Leaked Fallout 4 Uncompressed PS4 Screenshots Look Much Better And Colorful Than Compressed Screens

A whole lot of Fallout 4 screenshots were leaked earlier today. These screenshots were apparently leaked by a user who had access to an early copy of the game. Sadly, these screenshots were compressed and as a result, the quality wasn’t that good and it only added to the low quality graphics.

While Fallout 4 is a current generation and PC release, it won’t be surprising to assume that it was once considered for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Fallout 4 is also being developed on the same engine that has been used for the past few games of Bethesda Softworks including Skyrim. Since it is an old engine, it is starting to show its age and we can see this first hand in Fallout 4.

NeoGAF user shinobi602 has managed to get his hands on some uncompressed screenshots from the retail version of the game. These screenshots appear to be taken from the PS4 version of the game, and while the graphics appear to be the same, they do look much better than the earlier leaked screenshots. Check them out below.

Fallout 4 is currently set for a release on November 10th, 2015 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Let us know what you think about these news screenshots in the comments below.

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  • Bryan

    The graphics are surely disappointing. MGS 4 on PS3 had better graphics.

  • Corey

    Sick off this shit everyone saying next gen if that was true then every game would be made at 1080 and 60 fps no fucking excuses and then theres the R18 what a crock of turtle shit if its for adults why the fuck arnt we getting graphics for adults like if i shoot someone in gta5 up close with a shotgun i wanto see a holi straight through in stead u may as well through a rock at the cunt start macking games real and all u fucken whinging cunts outthere its only a game so dont blame them if u kill someone go lock ur self in a fucken nut house if u have mental issues dont play the fucking blame game no more cunttttttssssssss

  • Jeremy Alexander

    That is a pretty odd statement, since the only complaints I’ve heard about Fallout 3, NV, and 4 are from older people that still can’t lose their hard on over Fallout 1 and 2. In fact, on this forum, your post and personality are the only things that are insufferable. If someone does not like the way it looks, that is their opinion and their right. You just come off like an entitled, small minded bully that takes the ball home whenever someone does something you don’t like. Nobody likes people like you.

  • Jason Pierce

    Game looks quite pleasant. It’s not revolutionary like a Naughty Dog “movie”, but it’s very easy on the eyes. But that’s not why we play bethesda games. No, we play them for some the best RPG experiences around.

  • Ruben van de loo

    some older people also complain about the graphics, gameplay and what not. also there are younger people who like the game so it think you are generalising younger people. check your previliges m8.
    sorry about the english and the last sentence is ofcourse a joke

  • Trinton Lewis

    Only an idiot or ignorant person would think these graphics were poor or “low quality”.

    • Trinton Lewis

      perhaps i should put that comment in context.

      No intelligent, informed person would argue that super mario world has poor graphics.

      They would look at what was being accomplished in other parts of the game, and see why certain things were done a certain way, bringing context to the graphics and therefore understanding that they are not actually poor for what was done.

      By the logic of the author here, every game that isn’t the best looking game has automatically poor graphics. If your only metric is to look at other games and not consider what is being done, then your not doing due diligence to find a reasonable conclusion.

      Consider the level of detail in these screenshots together with the fact that they have indicated that most buildings DO NOT REQUIRE A LOAD. <<< The fact that they achieved that with this level of fidelity is nothing short of amazing.

      Graphics are far more than what resolution the textures are.

      • Jeremy Alexander

        I agree with you that the game looks great, but for someone attacking people “intelligence” and how well they are “informed”, you just sound like a tool. If he doesn’t think the game looks as good as it could, that is his opinion and he has the right to it. It does not make him dumb. It does not make him ill-informed. It is just an opinion based on a few screenshots. I’m in the minority that thinks the Witcher 3 is an awful looking game and a 15 year back step for the rpg genre in every capacity except character conversation. That puts me in a small minority, but it does not make me dumb or ignorant. I played for 98 hours and gave it every chance I could before I stopped playing out of a feeling of repetition and boredom. People like different things and everyone has to accept that without being rude bullies. The world does not have to agree with you and like everything you like.

        • Trinton Lewis

          I guess we disagree on whether graphics being good or bad is entirely subjective.

          That is acceptable, and i stand by my comment.

        • Ryan

          Dude, you’re doing exactly the same thing. Everyone has a right to an opinion? Well everyone’s got a right to have an opinion on others’ opinions. Telling other people what to say is what really makes you sound like a “rude bully.”

  • Charlieholmes006

    This game looks absolutely incredible for an open world game. And, I can’t believe that they did it on allegedly the engine that powered Skyrim etc. I’m very impressed every time I see new screenshots. Shadows or not, that’s not what I’m playing the game for so that doesn’t concern me. Having a deep experience that Bethesda always brings is the paramount reason I love RPG’s. Fallout 4 is certain to give us this compared to so many half games coming out with shiny graphics nowadays. It will also allow me to skip buying some other half games until they’re at least half price or less. I’m looking at you Star Wars Battlefront.

