Killzone Shadow Fall Is The Best Selling Next Generation Launch Exclusive

Killzone Shadow Fall has not only managed to impress others with its dazzling next generation graphics, it has also ended up to be the best selling launch exclusive among the two next generation consoles. It outsold Xbox One launch exclusives Ryse, Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3 in both of its major markets, EU and NA.

NPD has revealed the sales for the software and hardware in North America and along with it, we have also gotten a rough estimate of the software sales, thanks to a GAF poster, who is well known for leaking NPD sales number each month.

According to him, Shadow Fall sold approximately 270k units in its launch month, which is a lot more than any of the other Xbox One launch exclusives. While it can be argued that PlayStation 4 was out for more than a week before Xbox One in North America, the results in United Kingdom show similar sales success for Shadow Fall, where it managed to stay in the Top 10 for two consecutive weeks after its launch, ahead of any of the Xbox One exclusive.

The Top 10 charts can be seen below(courtesy of GFK Chart-Track), the PlayStation 4 launch exclusive Killzone managed to chart in the Top 10 for two consecutive weeks.

kz1 kz2

So what do you think of this sales success for Killzone Shadow Fall? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Gamer Boyz

    Look people, we are all gamers that support each platform, but come on now, there’s no denying the facts that PS4 is outselling the Xbone, and not just that but PS4 also allows games to be played at higher spec when compared to X0ne titles.

    Now matter what haters think or state Sony has given gamers (and more importantly developers) what they wanted and needed with PS4, and in turn will allow a better install-base which once more in turn should allow more games to be made and sold when compared to the other platforms like Wii U and Xbone.

    Killzone Shadow Fall has entered the gaming sales chart, proving the most popular next-gen title as NO other exclusive title from a Next gen platform is in the top ten charts. Haters will hate, but that doesn’t change the fact what I wrote is correct.

  • Guest

    …and it’s still a piece of junk, like the rest of Sony!

  • PachterStation

    I bet most Killzone games came packaged with the console due to there being a few Killzone packs. Used wise, stores are swarming with them, prices dropping all the time. It such a poor game though. It was exactly the same with Wii Sports. Best selling game on the Wii, yet nearly every Wii console came with it. Surely anyone with a decent brain can see that. That’s like Sony saying the most popular PS3 and PS4 controller colour is black.

  • Exposed

    Its the best selling launch exclusive title but you know what? It has the smallest competitive population playing the game. Maybe PS4 users are just ultra-casuals? I don’t know. But there is such a small population playing the game. It disappoints me because this game has the potential to be a true competitive style FPS compared to the casual shooters that earlier Killzone games were.

    • PachterStation

      Killzone is a crap game. Most will agree.

  • Thomper

    I am not surprised that Killzone sold so well. There were barely any other first party games worth considering. Microsoft had better launch games so sales would be spread out across those games.

    • oddvintagetaco

      Forza has alot of backlash. Ryse is repeative, Deadrising should sell well even with its 720p and horrid framerates. I would prolly still buy it.

  • Geino

    LOL I always go straight to the comment section to get a few laughs in. I’m enjoying Killzone on my PS4 by playing it. Debating in a comment section about what sold more and by how many is just ridiculous.

    • Tim

      Agree, Killzone is a really good game actually, the graphics are fantastic and the multiplayer rocks. Totally recommend any FPS fans to get this game.

  • Guest

    LOL @ $0N¥ PauperStation Foul N4Gay NeoFAGs. The game is an absolute overhyped Piece of Sh*t.

    • datdude

      Get a load of this load. This “guest” seems to comment quite a bit with
      nothing but pure gibberish emanating from his oral cavity. Come out
      from your parents basement and get some sun…you’ve lost all
      perspective on life. You would do well to remember this saying by
      Plato…”Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools
      because they have to say something.” Stop playing the fool and get a

    • PachterStation

      You’re right, it’s a poor game. 95% graphics and 5% game play. Can’t say anything has grabbed me yet on the DelayStation 4.

      • Dakan45

        Brickstation 4, indiestation 4, delaystaion 4.

  • Dakan45

    ” thanks to a GAF poster, who is well known for leaking NPD sales number each month.
    According to him,
    Shadow Fall sold approximately 270k units in its launch month, which is
    a lot more than any of the other Xbox One launch exclusives.”

