The Last of Us Remastered Is The Fastest Selling PS4 Title On PSN

The Last of Us Remastered was released at the end of last month, both digitally and retail. Since then, it has been selling quite well despite being a re-release of a year old game and this doesn’t appear to apply to retail sales only as the digital sales are also strong.

At the time of writing this article, The Last of Us Remastered has received a total of 22053 user ratings on US PSN and 5126 user ratings on EU PSN. These ratings might not seem like much but comparing them to other popular games on PSN shows a huge difference. Take inFamous: Second Son for example, it was released in February 2014 and has received a total of 21169 user ratings on US PSN and 10406 user ratings on EU PSN. Compared to The Last of Us Remastered, inFamous: Second Son has been released for quite a while and despite this, The Last of Us Remastered was able to get more user ratings in less than a month.


Sure, these ratings are not an indicative of the sales of the particular title, and in reality, the actual sales are higher overall than these ratings, but they are a good enough indication of the sales and popularity of the title because a user can only rate a game after purchasing it on the online PSN store.

Check out user ratings of some of the recent popular games for PS4 on PSN below.

Watch Dogs: 17602 (US) 1686 (EU)

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes: 10717 (US) 7803 (EU)

inFamous: Second Son: 21169 (US) 10406 (EU)

The Last of Us Remastered: 22053 (US) 5126 (EU)

It is remarkable how The Last of Us Remastered has managed to sell despite a re-release on the PS4. The game also had record breaking sales on the PS3 and the trend seems to continue on the PS4. Sony has hinted that Uncharted Trilogy might get a similar re-release on the PS4 and if it happens, it will be interesting to see the sales for the series on the PS4.

What are your thoughts on The Last of Us’ success? Does the game deserve it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Gamez Rule

    The PS4 release of TLOU is a game that needs to be experienced. Remember the people that didn’t own a PS3 that now supports PS4 can play the game ( with all the DLC ) hence why it’s a good seller IMO.

    I would love to see a remastered Resistance series on PS4 too.

  • Tim

    The Last of Us is the best game I have ever played, incredible story and character wrapped with incredible graphics and gameplay, and no other game has bought a tear to my eyes.

  • bigshynepo

    All the bias aside, if you consider yourself a gamer and haven’t played The Last of Us, you owe it to yourself. Remastered or Original, it’s one of the most wel-done gameplay experiences we’ve ever had bestowed upon us. From the story, to the gameplay, to the graphics, to the AI….it really deserves the praise it’s gotten.