  • nunya biswax

    these screens look AMAZING!!. what kind of crack are you people smoking?

  • Good vibes

    So far the game looks like everything the promised, looks incredible for fallout. When I made the jump from 3 to nv I was so unimpressed, but this looks insane

  • Machtkampf

    ^ This person seems very annoying; I bet they are in real life too :3

  • Dakota Luttrell

    I’m 16 and have no complaints on fallout 4 the graphics are beautiful and a lot better than fallout 3 and new Vegas I can’t wait for fallout 4 already pre-ordered my copy 9 days to go

  • Jeremy Olson

    Wow…this makes me glad i’m playing the PC version. 60+ fps, ultra settings.

  • Panty Sniffer

    better than sweaty panties

  • telgou

    damn console peasants look what the graphics looks like because of you…no i dont care about graphics and i play fallout because of its gameplay but we get these shitty textures because of the damn consoles

    • Telgou is dumb

      Without consoles the gaming industry would’ve died a long time ago

      • telgou

        consoles(and you) can suck it ! it all started with the pc so PC FTW

        • Jerry Schell

          that is not rlly true though

    • Jeremy Alexander

      Textures? You are calling millions of people peasants because of texture resolution in a game? I’m a PC guy too, but understand champ, that Fallout 1 and 2 put Black Isle out of business. If it wasn’t for consoles, we would have never had another Fallout game again. Grow up you whiny entitled man-child. Your mother must have raised you poorly.

  • Metal Beard John

    Looks wonderful to me.. I must admit I haven’t played the previous games. I think I will get this though. Does it matter I haven’t played the previous ones?

    • AgentFoo

      They are all stand alone games. You play a different character every time.

      • Metal Beard John

        Thanks mate.. Been reading up on fallout history and I’m super excited

    • Jerry Schell

      it will give you a general feel for the game and its mechanics, also the factions might be very new to you other than that you should be fine, maybe watch a few gameplay vids on the last 2 fallout games

  • VincentVega

    Still doesn’t look too good…


    Have they confirmed mods for the systems yet…?? If not a PC purchase will have to make due for all of the “non standard” goodies that are to drop soon after release…

    • Logan Chyrstopher Hayes

      Yeah, XBOX ONE Is mod compatible. Nothing has been said about PS4

    • It’s been confirmed that PS4 will have mods too.

    • HT

      Mods will be on console eventually but only the ones Bethesda decides is suitable.


        Still making it tough. Have a lot of friends who can not afford a good PC, but want to buy a PS4 just for this game…… Kind of stuck wanting the PC version, but want to have the ease of the ps4’s environment when considering gaming with multiple people.

  • zwingliful

    Use your brain and think, kids get their parents to buy them games so it doesn’t matter what age you are.

  • mikefichera

    >playing fallout for the graphics.

  • White

    “set for a release on November 9th”

    No it isn’t.

    • Brandon

      12:01 AM. I think they’re taking into account the midnight launch.

      • White

        12:01 AM still counts as November 10th. For certain parts of the world, it will be at most a few hours before, so for them it’s November 9th, but officially and for most of the world, it’s the 10th. I guess it’s a grey area

        • Brandon

          My bad, for some reason I didn’t take the rest of the world into account..-_- oops!

  • russianworm

    Damn, that shit looks great

  • TheReal3Dog

    what complaints

    • dapaintrain

      Agreed I haven’t heard any complaints or if I have I easily disregard them

    • Corakus

      Did you not read the article?”Low quality graphics”, he says.The game looks gorgeous.Maybe not quite as good as some games, but those games are not nearly as big or as detailed as Beth’s games usually are.

      • TheReal3Dog

        I think the graphics look amazing. But what does that have to do with making the game 21+

      • Jeremy Alexander

        I agree with you, but so what? If that is his opinion he has the right to it. Why does that affect you in any way? The game looks good and it will sell millions and millions of copies for years to come. NO reason to get salty.

  • Fahd Riaz Ali


  • Joey F

    Still PS3 graphics, just better rez..

    • Fallout

      Oh Bullshit. Give me a break.
      Bethesda makes the most immersive game worlds ever. This will be blowing panties off and dropping jaws when its released. Compare this to Fallout 3 at release. Quit talking out your ass

      • Thank you!! geez…

      • Jobele

        Joey, why don’t you stop holding back and tell us what you really think?

      • Reddz Foxx

        Dont try to convince him… let him not play Fallout 4. That should be penalty enough.

      • Jason Pierce

        That’s what I’ve always said! Bethesda is the master of their craft. People don’t realize that first person games have to render larger textures, a lot more larger textures. Games like TW3 and MGSV would look like shit in first person because the textures were designed for a 3rd person perspective. TW3 has a great atmosphere to it, and solid facial animations, but the game isn’t graphically superior like i’ve seen some gloat on about. They just managed the lighting scheme quite well, and that’s really the key to an immersive experience. Fallout 4 seems to show a lot of effort on Bethesda’s part, I’ll be more than happy to play it.