    THIS IS?

    This is the reason why N4Gtards are going crazy on the comments?

    Forsome GAF poster leaking supposed NPD numbers which cannot be trusted anyway and according to his story shadowfall sold 270.000 on the ps4 launch month.

    Is this why the idiots at n4g are arguing wherever this game worthed the title of “best selling next gen launch exlusive”

    So many worlds there, so many subcategories to make this something impressive which is not.

    I dont know what is worse, this article grapping on straws for hits, the idiots at n4g or how guilable people are on neoGAF to believe some “informant”

    • he’sMad

      some1 is butthurt

      • Dakan45

        Someone is a complete idiot, Try READING next time to reallize just how stupid this article this is , there is litteraly NO proof of what is claiming. Just some fake insider saying that it sold 270.000 copies on the first month.

        Thats it, there have been “next gen” launch titles in the past that actually sold alot.

        • oddvintagetaco

          if someone has a history of telling truth, hes a legit insider. This game is a Launch exclusive. around 1/8th of PS4 gamers have the game. Thats not bad at all. Its only on one system.

          • Dakan45

            shut up fanboy!

          • cozomel

            “shut up fanboy!”, oh the irony

          • Dakan45

            Irony? you are the number one sony fanboy

          • xmantaclan

            this guy is really mad youre tyelling ppl to shut up you sound like a little kid waaah they are not agreeing with me waaaah please go back under a bridge troll you talk about ppl trolling you should look at you’re self in the mirror

          • Dakan45

            someone else is mad

          • Guest


          • Jack Slater

            This guy is the biggest shit I’ve ever come across, since internet exists.
            When he is not writing a 10 pages comment about his crysis 3 favourite game , that he doesn’t even own a legit copy of, he is commenting on every Sony article, bashing every game, Sony, the consoles, etc, and calling morons, idiots, retarded, n4gretardeds, stupids, always saying crap about Sony gamers and games, and talking like he knows more about the subject than the actual devs. What a pitiful virgin master(bator) race.
            If he tried to comment on n4g, he would have 1 bubble after his fifth comment. If he commented on neogaf, each one of his words would make 10000 guys laugh, with his ‘I know everything about everything’ comments. A true joke, but not funny one, and rather sad.
            I dont understand why don’t he quits. Everybody on earth has already been victim of his attacks, a simple random user that will post something like ‘can’t wait to play it on my ps3/ps4/PS vita’ will just engage in a never-ending argumentation , where, obviously, crysis is the best thing in this planet, and a game like killzone shadow fall has the most awful graphics ever.

            Who hasn’t been victim of his crysis theories yet? Almost nobody.
            Killzone shadow fall got slammed by the (US) press because it represented a threat for microsoft, and all the websites, journalists, etc, a la polygon, we’re just forced to down rate all the ps4 exclusives, so the xbox one lineup just looked amazing in comparison, because if they couldn’t beat the ps4 on the hardware department, with ps4 games displaying better and 2.25 times more pixels, the only way to bash it was giving ultra low scores to the ps4 exclusives. Knack, killzone, a 3/10? Come on. But it did work, since most ‘websites’ just keep saying ‘ bla bla, on the games department, xbox on.e lineup is much better’. Dead rising 3 at 720p 16 fps, forza5 with flat 2d textures, killer instinct at 720p, bf4 and cod ghosts only at 720p,and ryses and its ‘press the red button 200 times, to see the same qte over and over,to win, etc etc. Sure, marvelous lineup.outstanding. bravo, unbiased press.

