect. that didn’t make the cut, make yourself heard. They are actively seeking out the community’s input.

Killer Instinct is cross-buy on PC and Xbox One so if you already own it on your Xbox One, you can also play the PC version at launch.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

  • Mattroski

    Guess I will have to set up another hardrive with windows 10 on it, because there is no way I am letting a windows 10 exclusive drive me to suicide. Windows 7/Linux FTW

  • Trevon Burtch

    In all honesty, Im gonna get this game either way because Im definitely not getting an xbox one because this is the only game I really want to play on it.

  • comment95405

    will be nice to have another way to play this game instead of buying an xbox1 that i’d never use for anything else

  • Steven Ortiz

    I just hope that they don’t implement multiplayer subscription on PC. It will be a death sentence for KI if that’s the case.

    • Mattroski

      Thats the joy of pc man, there will always be someone who will hack it, and create private servers, because fcuk the man, man!

      On a pc, you control the hardware, not them, at least you don’t have to let them.

  • Gregory Frazier

    I hope it supports a steam controller setup.

    I have been following this game for a year. I can’t wait. It’s my favorite game to get high to and kick some friendly ass.

    • Mattroski


  • Josué B. Hernández

    What about those that receive Season 1 this month on Games of Gold…? If We buy S3 on PC, will include S1 and S2 characters and stuff?

  • windrummerboy

    Windows 10 exclusive?

    Into the trash it goes

    • wow


      • Gojira Shinigami

        He’s stupid.

      • Bary Gusey

        He probably prefers using a different OS.

    • Risger Fidrawofes

      someone people are just weird, maybe he’s using XP and didn’t want to upgrade to 10 while its free.
      or he’s using pirated windows anyway.

      • Dump Dizzle

        Because there’s something wrong with pirated Windows, go fall on a spike, lol.

    • Justin Bruntmyer

      People actually upvoted your garbage? The hate for Windows 10 is completely pointless, and you ass jockeys acting all cool saying shit like “into the trash it goes” only prove that pirates are whiney liittle fucks.

      …and yes, we all know you’re a damn pirate. So, don’t deny it you inbred fuck pony.

      • Bary Gusey

        Come on, man. He could be using a different OS, his complaint is absolutely valid.

      • Dump Dizzle

        As if there was something wrong with it, lol. Look at this fuck boy here.

      • Mattroski

        Windows 10 is shit, anyone who has any IDEA about how to use their pc knows windows 10 is shit, I find Ubuntu equally easy to use as I do Win10, and I do not run Ubuntu as my main. Win10 is malware wrapped in a bow tie, carrying a knife behind its back. Just because you special snow flakes did not get the memo, does not make those who ARE informed; “whiny little fucks”.

        I know you probably upgraded, and have been beating your head in the wall convincing yourself that you are happy, but that OS is a turd. I run actual hardware on my machine, hardware that I want to use for purposes that seem to be outside the scope of the average web-browsing-novice, and for which Microshitheads decided to take command of.

        I will run Windows 7 until MS gets their shit together and releases a big-boy os, or I will migrate my shit to Linux, and I will run a (free) copy of whatever version of MS-Fuckprivacy-SuckNSAcock-Windows just for games, and I will make sure to keep it offline 99% of the time, and only permit approved packets, just to piss of the Indians that seem to be running that shithouse these days. Derpa.

      • opponent12

        Oh its not pointless hate, a bunch of spyware and the lack of easy to access program files and my computer is plenty reason to call windows 10 garbage.. Also I get Microsoft Word and Excel on Windows 7.1, and gotta buy it on Widows 10, smh

  • CaliKizid

    That’s good to hear, now if we can get some info on fps, resolution, graphic settings, possible in-game menu to keep track of friends, controller support, 4k support, VR (eh) support, etc. Microsoft could put a tad more effort into UNIFYING the experience for PC players, Xbox app is useless right now unless you own a console and Halo isn’t worth $350 especially with a $1000 generator beside my 4k TV.

    • Fenix1729

      60 fps, resolution should be high, based on your pc power. it will support any arcade stick.

      • CaliKizid

        Hopefully, my main concern is M$ view on pc gaming, if I can’t grab my stick and open, play, and exit the game on my 4k tv without too much hassle it WILL NOT be played, got too many games already.