    • AndrewLB

      Care to explain why the PS4 version is 30fps then? PS3 graphics should be a breeze for PS4 to render at 60fps. Just because it’s using an older engine doesn’t mean it’s using PS3 graphics, because if you’ve ever seen what this “old” engine has done with the help of Skyrim modders, you’d know it is can produce graphics far beyond what the PS4 can possibly render.

    • Brandon

      Then you obviously haven’t played NV or F3, this is a major visual upgrade compared to the old games on ps3 and x360

      • ThePokeMaster

        First of all, we’ll have to pretend that NV and F3 graphics were great and ignore all other better looking open world games.
        GTAV on PS3/360 looks better.

        Fallout 4 is only worth it on PC because you can mod the shitty graphics away.

        • Brandon

          NV and 3 came out in 08 and 2010, Gta 5 came out in 2013. You can’t compare those two games. These graphics aren’t “shitty”, and you’ve got to remember that this is a huge game with very complex features, that other better looking games don’t have. F4 is a perfect example of how limited the “next gen” consoles are, as Bethesda has traded more features and complexity for a less pleasing but still great graphical experience. Your statement is ignorant and uneducated. Go cry about graphics elsewhere.

          • ThePokeMaster

            GTAV came out in 2013.
            Fallout 4 comes out in 2015.
            What’s your point?

            “Features” has little to do with how graphics are rendered. You don’t even know what you’re talking about or how it all works.

          • Brandon

            Uh, you didn’t compare between Gta 5 on new consoles and F4. You were specifically comparing it to F3 and NV. Also, yes I do know what I’m talking about, there’s even games to support my argument, The order 1866 (or 1886 can’t remember) shows that, yes the graphics can be phenomenal, but the gameplay can be linear and boring with little to no gameplay elements. I wont go into technical details, unless you want me to. But I’m sure you see my point now.

          • ThePokeMaster

            That had nothing to do with The Order’s gameplay and more to do with the actual scale of the game and its levels. There’s little room for any exploration at all.

            That argument doesn’t work against GTAV.
            I used to GTAV on PS3 and 360 as an example, because it’s a game that looks better on 10 year-old hardware with a map bigger than any previous Bethesda game.
            In fact, I could also bring Witcher 3 as another example of a game with a huge world that looks better than Fallout 4.

          • Brandon

            But what about the features in witcher 3? They’re nowhere near the kind of stuff F4 has, again you ignored my previous statement, compromises needed to be made due to the technical limitations of consoles. F4 has, in depth base building, a map 2x the size of skyrim that is filled with enterable buildings and interesting areas, a hugely in depth crafting and modding system, and that’s just scratching the surface. As a little side note, just because Gta 5’s map was 100 square miles doesn’t make it fun. 60% of the map is wilderness and mountains. 20% is 2 small towns and a desert. So that leaves 20% for the city where everyone stays, and that’s roughly 20 square miles. Note that everything is an area of interest in F4. Everything is hand crafted in detail to make it interesting. “No stone has been left unturned as they’ve made this game”.

          • ThePokeMaster

            You haven’t explained how these features, like crafting, have anything to do with graphics.

          • Brandon

            You never asked. So here’s the thing. I cant type all of what I’m trying to say. This doesn’t mean you or I am right. It just means you need to do a little research so you know what I’m talking about. Okay?

          • ThePokeMaster

            Well I’ll answer my own question. It really doesn’t. Not to that extent.

            The engine they’re using just isn’t very impressive visually. We can admit this and still enjoy their games, you know.
            Which is why I’m personally getting the game for PC.

          • Brandon

            I too, am getting it for PC, I actually specifically built a PC for this game so I could have the best possible experience. No hate man, you’re right, the engine is a bit dated. But at least we can agree that this games going to be freaking amazing when it comes out.

          • Ajay Dhillon

            Hey guys, I’m very concerned about the shadows. It looks like they might render at close distances like in Skyrim, hurting immersion.

          • Leeboyopm

            Its what bethesda said them selfs that they coule either dial back features to give us awesome graphics or dial back graphics to give us awesome features, they never explained why.

    • what the fuck is rez..go back to your basement bro

    • dapaintrain

      No go back and replay 3 max settings on pc. I thought the same at first but rose tinted glasses are some powerful stuff.

      Fallout 3/ nv without any mods on Max settings looks ugly by today’s standards

    • A guy


      Ahem, but seriously, you are a dumbass

      • Ajay Dhillon

        Hey guys, don’t mind but this game looks horrible.

        • A guy

          It doesn’t look horrible, it looks great

  • A guy

    Much better

  • Agent HUNK