            I haven’t had the chance to play killzone sshadow fall, but the videos I watch, it’s just insane, the level of details, colors, everything. I’ve never seen something like that, even on PC. Each slice of concrete, each object, grass, everything, is in 3d with hi res textures. Even stones on the floor, normally, we had an ugly flat bump mapped texture to simulate it. In killzone, each stone, ground, etc, are textured 3d objects. I try to notmwatch videos to avoid spoilers, but all I could see just looks amazing.
            But of course, for this dumb45, nothing beats cry sis. For me, and for most people out there, killzone sports new technologies, graphics and audio wise, never seen in a game. Lighting is a mix between pre backed and real time, devs said. But for mister IQ45, no, it’s prebacked.
            Press had a hard time finding arguments to make killzone look bad so they could give it a 3/10, but because nothing bad could be said about graphics, they had to invent sh!t, like the story this, the AI that,etc etc. Even guys from polygon, on their live 12h coverage video, said killzone looked better than ryse. Still, they were forced by microsoft, and had to give great scores to xbox one games, while killing ps4 exclusives with 3-4/10 scores.
            Too bad, guys, journalists, like the biggest liar and xbot in the world, mister adam sessliar.
            So much love and effort put on those 4/10 ps4 reviews, for nothing. The ps4 has almost 2 times more units sold than the xsux one, and until the end of December, between those who will receive one as a gift, and those who will get one with Christmas cash, it’s just another 1-2 million ps4 sold. Meanwhile, while press and microsoft try hard to make the xbox one look like it’s sold out, when it can be found everywhere, since launch day, and while the ps4 sold 1 million units in 24 hours, in NA alone, press write articles saying the xbox one was the fastest sold console ever, with 900’000 in 10 days. How’s that possible, when the ps4 SELLS 1 million in 24 hours, compared to 900000 in 10 days? The press is more desperate than ever, to praise the xbox brand and bash Sony. Lol.
            Too bad, dumb press. Too bad, sessliar Adam. Too bad, the biggest, saddest, virgin delusional pendejo dardumb45. smart mature gamers didn’t listen and care about the hate reviews killzone got, and soon, there will be millions of happy gamers enjoying great true 1080p graphics on killzone shadow fall, instead of spending their time reading poor articles from poor journalists that, because of their loyalty , patriotism towards their country and their national brand, and a few green dollars falling from the azure sky, were , once again, like they did since 2005, forced to write craap about Sony stuff, exclusive titles,etc, give it ultra low scores, and at the same time, write amazing reviews about the xbox one and its true next-gen 720p graphic capabilities, as seen on dead rising 3, cod ghosts, and the list goes on and on and on.

            Sorry mate for writing all this as a reply to the guy above you, but I can’t write directly to him, I feel like vomiting, with his comments, always bashing Sony, Sony games and gamers, and consoles in general, while saying crysis this, crysis that, and always offending people:A true kid in crysis.

          • Dakan45

            Yet you are still getting thumbs down for being a clueless retard.

            Where did i said crysis 3 was my favorite game dipshit?

            Sorry but crysis 3 having better graphics than shadowfail does not show any in any way that its a better game. Yet shadowfail is more worthy of the “all graphics no gameplay” than crysis 3.

            “Who hasn’t been victim of his crysis theories yet?”

            Techincal superior graphics are FACTS not theories yet you say bullshit like

            “Killzone shadow fall got slammed by the (US) press because it represented a threat for microsoft”

            Really? Really dipshit who is the fanboy now eh/

            ADMIT THAT THE GAME SUCKED YOU STUPID SONY FANBOY, it was a sucky game that was all there was to it you pathetic excsue of a child.

            Sony can fail and shadowfail was not a great game, THATS ALL there was to it you pathetic retard.

            Why cant you just reallize that and stop makign up bulshit.

            But i forgot you are a dumb virgin idiot who thnks shadowfail is the best game ever and it somehow manages to output better graphics than a high end pc which is logically impossible and as proven by every next gen release pc has superior graphics.

            But keep living in the delusionland that every critic outhere is paid of by sony and shadowfail was a good game and it looked better than crysis 3.

            Congrats you are a fine example of a delusional fantard.

            Sorry to break this to you but you the biggest retard i haver ever seen

            “there will be millions of happy gamers enjoying great true 1080p graphics on killzone shadow fall,”

            Looks at metarciritc, yup i guess all people who rated this game badly are “enjoying it” 1080p is new to you consoletards but i have been doing it since 2007.

            ALSO desptie 1080p shadowfail is filled with jaggies, the more complex the architecture the higher resollution is neeeded and AA, so 1080p will be replaced by 1200p and 1440p

            Sorry but you dumb kids need to get yout pathetc brains back together.

