The Last Guardian: Details To Be Revealed In The Future, Game Still In Production, Says SCEA CEO

SCEA New CEO Shawn Layden was interviewed by Geoff Keighley recently at E3. In this interview, Layden shared new update on the status of The Last Guardian, which was recently rumored to be cancelled according to IGN’s source from Sony Russia.

Shawn Layden clearly denied any of these rumors and confirmed that the game is still in production. However, if you were eager to see the game making it debut again at the upcoming Sony Press Conference, you should know that it won’t. As hinted by Shawn Layden in his reply to Geoff Keighley.

The Last Guardian is still in production, it’s still in development, the teams are still working at it, and I look forward to, on an occasion in the future, Geoff, when I can talk more about what that progress looks like, and what that route to market is going to look like, but the game is still being worked on, so the rumours you heard are completely false.

His reply clearly talks about showing the game in the future. It was rumored by VG247 that the game won’t be revealed at E3, and if the comment of Shawn Layden is any indication, we won’t be seeing it any time soon. Maybe at the upcoming Gamescom or TGS?


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  • AmUnRa

    The source from IGN was NOT Sony Russia. The source of that fake cancelation was IGN Russia.

    Get your facts ride…….Khurram 😉

    I did not believe that IGN rubbish story, same als that story that Naughty Dog hat internal problems and people left ND fort hat.
    Also not true. I dont go to the IGN websites anymore. I dont trust them.

  • Linh Nguyën

    TGS is probably the best time to show off these Japanese games. FFXV, KH3, TLG. Like the good ol’ times.

  • rudero

    I do not care. Take your time with this one. I madly want to play this game at its highest level that it can be. An emotional beautiful game. Do not give up on this one sony.

    • bigshynepo

      They didn’t rent out theaters across North America just to stiff us on The Last Guardian!
      Have hope, tonight is going to be wild and I think TLG will be a part of it.

      *Fingers crossed*

      • MrSec84 .

        I agree with the whole,reasoning behind why Sony’s rented the movie theaters out, to land some huge things onto the stage, but expectations should be tempered a little, just in case.

        I’m a huge fan of Sony’s, but getting over hyped can lead to disappointments, just look at what’s happened with Microsoft’s event.

        IMO The Last Guardian didn’t work on PS3, with the grand vision that Team ICO had, it probably couldn’t be done until they had final dev kits to “re-engineer” the game with.
        I hope we do see it, but it’s one of those games that we’ve been waiting ages for, same goes for Agent, though considering Agent was meant to be an open world game & titles like GTA & Red Dead Redemption take as long as Agents been in the works that could be another game that surprises people.

        Even without those games Sony has a lot of 1st party studios, 2nd party partners & could have 3rd party exclusives.
        The surprises are the things that I’m most looking forward to.

        As you can probably tell I’m finding it hard to hold back my hype for Sony’s event.
        I just pray that Sony hasn’t decided to pull back because Microsoft didn’t bring the competition like so many people thought they were going to.

        MS going hard (if they’d had anything to go hard with) could have been great for Sony as it would likely push them to do more during their event.
        Maybe Sony will take advantage of this.

        We’ll see soon.
        It’s not long to wait now. 🙂

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Fuck Sony. That’s all l have to say. Year after year after year after year… Rumors getting shot down by Sony. Game still nowhere to be seen. I’m sick of this shit.

  • MrSec84 .

    Well Shawn doesn’t say it won’t be shown at Sony’s conference, but let’s face it, after Microsoft’s conference Sony probably doesn’t need to show it.
    Though I’m not sure when this interview happened.

    Sony does have quite a few games trademarked for new games, they have a lot of IPs they could be bringing back.
    There’s been a number of leaks, some artwork, gameplay from what looks like a new Souls game (Project Beast).
    They’re making new movies for 3 franchises, so game tie ins could happen for Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank and Heavenly Sword.

    Hell Guerrilla & Media Molecule could have fibbed.
    Naughty Dog no doubt has gameplay for Uncharted (it’s been in development for over 3 years).
    Polyphony Digital could have a new GT game.

    Jak & Daxter.
    Pixel Opus (Sony’s new 1st party studio) are apparently unveiling a new game.

    Quantic Dream could unveil their new game.

    Obviously The Order & Driveclub will get some play time, with stage demos.

    Sony out of anyone could have some actual surprises, with gameplay.
    Though I think Nintendo could have some nice stuff too.

    • bigshynepo

      Serious, I was thinking “in the future” is his way of saying “Tonight Bitches! GREATNESS AWAITS!”

      • MrSec84 .

        It could be, I’m just saying that TLG isn’t needed in the way of bombs to drop.
        Obviously Shawn can’t say anything until the conference comes & Sony gets into it.