            Go badk to suck of a jap sony dck

          • oddvintagetaco

            no probleemmmmmm, you wrote alot. Anyways let him do what he wants. Its the internet.. just live your life! He really hates Playstation, you dont know his life story. Maybe Sony really broke his heart for making Sorcery or something.

    • TristanPR77

      NPD already confirmed PS4 Top Selling on both hardware and software you butthurt



      • Dakan45

        Oh look its a stupid fag.

        Guess what IDIOT, ps4 has 2.1 million xbox one has 2 million BIG FREAKING DEAL!!!

        Now get your brains out of your arse and try again.

        WHERE does it say that killzone shadowfail has high sales?There is no proof of that dimwit so stop being a idiotic sony fanboy.

        But i forgot you are a sony fag, all someone has to do is click your name to see that all your posts are about ps4 being the biggest launch and bashing xbox one.

        Sorry idiot, you need to STFU.

        • Marvin Deonte’ McClain

          PS4 had 2.1 million sold well over a week ago(about 10 days ago). Xbox just reached that. Do you think Sony has not sold any PS4 consoles at all since announcing 2.1 million 10 days ago? If you believe that…I have some swamp land in Rutherford, New jersey that I would like to sell you. Im pretty sure its a little more than 2.1 million vs 2 million. Sony has not updated their sales numbers.

          • Dakan45

            I believe that its kinda hard to get ps4s right now so xbox one gets more sales, it varies from region to region.

            Also from what i heard xbox sold over 2 million in 18 days.

            Thats what i heard in the end i am a pc gamer and i dont care but everything we read lately is missinformation. I cant trust anyone anymore.

          • Marvin Deonte’ McClain

            Ooooook….Well why post numbers as if what you are saying is absolute fact. You have been trolling console articles for the past year bro lol. Your exit line is always “Im a PC gamer, so I don’t really care.” Why spend so much of your life on console articles then? I know you have not played every PC game there is on this planet.

          • Dakan45

            If trolling means predicting then yeah i agree.

          • Marvin Deonte’ McClain

            So now you’re Michael Pachter?? I did not know it was your job to predict such things as sales in the video game industry. A prediction is followed by an obvious attempt to show that it(the prediction) is your personal belief. You state numbers and quotes as if what you are saying is fact. So yeah…you are a troll. And you have been for the past year lol…Its actually pretty sad.

          • Dakan45

            Hey, fuck you…Pachter is a fuckign joke he is ALWAYS wrong and has no idea what he is talking about dont compare him with me, my predictions are correct.

            “You state numbers and quotes as if what you are saying is fact”

            Yes i have stated numbers and quotes and those were actual facts that were proven, apparently thats your definition of trolling or you just have no idea whatosever what my predictions was and speak out of your ass.

            Perhaps you have to look to the mirror dipshit and see who is the troll.

          • Dakan45

            i well established myself as a pc gamer, yet you being a gigantic asswipe and thumb up the guy who calls me a xbot.

            See why i constantly say i am a pc gamer, so retarded sony faggots like you with learning dissability and goldfish memory who forgive sony fucking up the arse, will remember i am a pc gamer YET they dont, thats how pathetic you sony cunts are.

          • Marvin Deonte’ McClain

            Really bro? You are responding to a conversation we had from 3 weeks ago??? Im going to need for you to get a life lol

          • Dakan45

            and you need to get your brains straight dipshit. You know i am apc gamer yet you thumbed up the dudebro callign me a xbox.

            Wtf do i have to do? Put a pc on my avatar?

            Fucking stupid sonytards.

          • oddvintagetaco

            your a PC gamer and your spazzing out on a exclusive selling the more then any other exclusive?

          • Dakan45

            I am proving the article talks out of his ass and its BULLSHIT yet n4gtards treat it as truth, BUT I FORGOT people are guillable idiots to believe everything they read in the internet without doing research, infact this article will be posted aroudn as proof jsut by the title and no one would actually read it.

          • oddvintagetaco

            yes and theres was people saying how the xbox was gonna have gddr3 and carries a huge power brick (I dont know anything that has that) yet that came out to be true. There are trust worthy sources. Neogafers dont believe just anyone. They need to have a cred. Yes you can lie. But then you lose your cred.

          • Dakan45

            Thats one occasion in many wrong rumors though.

          • oddvintagetaco

            eh yeah whatever, sonytard out. Japanese lover is tired. pokemon y time.

          • Axe99

            This – if I was a PC-only gamer, I wouldn’t have even dropped by this story. It’s a very odd degree of interest from someone who is apparently disinterested in consoles!

          • Dakan45

            I disprove bullshit i find in n4g, this article is a BULLSHIT article had this been a xbox article about another game everyone would call bullshit and claim that ms is paying off people any lying but if its sony NOOO those things never happen but thats beside the point.

            It amazes me how many retards n4g has gathered on the sony side that dont know their head from their asses.

            From the architecture, to the relattive power to the blind belief that ps4 will last 10 years and that sony will deliever exlusives that will rock their world, without ever questining it.

            But the worst is the false sensel of superiority based on missinformations such as this article.

            Apparnetly sony fags like to defend a crappy game and say bullshit like jack slater that ms paid off every crtitic to downvote this game to harm ps4 sales. Or the delusional belife that shadowfail is a better looking game than anything on pc.

            Those are not “Facts” but the fantards believe em to be solely by reading a freaking article on the web and not even bothering to check it for bullshit.

            So yeah game companies are correct we are a bunch of dumbfucks posting bullshit discussions based on their lies and they playing us like puppets.

            Go ahead continue to do free marketing for them based on BULLSHIT posted on neogaf and this site makign it as the big freaking news that the retards all over n4g are making this somethings its not and feature it on the first page due to hits.

            Well done on missinformation and free marketing for a shitty game.

          • Axe99

            I agree that getting excited over rumoured numbers is silly, but it’s hardly the worst thing I’ve seen on N4G. I do note I’ve never seen you call out Nvidia when they’ve talked rubbish over the last year (which they’ve done on a number of occasions), nor on plenty of other articles – it’s just a little odd that you should focus your ‘calling out’ on something you’re not even interested in.

            Speaking of which, given you haven’t played it, you have no grounds to call KZ:SF a crappy game. Personally, it’s the best small-scale MP shooter I’ve played – it’s bloody awesome. The SP is a bit average (not bad, more Crysis 2 kind ‘solid but not great’) but the MP is phenomenal. I’m not suggesting it’s technically more advanced than Crysis 3, but for me, personally, it’s a of fun and is visually very impressive, and leaps and bounds ahead of what _my_ PC can handle, which when it comes to PC gaming is the only thing that counts for me ;).

          • Dakan45

            ” do note I’ve never seen you call out Nvidia when they’ve talked rubbish over the last year”

            but they didnt post rubbish.

            Nvidia has been praising pc’s growth since 2011 with statics. Were they “butthurt” even back then? Sony goen to nvidia first they turned them down because they werent happy with what they got from the previous consoles. Amd finacials are nowhere near as good as nvidi and intel why you think amd bought radeon?

            Also since developing better graphics chips costs billions in reserach and development, ms and sony cant do that and now with similar architectureand mantle the power consoles have over pc optimization will fade.

            ” given you haven’t played it, you have no grounds to call KZ:SF a crappy game.”

            Ok then, a game that has received universalli dissapoitment by critics cannot be called a bad game?

            In related news resident evil 6 is awesome and so is colonial mariens because you havent played it.

            ” Crysis 2 kind ‘solid”

            Crysis 2 sp sucked.

            “which when it comes to PC gaming is the only thing that counts for me ;).”

            Pc has far better things than graphics. The control and mp alone are better.

          • Axe99

            The top three scores for Killzone on Metacritic are 91, 90 and 90. That’s not universal disappointment by any definition ;).

            And Nvidia have been talking rubbish – they’ve been going all ‘Crytek’ on their smack-talk in the last year, lots of hyperbolae presented as fact, and you were unsurprisingly nowhere to be seen ;).

            Mouse/kb control for strategy games is indeed much better. Mouse/kb control for shooters is more casual and arcade, which can be better for many, but personally I prefer a gamepad for action/shooter games. Mouse/kb control for racers, flight games and platformers is worse.

            As for MP – I find it better on console – a more integrated friends list and more seamless matchmaking. Steam’s getting there, but it’s behind consoles on this front.

          • Mase IsBlessed

            Also people need to keep in mind that XBox1 has been available in more territories where as PS4 is staggering their release dates per region. Engadget says the PS4 is outselling Xbox 3-1 worldwide. I’m a gamer so I hope they both do well cause it means better gaming experiences for me.

          • HyperionLight

            It’s the other way around.

            Ps4 is selling in 32 territories and the x1 in 13.

            http://www.playstationlifestyle. net/2013/08/20/sony-confirms-all-countries-ps4-will-be-available-in-on-november-15thnovember-29th/


        • TristanPR77

          Denying reality won’t do you any good, do not let this news give you a heart attack, just accept the truth and


          • Dakan45

            But you dont know the reallity you dumb twat. You know only what those dumb articles make it sound like.

            Do you even put any effort into reading what the articles ay other suck posting your typical sony fanboy sucking bullcrap?

            So yeah you are a retard DEAL WITH IT by stop being fanboy and a guilable idiot.

        • datdude

          Here’s this idiot again just making sh#t up. He doesn’t like other peoples numbers and claims they are fake but eagerly touts other numbers that he considers somehow more credible because he chooses to believe so. Until the numbers are published and verified legitimately, they mean very little. Stop being a sheep, clown. Until such numbers are published, it’s hard to argue with a report stating that not only did Sony lead in hardware sales, but also software sales in November, despite LAUNCHING ON NOVEMBER 29TH IN EVERY MARKET OTHER THAN NORTH AMERICA!!!!! Game over sucka. Game over.

          • Dakan45

            oh lok its DATDUDE the massive cunt fuck that never shuts the fuck up and needs to go fuck a goat.

            The logic simple here you STUPID SONY FAGGOT.

            The game is SUPOSELLY the most sucessfull “8th gen” lanch title based on NEOGAF NDP LEAKS

            Get it dipshit? get it? Not ontls its COMPLETLY non crediable but its a load or HORSESHIT that doesnt matter to ANYONE


          • oddvintagetaco

            damn your spazzing like crazy… ok you dont like PlayStation. We get it, take your pills.

          • Dakan45

            shut up fanboy

          • hilyou

            LOL. This guy is beyond butt hurt. Using profanity isn’t going to get you anywhere.

          • Dakan45

            I did not start the profanity the retarded sony faggots did.

          • oddvintagetaco

            What am I a fanboy of exactly? I have owned every system. Yes i prefer Playstation and Nintendo tho.

          • Dakan45

            Look at the thumbs down you know why yo got em? Because you dont suck off sony but you own all sytems. This is the people you are dealign with here. Delusional sonytards

          • oddvintagetaco

            Haha, yes of course. Whats your point. For all I know its you making all those down votes. I dont like Xbox very much tho I guess.

          • Dakan45

            Ho i am making all those downvotes?

            I have dealt with sony fanboys before, they are ALL about sony dominance, dont dare say you play in mutiple systems or they will hunt you down.

          • oddvintagetaco

            Every system has fans. Ima at a age of who gives a shit. As long as PS4 sells great, its good. I want my games. I dislike Nintendo Systems, but boy do I love their games. I have Pokemon X and Y, but no 3DS. My first system was NES. Other things I just dont have time for. I have no want for Killzone. But it is the prettiest game on both systems. Sorry Killzone, I needs my games to have local multiplayer.

          • datdude

            Oh look…the mental cripple strikes again. Why don’t you go wack your junk around loser. It also wouldn’t hurt to put down the controller and pick up a speak and spell. That child’s toy should help teach you something. Your diction is atrocious.

          • Dakan45

            Says the retard that has nothing else to say apart from proving how much of a delusional sony fantard is and how he has to desperatly defend that atrocious company in all their shitty moves.

            Go in dipshit suck of sony some more.

    • cozomel

      This news makes you mad eh? sad, so, so, sad

      • Dakan45

        Yes dipshit BULLSHIT news that have no relation to reallity and are treated as facts bythe sony retards DO make me mad because you mental retarded sony dick suckers are posting them around as facts and ALWAYS pop up to defend sony.

        Yet you got thumbs down.

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